A to Zoe! A spanking interview…..

Thanks for doing this interview. It certainly is a pleasure meeting you. Been an admirer for years. Your lap looks quite inviting…until you actually get a naked bottom over it, then maybe not the best place to spend 10 or 20 minutes.


How long have you been giving naughty boys and girls spankings?

 Pro- About 5 years and a couple of years before that learning the craft from my auntie…

You learned your craft through your Aunt? How did that come about?

Didn’t meet my aunt until I was 18 due to family circumstances and she was already a dominatrix. As soon as I found out I was really curious about it and asked her, so she then showed me and I fell in love with the wickedness that was hiding inside me…
Is she a pro? Is she still spanking?

She is and she only does private sessions.

Your producer, (http://instituteoffemininediscipline.com/) and often times victim, Mike Smith says:

smz01-081Sometimes…maybe once every few years, you discover a new face that is just a total natural born star?  I remember the first time we did a shoot with Miss Zoe.  She was quiet as a lamb.  She said after she was really nervous.  It was her first EVER shoot…not just femdom shoot but her first time before a video camera period.  And as soon as we turned the cameras on and she started doing her thing she absolutely blew us away she was so good.  We were speechless and that is no exaggeration.

High praise from one of the top f/m content providers around. Do you remember this shoot? How did you hear about it?

I do remember, as if it was yesterday… I was ever so nervous. I heard about it through a gentleman friend (who is my aunty’s slave)

What made you want to do it and how did you end up doing it?

 An offer was made and it sounded adventurous, so I gave it a go and never looked back.

Was it all you expected?

Yes and more, it provided a whole new dimension to my life.


Mike goes on to plug your first video here:
If you go to http://www.femdomspankingstore.com/strict-mistress-zoe.html and watch the video there of her you will see what i mean.  From start to finish she was like a human dynamo.  So whilst experience helps it sure as hell isn’t everything!

Good way to break up an interview….I’ll wait till everyone calms down,  cleans up and settles back down.


Okay, we are back with Miss Zoe. You’ve given Mike Smith quite a few hard spankings over the years, he says spankings don’t affect him. Do you ever land a swat or two that makes him yelp for real? As a challenge, do you think you could make him cry?


 Mike is the toughest and can handle a lot which makes my job that much easier, love performing with him as he knows how to push my buttons to get the best out of me. It would be a challenge to make him cry.

Give it a go girl! Have you always been into spanking?

No not always it’s something that developed over the years.

Were you spanked growing up?

 Sorry to report but no, never.

Are you spanked now?


A girl is allowed some secrets .

You worked with your sister Natasha for awhile, did you drag her into the business?

She was curious about the film side so I bought her along to a shoot so she could see what went on and she loved it.

Was it fun working with her?

 Yes and no, yes as I got to send some kinky fun with her and no like all sisters we bicker.


She’s since retired, do you plan on giving up the paddle anytime soon?

  No, love doing it!

Finish this line: “the family that spanks together…..”

makes sure the noise level doesn’t disturb the neighbours- lol.

What other jobs did you have before becoming a “natural” professional spanker?

 A bubbly receptionist.

What is your favorite part of the spanking

 Figuring out the individual and fulfilling their fantasy.

So, you do private sessions?

Yes I certainly do.

How does one contact you for those?

By sending an email to strictmistresszoe@yahoo.co.uk  and all info is on Strict Mistress Zoe site.

Do you have a favorite position?

For men wheelbarrow and for women OTK.

The wheelbarrow for men?

 Yes, because men have more squdigy bit….

I would think the wheelbarrow may have an effect on a man’s squidgy bit? If he is excited, is that a compliment or a nuisance? How do you deal with it?

Of course it’s a compliment, it means I’m doing my job properly, but he would get punished for it, hehehe.

How about favorite implement?


 Good old fashioned hand spanking, its more of a personal touch

Is the whole rush about “control”? I mean is the mental aspect more powerful than the physical pain?

 It depends on the individual and how I connect with them, if you have that connection, the fantasy is taken to a whole new level and that excites me .

You offer sessions in many things, but we like spankings around here. What is your favorite thing to do?

 Let loose and have fun.

 I can only imagine what that means…Are the spanking sessions more fun than video shoots?

 Much more fun.

How do they differ?

 Video I’m told what to do (in a good way) Sessions, things evolve and both parties get more out of it.

You’ve spanked women before, which is more enjoyable to make squirm, men or women? Or is there really a difference?


 Massive difference, women are more sensual, men are much more supplicant

I’ll look it up for all of you:

supplicate |ˈsəpliˌkāt|

verb [ intrans. ]

ask or beg for something earnestly or humbly : [with infinitive ] the plutocracy supplicated to be made peers.

Can you give a hard hand spanking?


I like to think I can but some bottoms are tougher that others

What do your childhood friends and family think of your job?

 They think its mad but love hearing the stories!

Have any of them ever come to you for a “helping hand”?

 No, but they come to me for relationship advice

Your friends come to you for relationship advice. What makes you so good at giving it?

I don’t think I am, it’s the way I talk about what I do. They want to take that home with them to spice things up!

Would you ever spank any of your friends? How about their husbands or boyfriends?

Vanilla friends no, as it would get too complicated, but on the other hand I have made lots of friends through the spanking scene.


Have you made it to the States yet? A lot of naughty bottoms here could use your magical touch? (Not mine of course, I’ve been described as an angel)

I will be over sooner that you think. I believe that you are as much of an angel as I am ;-D

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4 Responses to A to Zoe! A spanking interview…..

  1. Walter says:

    It would be a memorable experience to have my bottom reddened by this lady, though I doubt I could be as stoic as her producer.

  2. mattward640 says:

    Years still haven’t been spanked

  3. jeff komaromi says:

    How do I get a session with Miss Zoe?

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