Miss Lydia

If you live in or near the big apple and you want your apple bottom cheeks…meet Miss Lydia.

How long have you been giving spankings & how did you get into this professionally?

I have been giving spankings for a VERY long time, but professionally I have for going on 11 years now.  And I have no sign of quitting anytime soon!  As for how I got into Professional Discipline, it was all a stroke of luck.  My desire to spank was always there, spanking lovers and friends.  But at the time in My life, things were not going as planned and I stumbled on an ad looking for new faces at a dungeon in Chicago.  I was raised there and yet had no clue places like such existed.  So I called, had the interview, and within a week, starting My Professional career. It has taken Me from Chicago to Phoenix to NYC.  I call this My home now! 

Do you remember the first professional spanking you gave?

YES!!!  It was within a few days of My first week at the dungeon.  I entered the room to find a gentleman that wishes to be over My knees and spanked with My bare hand and a hairbrush.  I won’t share the details of that encounter beyond that point, but lets’ just say at the end his bottom was burning red and he was smiling ear to ear!  And I had a million watt smile as well! 

Do you remember the first spanking you gave (non pro)? How old were you? How did it come about?

I don’t recall the first time, but the one that sticks out the most was an incident in high school.  I was dating this girl, and one day while rolling around at home, I gave her a little smack on her butt.  She kinda giggled, so I decided it was ok to go a bit further.  She jokingly plopped onto My lap and I started spanking her butt, alternating between spanks and rubs and kissing until her brother almost caught us.  It never happened again after that though.  It was the one time thing, and one I will always remember.  Shortly after that, I had a male friend that explained to Me he messed up on a pot purchase (it was high school after all), and I told him he should be spanked for it.  He bent over and I wailed on him.  I mean, it was My money too!  I never saw him again, and the days of puffing soon ended after that. 

Can you tell me more about your services?

Sure I can, Andy.  I focus on strictly discipline and ABDL (adult baby/diaper lover) scenes.  I prefer domestic discipline scenes, but also enjoy other forms such as judicial, school, behavioral, corporal, and therapeutic.  Each bottom is different from the next, and the needs are not always the same.  Some are erotic, others are not.  Some are role play scenes, other are correction for real life wrong doings.  The spectrum to a good spanking scene though starts out with the most crucial part of all: communication.  That is the foundation.  In addition to spanking, I also offer other activities associated with spanking: mouth soaping, enemas, corner time, line writing, hot saucing, figging, bondage, ear pulling, and role-play.  I do also ABDL scenes, as I am a naturally maternal Woman (of only 32 years old) and enjoy those types of scenes.  They go hand in hand sometimes: spanking and ABDL.  I offer half hour scenes to multi hour scenes.  

You are in NYC – can you tell us about your location: Apartment, House, Business

 As of right now, I rent space at a location near Penn Station.   It is safe, clean, and secure.  I did have a private space I was using near Penn Station that was LARGE and great for scenes, but sadly it is no longer available.  I do not have My own space, that is something I would like to make a reality in the near future.  I also offer outcall to very select bottoms that I have seen before, but most sessions are incall at a rental space.  It is quiet, and has furniture: spanking bench, bondage table, armless chairs, naughty stool,  etc.  But it is not a private space.  However, I am the only person you see when there.  Discretion is key with Me. 

 Do you travel?

I do like to get out, just not as often as I would like too.  I do travel to Atlanta once a year for DomCon, Phoenix once a year to see family and friends and clients.  Chicago is another place I get to every other year.  I am trying to get to Boston, Baltimore, D.C., and Florida.   I do head to Ft. Lauderdale for My birthday, but many find it difficult to book a session due to My not having a car while there.  And I usually get a hotel right on the beach!  Who doesn’t want a view when tears are rolling down their cheeks?

Do you do role play? Do you have a favorite scenario?

