The Lovable and Spankable Erica Scott


I know you have an autobiography out, so you may have already answered all my questions. Tell us about the book and where we can get it?

My book is called Late Bloomer, and it covers my life in and out of the scene, so there’s a great deal of personal stuff as well as fun spanking experiences. It’s available on several sites, but the easiest one is Amazon. 

You also have a blog, which I need to dive into more, how long have you had it?

It’s been on Blogger since August 2010, but before that, it was on MySpace for five years. Hard to believe that was the place to be, back then!

How long have you been into spanking?

 Physically since 1996; in my head, for as long as I can remember.

Were you spanked as a kid?

A couple of times, but it wasn’t a regular thing in our house. My parents were more into grounding, no TV, etc. And corporal punishment was not allowed in my school system.

Are your spankings mostly erotic or punishment based?

I call them “pseudo-discipline.” They’re not for real punishment, but I like the pretense of it; that adds to the hotness for me. Verbal resistance on my part, scolding from the spanker, etc.


Can you reach orgasm while being spanked?

 Nope, I’m not one of the lucky ones that way!

Describe your perfect spanking?

Hmmmm. Chemistry, emotional connection, physical attraction, trust. A special man’s lap and hand, a thorough warm-up, good technique. My transition from laughing/bratting into sub space. Taken to the point where I can no longer distinguish pain from pleasure. And finally, being held and soothed for a long time afterward.

What’s good technique?

 Speaking on a purely physical level (and bearing in mind that “good” is subjective according to preference) — equal attention to both cheeks, varying the tempo and intensity, thorough coverage of the bottom (not just one spot over and over), good aim with implements (not too high or too low, avoiding wrapping), knowing when to slow down or speed up by reading a bottom’s body language, skin color, etc.


Is spanking more of a physical or emotional release for you?

It’s both, I think. I feel drained of tension and stress afterward, calmer and more relaxed physically, but I also feel more clean and clear emotionally as well. Especially if I have a good cry.


What’s your favorite part of the process? Getting ordered over a knee, undressing, or the spanking itself?

Can I say “all of it”? I guess I’d have to say the spanking itself, but I do love the anticipation too. And the interaction with my top. I love spanking banter.

Do you remember your first “adult” spanking?

Absolutely! And you can read allllll about it in my book. 😀  It was Memorial Day 1996 and I’ll never forget it — or him.

What instrument do you like most? Fear most?

 I love love LOVE a man’s belt. Not just the feel of it (I love leather, and prefer implements that snap and sting over thud), but the whole ritual of it: the man unbuckling it, yanking it out of the loops, doubling it over and snapping it. Brrrrrrrrr. Most feared and hated? Those ginormous, thick, rectangular wooden frat-style paddles. 


It’s a party, let’s dance!

You attend many of the spanking parties. As the kid who’s always waiting for the invitation in the mail, tell me what goes on at these events?

Besides lots and lots of spanking? I think they’re like kinky cocktail parties. You have a ballroom (and hotel suites), food and drink, nicely dressed people wandering about talking, eating/drinking, mingling, laughing — and of course, spanking! For the big weekend parties, people come from all over the country (and beyond), and very little sleeping occurs, because there’s so much to do and so many people to see, in so little time. They’re noisy, fun and filled with camaraderie, and we all go home exhausted, sore-bottoms (or sore-handed) and deliriously happy. 

I’ve interviewed the lovely Pixie Wells, she said she’d love to spank you. Have you ended up over her knee? Would you?

I adore Pixie! I admired her work for years, then had the pleasure of meeting her and even got to hang out with her a couple of summers ago when she came to L.A. But would I bottom to her? Nope. I’d co-bottom NEXT to her, though!


Have you been spanked by other women?

I have not. For me, it’s not an option. Please don’t misunderstand me; I love women. I love my female friends and can’t imagine life without gal pals. But for me, spanking has a definite sexual connotation, even if there is no actual sex involved. And I am sexually attracted to men only. Plus, it’s a fetish thing — in my kinky little mind, for me personally, spanking is M/F. I want solid and firm male thighs under my belly, a man’s hand on my bottom, a man’s deep voice resonating above me. Nothing else computes.


What are you gonna do? Spank Me?

You are a bottom, never a desire to test your hand on an upturned bottom?

Never. I did it once, on camera yet, for a brief part of a video. I hated every second of it and still can’t stand to watch that scene! I have a very toppy personality — I’m outspoken and sarcastic. But I cannot stand the idea of inflicting pain on anyone, no matter how much they want it.

Besides me, (LOL) Is there anyone you want to be spanked by but haven’t been—-yet?

I’ve been very lucky; I’ve gotten to bottom to some incredible spankers! However, there is one man who’s definitely on my Spanko Bucket List. He goes by the name Eric Strickman (or Uncle Eric, on FetLife). If you Google him, you’ll find him on several sites. He and I have exchanged correspondence and have even talked on the phone a couple of times. But as yet, I haven’t gotten to meet him/play with him. Some of his pictures make my knees buckle.

Uncle Er


You have a boyfriend, right? Is he cool with you being spanked by others?

He is, and always has been. He’s not possessive or jealous that way, and I am grateful for that, because I couldn’t be with a man who tried to own me. He knows he is #1 in my heart, and no matter whom I play with at any party, I’m going home with him. 🙂

How often are you spanked, and is it enough for you, or would you want it more?

These days, I get to have a good spanking session about once a week. Sometimes it’s enough, and other times, I want more. I do wish I had access to more spanking parties and groups, so I could play with friends more often.

Is your bottom ever not pink?

Do you mean, does it ever get really red? It does, honest. But I fade quickly, so it’s hard to capture it in photos. 

Are you so used to spanking so much now, that it takes a lot for you to feel it, or can a hand spanking still do the trick?

I’m happy to say that a hand spanking still does it for me, as long as that hand is strong!  I have known some men with mighty powerful palms. Plus, there’s no implement on earth that’s as intimate and special as a man’s bare hand. 🙂

Is this the end, or the beginning of the interview?

Erica, thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us. Please visit again….soon!

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10 Responses to The Lovable and Spankable Erica Scott

  1. jc6 says:

    Thank you for an interview with one of the most beautiful women in the spanking scene. I’ve been amazed with Erica ever since I first saw her on the internet. I’d also like to know where she found the fountain of youth, because I swear she never ages only gets sexier.

  2. Hermione says:

    Great pictures, great questions, great answers! Thanks for sharing this with your readers.


  3. lea27f says:

    Great interview! I have both of Erica’s books, regularly read her book, and recently got to meet her at Shadow Lane. She’s as nice and funny in person as in her writing!

  4. Jerry Jacob says:

    I absolutely LOVE Erica Scott. She has ben a favorite of mine since I first started buying DVDs from Shadow Lane in the 1990s. I also believe that a spanking should be M/F and YES it adds to the sexual tension. I LOVE Erica’s scarcastic mouth as well. To me it means that she doesn’t want you to stop spanking that SEXY BUTT of hers, so she gives you a reason to continue. Loved you Erica in “Spank Thy Neighbor” from Shadow Lane. Would Love to meet you and spank you if I can ever make it to a Shadow Lane party. I know I Love a lot. lol. At least I didn’t say, “There You Go” 20 times. ha ha ha To me you would be the PERFECT Girlfriend/Wife. Take Care Sweetie.

  5. sixofthebest says:

    Erica, since Memorial Day 1996, you have been into being spanked on your voluptuous, bare bottom, that makes 20 years of having a ‘spanking good time’. Congratulations.

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