A Texas Sized Walloping…and you can get yours too!

Again, in our quest to get you spanked, we reach out to a “celebrity” spanker, Miss Monica. She lives in the great state of Texas and knows how to blaze trails and bottoms. It’s been a pleasure chatting with her…I think you’ll enjoy it too….

Tell me a little more about yourself and your services:

Hi Andy.  It’s so nice to talk with you.  I provide professional discipline and spanking services, both in-person and by phone.  I’m mature, experienced, and discreet.  And of course, I can give you The Spanking You Deserve.  I think of my clients as my ‘boys’, but don’t worry, everyone I spank must be over 21.

How’d you end up doing this for a living? 

 I followed the advice “Do what you love.”  I love to spank.   I schedule in-person appointments when traveling, but I offer phone sessions as well.

So you can “reach out and touch someone?” Tell me more about these phone sessions? 

 I understand that not everyone is able to come see me, but may still need guidance, nurturing, and support.  I love to talk about spanking, swap stories, and share fantasies of all kinds.  I can play your mommy, auntie, teacher, boss, nurse, doctor, neighbor, girlfriend, or wife and take you on a fulfilling erotic journey.  Personally, I find phone sessions can be quite arousing and fun.

In addition, getting acquainted through a phone session allows me to tailor an in-person session to my client’s level of experience and desires.  There have been several occasions where I planned my travel schedule to specifically include the city of a regular phone client.  Otherwise, he would not have been able to meet me.

How long have you been doing this?

 I’ve been into spanking for over 20 years, but my website and blog are recent additions.         Both have lots of detailed information about me and how to schedule an appointment.  Check it out at www.TheSpankingYouDeserve.com.

Your website has a free sign-up for becoming one of Miss Monica’s boys.   I signed up. It was painless…will it stay that way?

I’m delighted to have you as one of my boys, Andy!  And you’re right, sign-up is free and gives access to a photo gallery, stories, and special offers by email.  Some of my boys submit their fantasy stories for inclusion in this section, too.

How many boys do you have?

 I’m very careful about privacy, so I don’t name names (or numbers in this case).  But I can tell you that although I have many boys, each one is special to me in their own way.

At what age did you become fascinated with spanking?

I’ve been fascinated with spanking as long as I can remember.  Early on, I witnessed a grade-school spanking, which pretty much sealed the deal.  I can still close my eyes and see that scene play out like it happened yesterday.  I spent many years thinking about spanking scenarios before I was able to try it out.

Do you use spanking in your private life?

 I believe spanking is an effective behavior modification tool.  No one is ever too old for a spanking.

Have you ever been spanked?

I have been spanked, but don’t get the notion that there’s anything switch-y going on here.  It’s strictly research.  Before I use an implement I think it’s only fair that I know what it feels like.  And I found out it hurts!

How tall are you?

I’m tall enough to look a naughty boy in the eye when I scold him.  Six inch heels don’t hurt, either.

Why do men crave spankings so much?

It’s erotic. It’s motivational. It’s fantasy.  It’s fun, humiliating, arousing, satisfying, freeing, painful – the reasons are as varied as the stars in the sky.  Different boys attach to different things, but it’s my goal to understand each individual’s need and respond to it.  Sometimes the client himself doesn’t understand why he needs to be spanked.  He just knows he does.  That’s okay, he can still benefit greatly.

How important are lecturing and role playing?

 Mood and emotional connection turn a simple spanking into a total experience.  I do much more than simply deliver swats.  I delve deeply into my client’s head to create a meaningful, memorable, magical session. Both lecturing and role-playing are vital to that process.  It’s about the words and inner feelings as much as the physical sensation of a hot bottom.

Do you have a favorite part of the spanking…like baring the client, the first spank, the pleas, tears?

 I like bare bottoms.  Any size. Any shape. Either gender. Any type.

What are Miss Monica’s rules while getting spanked, like no clenching, feet on the floor, don’t put your hands back, etc.

 A spanking should always be given on the bare bottom.  Quiet is not required, I enjoy the moans and the cries.  A boy can beg for relief, but the spanking goes on until I say it is over.  But I’m highly in tune with your body and mind, and will give you exactly what you need, no more, no less.

What do you get out of a session?

 Through sessions, I develop a strong connection to my boy.  I am genuinely concerned about his well-being, health, and happiness.  I know spanking provides a sense of cleansing and relief.  I want to help him realize his fantasy and find satisfaction in it.  It’s rewarding to be able to provide all of that for him safely, then allow him to return to his everyday life feeling balanced and renewed.

Do you only spank men?

 I have spanked women, and enjoy it as well, but most of my clients are men.

Can you give a sound hand spanking?

 You, me, and my palm – those are the only things required to create a nicely reddened bottom.

What is your favorite implement?  Which has the most effect?

I am always anxious to try out any new implements I’ve received as gifts or picked up at parties.  I like to find everyday, but unusual items which can be used as implements – the blade from a ceiling fan, for example.  In my hands, any implement will be highly effective.

You attend spanking parties?  I heard you were a “celebrity”, spanking at the Texas All-State affair.  What gives you celebrity status?

I do attend spanking parties.  They are a wonderful way to connect with other like-minded people.  The Texas All-State Spanking Party was great fun; I’ll be giving spankings there again next year!  You can see my ‘celebrity’ listing at


Speaking of celebrities, which one needs a spanking the most these days?  I have LIndsay Lohan high on my list…but I’m sure our lists differ.

 Lists….lists…so many butts, so little time.  I could spend all day every day spanking celebrities who need it.

Have you ever spanked anyone famous?

 I’ve spanked a writer, and a soccer player.  (No names, obviously.)

In our early email you teased about spanking me. You really wouldn’t want to do that now, would you?

(Smiles, and pats her lap.)  Let’s find out now, shall we?


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5 Responses to A Texas Sized Walloping…and you can get yours too!

  1. Saltee says:

    Thanks Andy nice interview. Red headed spankers … just saying :o)

  2. Aunty Andrea says:

    Nice interview, what a lovely sounding lady. I wonder if you’ll be taking a trip to Texas soon.

  3. Often123 says:

    I agree, this was a nice interview with a fascinating sounding lady.

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