A Rose by any other name….

or is it a rosy bottom by any other name? Today we have a special interview with Stevie Rose…a new, but big player in the spanking community.


It’s a pleasure to meet you Stevie. I had no idea I was contacting a star when I reached out to you….You are a co-owner of Disciplinary Arts.com ?

Yes, I co-own DisciplinaryArts.com and the Disciplinary Arts C4S page (the clip site I can’t post)/30091. I am happy to hear you’ve heard of us!

When did you start it?

I took over the day to day operation in Dec of 2011 and we are just continuing to grow each day as more people find out about us.

Spanking video’s have been on the decline since the internet came along. How is the business going these days? Can you make a living at it?

The spanking business is hit or miss. Kyle Johnson, the other half of Disciplinary Arts, has a lot of years of experience both real life and in the scene, as well as a lot of experience directing and editing and doing discipline sessions, so between my good looks and his experience, we make a great idea team.


I lean more to your good looks, no offense to your talents Kyle!

LOL! The industry is hard for everyone right now, though. We have our good months and bad, but we have very unique content in that a lot of our videos are completely real and unstaged discipline sessions, so I think there will always be a market for that.

Everyone should go check out your site, http://www.disciplinaryarts.com/

I love the preview video. Where do you find your models?

Many of the girls are personal friends of both of us., and some are proteges that we discipline off camera as well as a trade shoot sort of deal. I get my bare bottom spanked quite often as well so we always work with whoever is available at the time. 🙂

Tell me more about Kyle? And what is your relationship?


As I mentioned, the other half of DA is Kyle Johnson, who has shot for alot of well known sites. He originally started off as my mentor and helped me learn about the scene and about discipline. We dated for a long time and at this point are trying to focus more on building up disciplinary arts as a top contender in the real disciplinary spankings market but remain play partners and friends as well, and yes, he still disciplines me from time to time when I get too bratty :-p

How is a video different from a “real” spanking?

Well thats the beauty of it. Our videos are not really that different as we record the discipline sessions we do in full most of the time, be it me or Kyle dishing one out to our group, or just random maintenance spankings to different people. There isn’t much of a difference, though we do shoot fun videos as well, which are really funny and a blast to shoot!

Who have you worked with? I’ve seen Sarah Gregory in some of your video’s, we love Sarah!


Sarah is a good friend of mine. She is a sweetheart. Personally I have worked with many popular spankers and spankees, including Dallas, Clare Fonda, Chelsea Phiffier, Eve from Shadowlane, and many others. A lot of popular switches and bottoms have done exclusive videos for disciplinary arts as well.

Sounds like you have a ton of content. You offer private sessions? How do we contact you for one?
Why, have you been a naughty boy? Hehe.. actually I DO offer private spanking sessions in Southern California, near Los Angeles. My email address for booking inquirys is spankstevie90@yahoo.com

You are a switch?

Yes I am a switch and love to both get my bare bottom spanked and spank some naughty bare bottoms myself!

So answer this…is it better to give or receive?

Personally I prefer receiving most of the time but when someone has been naughty enough, I definitely love to be the one correcting the naughty boy or girl.

Let’s talk about Stevie the bottom first, how long have you been into spanking?


Dallas enjoys Stevie’s desires….

Kyle introduced me to it when I first started seeing him.  But I feel like I’ve always had a subconscious desire to be disciplined. I just never knew what it was that I needed until then. So to answer your question, about 2 years.

Were you spanked growing up?

Not to my recollection, so if i was I was way too young to remember it.

Do you prefer being spanked by men or women?

Both have their nice qualities, it depends on my mood at the time but I just love being spanked in general.

Eve Howard paints a Rose-y picture

Eve Howard paints a Rose-y picture

Is there a difference?

There is a mental difference but I think the severity of a spanking has nothing to do with the gender of the spanker.

Favorite position?

OTK of course!

Least favorite?

Diaper position

Same with implement…favorite and least?

Favorite would be hand, if you count that. If not, a leather belt or cane.. least would be big wooden paddles.

Is there a release or a rush?  I mean what do you get out of a bare bottom spanking?

There is a definite release, and sometimes a rush but it depends on the person spanking me and the roleplay.

Tell me something about being spanked as an adult that we just wouldn’t know?


I sometimes feel like a naughty little girl when I’m draped over the right persons knee.

Ok, let’s flip sides. We love women who spank…how long have you been doling it out?

Same amount of time about, they kind of started at the same time.

Do you remember the first spanking you ever gave someone?

Yes. I was at the Disciplinary Arts Halloween party the first time I met Kyle and some of the spankos there asked me to spank them, so I obliged.

Was it a complete surprise that you were asked to spank some bottoms?

I went to it knowing it was a spanking party so i expected to play, but i was definitely surprised at how many wanted to have their turn getting their bottoms spanked by me.

Was it a few swats or did you take them over your lap and dish it out?

A few wanted a few smacks, but a couple of them wanted to go over my lap and I obliged and gave them a very red bottom.

What costume were you wearing?

I made a Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds costume before I came out and I wore it at the party. Everyone seemed to like it– a lot!

How about professionally?

There is a client/disciplinarian confiidentiality agreement that I cant break, but suffice to say it was a very sound spanking i dished out to a very deserving young man.


Why do you think we crave spanking so much?

That IS the question, isn’t it. I wish I knew, but I’m sure happy that you do! 🙂

What part of the spanking do you enjoy most? Baring the bottom, the first spank? Tears?

I enjoy a little bit of everything… I like the exposure of the baring of the bottom, and the release of the tears, and the warming up of the skin.. As I said, they all have fond places in my heart.

How tall are you?

5′ 2

Favorite position as a spanker?

OTK again 🙂

Do you have a favorite implement?

I have a few paddles from Compass Rose Paddles, and they are very painful and pretty at the same time. I love them!

Can you deliver a burning hand spanking?

I have been told by a few people that my hand spankings hurt pretty badly.


What’s the difference spanking a man compared to a woman?

Not too much of one actually. Each person is looking for something different regardless of their gender.

If the man gets erect is that a big deal?

Well obviously its not encouraged in a disciplinary spanking session but sometimes you can’t help a bodies natural reactions so its not a dealbreaker.

What does your family think of your business?

A family’s job is to support you and your decisions no matter how they personally feel about them. Mine is no different. 🙂

Are your friends supportive, curious or upset with what you do?

Most of my friends are supportive of me no matter what, and thats what friends are for.

Would you spank one of them if they asked?

I have and always do 😉 I believe I’ve dished out many of the first spankings to my friends who have been curious about it in the past.

So I have to ask….are we friends now?

Yes, (laughs) after the length of the interview I would say we definitely are friends now.. ready for your turn? 😉

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2 Responses to A Rose by any other name….

  1. David says:

    Interesting girl to say the least

  2. Walter says:

    I rarely wish I could visit LA, but she could make me look forward to it – if it included a trip over her lap for a real spanking.

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