 Does the sun rise and set everyday?  Or course I offer role-play!  I adore it!  There’s just something about getting into a mindset of a reality that is created… it’s overload!   I have played many roles, and I can’t pick just one.  If I have too, I have to say the Mother/child role is My favorite next to Wife/husband.  Maybe because it’s natural at the same time, but the creative juices are working overtime!  Many can’t imagine how hard it is to hold a scene that is role-play heavy.  It’s being yourself and yes, not being yourself. 

What kind of positions can we expect to find ourselves in when we visit you? What’s your favorite?

The positions I find best to place you in!  Usually it’s over My knees and it’s always a surprise if they are stocking clad, pantyhose, or au natural when I am wearing a skirt or dress.  As a curvy Woman, I do have a lap that can hold any bottom of any size.   And yes, it’s My favorite.  I also enjoy having someone in diaper position and getting a good whack with the belt or paddle.  Wheelbarrel is a fun one, but most older men can not hold the position for long due to placing their wrists in the wrong position.  So that is not a position I get to do often when I am disciplining someone.

Ever have anyone famous end up over your lap? Can you give us a hint?

Now, if I said who, it defeats the discretion I hold dear.  And it’s starting to sound like someone needs a good spanking! 

 I’ve been told that before. Are there any rules when getting spanked by Ms Lydia? Like no clenching, feet on the floor, etc?

 I stick to the traditional things like feet on the floor, eyes down, bottom up.  Rules while getting spanked would be no grabbing My breasts, orgasming in My lap while being spanked, and no wiping your sweat on Me.  Gross. 

A guy about to submit to you gets excited beforehand, is his erection amusing, a nuisance, or a no-no?

 It actually doesn’t bother Me.  I take it as a compliment, I mean, they’re male after all and can’t help it!  😉  However, seeking Me to correct constant masturbation, then it’s a no no.  If it breaks the dynamics of the scene, it’s a no no and will be dealt with.  Most of the time I find it amusing, like a little baby Jesus.  *Brownie points if you get My joke there.*

 Do you have a favorite part, like making your client bare themselves, or first going over you lap, the first spank?

As mentioned earlier, every bottom is different, therefore, they must be dealt with differently.  Some need to be spanked ASAP, no time to engage in the pre dance.  Others, I will tell them to strip in front of Me while I stare at them strongly.  Other times, I will do it Myself while scolding them.  

 Are you a good pre-spanking lecturer?

 I like to think I am.  No complaints so far!  Every Woman’s style is different and suited for Her needs.  I find there has to be reason to a spanking, a correction with words before the correction with the hands.  Without it, it’s just a motion with noemotion.  I however, am not one to yell and cause fear that way.  I prefer to say that I am disappointed than mad.  It has a deeper effect on the mentality of the bottom when they are being disciplined.  Words have a powerful pull on a scene, and many forget the fine art of lecturing, discussing, and expressing. 

Do you only spank men?

I am an equal opportunist when it comes to bottoms: male or female, it’s all fun to Me!  As long as it’s red and I get a hug at the end, I can care less what sex you are.  Besides, I have little interest in what’s between your legs.  I’m interested in your behind. 

 Do you find a difference in spanking women?

 Many say female bottoms can take more pain then their male counterparts.  I find that true and false.  I have met some heavy players with a threshold of 100, and some to a 2 and cry.  Male and female.  So, I don’t find a difference in spanking females.  Except, nicer behinds, and prettier to look at.  

 What do you get out of the sessions?

 I get the fulfillment of being able to act upon My desires and giving a safe haven for others to as well.  To let them know it’s ok, no one can judge them here.  That they are not alone in their fantasies.  That is a feeling that makes Me smile after every session, warms Me at night.   Part therapy, part companionship.  Yes, the money is good, I won’t lie, but it’s beyond that.  It’s the people I meet, the things I get to do, the impact I make.  The feeling of relief on their part to let go, enjoy, be themselves.  That is what I get out of My sessions.

Do you use spanking in your personal life?

