Pixie dust…

It’s a thrill to meet you. Been a big fan since you hit the scene. So I have to ask, how did a nice girl like you become a spanking model?

I’ve had a lifelong interest in spanking but it wasn’t until I was in college that I discovered the vast online spanking community.  I joined a couple of spanking websites and instantly fell in love with the boarding school scenarios that most closely resembled my personal fantasies.  After a lot of hemming and hawing and much encouragement from my spanking friends, I applied to be a spanking model for one of the companies I most enjoyed.  Unfortunately, location was an issue and it was simply not meant to be.  But perseverance paid off and I was put in touch with David Pierson who was just starting to film some spanking content at the time!

Have you always been into spanking?

Yes, I have been into it for as long as I can remember.  Although I certainly did not want to actually receive any spankings as a young child, I would fantasize about them and experience both thrill and embarrassment at the very mention of corporal punishment on television or in books.  I’d conjure elaborate spanking fantasies and would sometimes build a school out of Legos with the little plastic people to act them out!

Were you spanked growing up? By whom?

I was spanked on rare occasions by my dad.  Real life spankings are not at all like fantasies and I hated them.  Awful, embarrassing experiences that I’d like not to relive even if they really only consisted of a couple of swats with an open hand.

Do you use spanking in your everyday life?

Yes, I engage in spanking play with my husband.  Our style is mock punishment rather than true domestic discipline and is most often spur of the moment.  Doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt or that I don’t end up with a well reddened bottom though.  

Always happy to lend a hand!

Do your friends and family know what you do for a living? How do they feel about it?

Many of my closest vanilla friends know what I do, but my family does not and I’d like it to stay that way.  My friends, though they are not into spanking themselves, are understanding and supportive.  I can go out to lunch and discuss my job just as I would if I still worked in a corporate setting which is wonderful.  As long as I’m not doing anything that would jeopardize my health or safety, they are fine with whatever I choose to do.  Good friends!

You started at the bottom and have worked your way to the top, all puns intended. Is it better to give or receive?

I used to be adamant about being a bottom only and would become annoyed when I felt pressured to switch and top instead.  I needed to make the transition in my own time.  It’s not something that can be forced and have a good outcome.  I now quite like giving spankings and I’d say I enjoy both roles equally.

Is your husband into spanking? Do you switch with him?

My husband was a vanilla when I met him but I was quite open from the very start about my interest.  Over time he has come to understand and even enjoy spanking a bit himself.  I do occasionally make attempts to give him some playful but painful swats, but he quite easily picks me up and puts me on the receiving end when I try that.

Do you and Lily Anna still offer spanking sessions? How does one get spanked by you?

Yes, Lily and I are doing sessions a couple times a month.  It’s so much fun to session alongside Lily.  We play off each other well whether we are taking on the roles of spankers, spankees, switches, or spanking each other.  It really adds to the dynamics of the session.  To see about setting up a session with us, you only need to drop us a line at lilyannapixie@gmail.com

Tell me about your sites, or where we should go to find you? (Like it’s hard to find you)

I have my blog, www.spankingpixie.com, where I ramble on about my thoughts on spanking as well as some vanilla life topics.  You can get a good feel for who I am by combing through my blog.  My primary website is www.PunishedBrats.com where there are tons of videos of me getting spanked and a few more recent ones where I get to do the spanking!  You can also find some video work of mine on Girl Spanks Girl, My Spanking Roommate, Good Spankings, Dallas Spanks Hard, Firm Hand, Shadow Lane, and Strictly Spanking Videos.

Is it true you have a degree in nutrition?

Yes indeed it’s true.  Prior to working in the spanking industry, I worked in food science (product development) and then clinical research.  I may not be working in a field directly related to my degree right now, but I still have a great passion for the subject.

But you love candy? What is your all time favorite sweet?

Indeed I do.  I think candy is visually pretty as well as a tasty treat.  I firmly believe that all foods, even candy, can fit into an overall healthy diet.  All about balance.  I can’t pick just one favorite though as I tend to go in phases and food jags with just about everything I eat.  My current favorites are Gobstoppers and salmiak candies (a strong, salty European licorice).

How tall are you?

I’m 5’5”

What’s the difference in spanking a man compared to a woman? Which do you enjoy more?

Hard for me to make an accurate assessment as with the exception of one bratty young lady, all of the private sessions I’ve done have been with men and filming a scene with the girls of Punished Brats is an entirely different situation.

It would be nice to see you haul David over your lap…ever think about it?

No, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Ew, how I’d love to turn the tables on David…just once!

Favorite position to spank someone in? To be spanked in?

OTK is always a classic, but if I need to provide an intense spanking, I actually prefer to deliver it with the bottom in a bent over position.  It allows me to wield a more powerful swing and change angles as needed. 

 When I’m on the receiving end, I like an OTK spanking for a quick hand spanking, but if it’s going to be something more intense such as with a strap, then I’d much rather it be delivered standing.

Least favorite (for both), and why?

Least favorite to administer a spanking, is all fours because that can lead to bits not meant to be spanked getting smacked.  Least favorite to receive is touching toes because it does not take much to make me topple over.
Favorite implement to use? To have used on you…

I’ve grown rather picky about my implements since beginning to top.  I’m particular about finding ones with a long enough handle to ensure a good, safe swing.  🙂 

 My favorite to have used on me is a compact leather paddle.  I love the feel of leather and the compact style allows for delivery OTK and little chance of wrapping.

Compact leather paddle it is…..

Least Favorite to use? To feel?

Least favorite to use would be a cat o’ nine tails.  Just not my thing.  I prefer more domestic style implements as opposed to the whippy stuff.

Least favorite to feel would be a switch.  They can be tricky to wield and can cut the skin.
You’ve spent time in the hospital, are you ok? We want you to be around with us a long long time!

Yes, I have some ongoing medical issues but I plan to keep up with my spanking work and play; if not on camera quite as often as before, then certainly continuing with my behind the scenes work.

You are all over the web, do you feel like a celebrity? I love Pixie’s Previews, btw, they are done with love and humor!

I know that my work is found all over the internet, but no I don’t have this image of myself as a celebrity.  It still blows my mind when I meet people at parties and they say how much they enjoy my videos or my blog. 

 I really enjoy putting together Pixie’s Previews.  The preview clip takes me way longer to piece together than editing a regular scene because I need to search through all of the footage to extract little humorous behind the scenes moments and then somehow knit them together.  It’s my favorite part of editing though as it allows me to be totally creative with music, graphics, and video to create something unique.

Anyone you are still dying to work with?

Erica Scott!!

Come and get me Pixie!

Did I miss anything? 

Nope, I think you covered just about everything.

Thanks so much for your time and willingness to say “hi” to my readers. Hope you’ll come back again.

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  1. Aunty Andrea says:

    Loving the interviews, Andrew. Pixie is just so lovely and sweet and ever so aptly named.

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