 I do.  That is just a part of who I am.  I have many lovely personal bottoms that I get to play with, male and female, and enjoy.  They are friends, so the dynamic is a bit different than a professional session.  We hang out, chit chat, all those things.  But then, I spank them and I spank them good.  The last one was a lovely Russian redhead and that lasted 2 hours!  She was spanked, paddled, belted, caned, and whipped.  When it was done, she hugged Me, wiped her tears and hung around before heading back home.  I think she is due for another round soon…. I have stopped hiding who I am from people when I was in high school, no need to start now!  

 Were you spanked growing up?

 How eles do you think I know so much?  Yes, I came from a very heavily discipline background.  Spankings were common, but not as common as the belt.   There were a few other times.  It had an impact on Me, I’m just fortunate to turn it into a positive thing and offer it to others that may not be getting it in their personal life or have never experienced it at all and have always wished to.

Are you still spanked?

 I assume you mean since I was as a child if I am still spanked.  I am a firm believer in knowing what it’s like to understand the bottom mentality and using that to enhance My sessions more.  I also feel it’s only proper to test new pieces to know their impact, negatives, and limit expansions.  I think that is what makes Me special and it’s comforting to many to be across the lap of someone that “gets it”.

LOL. Thanks, and I’ll take that as a “yes”. How tall are you?

How funny!  To ask so many personal questions about My business and personal affairs to how tall am I?  I kid.  I am 5’5 barefoot.  But, I have taken many bottoms of many weights and heights over My lap with no problem or complaints.  I prefer to wear heels in sessions as well.  Short doesn’t mean I am not capable of putting you in your correct place. Before it goes any further, I have blue eyes, black hair, wear glasses (no contacts at all), and yes, I am a curvy woman.  Large breast, big butt, thick leg.  40-32-38 if you must know. 😉  

Thank you for so much information!  Where can people go to learn more about You?

Not a problem, it was My pleasure!  For more info, I suggest you check out http://www.StrictlyMissLydia.com for sessions and contact.  It also has photos, links to My yahoo group, and more!

Does your family know what you do? What do they think?

My entire family and friends network have known from the beginning of My career.  I was honest with them, up front, and allowed them to ask any questions they might have.  Some have been accepting, others needed time to understand.  Right now, they are very supportive of My choice in work and wish Me nothing but the best.  I also know that this is not for everyone, so even though they are aware, I do not discuss work with them out of respect.  


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8 Responses to Miss Lydia

  1. David says:

    Lovely lady from what I hear!

  2. Lance says:

    David is correct! A lovely person – with quite a strong arm! By for the best Disciplinarian I have ever met – and that is a fair amount of competition to beat! She gives you what you need, in a caring, friendly way, and makes sure that you are okay when the spanking is over – you don’t get kicked out in the street psychologically messed up! You need a spanking – Miss Lydia is the one!

  3. Carlawalsh says:

    My reply is a mommy to spanking me as a adult baby because I pee in the hot tub. miss Lydia I need you.

  4. Divya says:

    i went to one of her spanking sessions and the strap hurt bad! She has super strength! I was crying and wiggling all over the place! But she held me down.

  5. Divya says:

    I’m never gonna go there again! She paddled me today, and then cropped me, then the strap and the hairbrush. It hurt BAD! MY ASS WAS DANCING BUT SHE HELD ME DOWN AS ALWAYS……

  6. Divya, when did you come to Me for a good spanking? I ask because I don’t have any sessions marked for the day you stated you saw Me….

    Miss Lydia

    • helixtwice says:

      I find it extremely hard to believe that Miss Lydia would beat a sub without very clear and express permission.. I have sessioned with her, and I’m a brat, but when I asked for a break I got one
      I Top sometimes and a lot of people ask or even beg for a LOT more than they can handle.
      Miss Lydia knows this and has good brakes – She knows when you have had enough.
      No, I was not there.
      But, Divya, I think that there has to be a lot more, or a lot less, to come out.
      I recommend Miss Lydia to anyone. I have known Her for years and this is the first negative
      thing that I have heard.

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