Reynolds Rap!

That’s right we get a chance to “Rap” with the very spankable bottom and lovely spanking star Alex Reynolds….


Hi Alex, why did it takes us so long to find each other?

Hi, Andy! I’m not sure why it took so long! I just stumbled upon your blog because of your interview with Christy (which I found via Chross’ list) and left a comment. I’m glad we’re getting to know each other now, though, and I think your blog is great.

You’ve been quite a naughty bottom, how many spankings do you think you’ve received?


Honestly? Probably a thousand. I’ve been getting spanked for eight years now, and I get spanked pretty often. There have been more than a few days where I was spanked ten or fifteen times in a day, too, and that really adds up.

My math isn’t great, but I’d put you over a thousand. Wow. Does one stand out as  the most memorable?


That’s very subjective. My very first spanking, when I was eighteen, will always be very dear to my heart. It was as positive an experience as it could have been, I think. I also really treasure the memory of the first really severe scenes that I experienced, where I felt my limits being pushed and discovered just how much I could really take. Right now, though, the spankings that I replay in mind most often are the ones that I got from my boyfriend, Paul, last time we were together. Those memories are totally precious to me, and I replay those scenes in my head nearly every day.

You’ve been spanked by many “famous” spankers, how many can you name?

I’m so lucky to have gotten to be spanked by such a variety of wonderful people. Included on this list are Clare Fonda, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Dallas, Dana Kane, Dana Spect, Kelly Payne, Michael Masterson, Paul Kennedy (of course, since we’re in a relationship!), Stephen Lewis, Amy Hunter, Betty Blaze, Danny Chrighton, John Osborne, Lily Starr, Robert Wolf, Thomas Cameron, “The Camera Man” from the Clare Fonda Sites, Mike from “Spanked in Uniform”, Richard Windsor, Zoe Page… the list just goes on and on. I’m a little shocked by it myself, still.

Who’s left that you want to be spanked by?

Come here Alex!

Come here Alex!

Miss Chris, although I’m still a little intimidated by that idea! I got to spend more time around her at Chicago Crimson Moon this summer, and that made me want this to happen even more! I’d also love to film for Girls Boarding School, as it’s the only site that I used to look at before I became a model that I haven’t had a chance to work for, and I’d love to be spanked by Headmaster Tom. I don’t know if they’re still filming or not, though. Finally, I’d like to do a film with Dana Spect, especially after the demo we did together at TASSP!

Your blog is fantastic by the way, how long have you been blogging?


Thank you! I’ve been blogging since September, 2011. My blog’s third birthday is coming up soon! I really adore blogging and I have a lot of fun with it. I never expected it to take off as much as it has: I was shocked when I won the 2012 Creative Spanking Blog of the Year award! I hope to keep blogging for a very long time, and I appreciate everyone who follows and supports me in this more than I can say!

You get spanked from men and women, any preference?

I really enjoy both of them, but I tend to prefer to be spanked by men. My original fantasies were all about men spanking women. Getting spanked by a woman took a little getting used to for me at first. I’m very attracted to an authoritative male voice, a man’s hands, men in suits and other things that fall into a certain kind of masculinity. I had to let myself find things that were attractive to me about a Dominant woman, and once I did I began to enjoy being spanked by a woman more and more.

You travel a lot, is it because there isn’t a lot of spanking going on in South Dakota?

That’s definitely part of it. There isn’t much of *anything* going on in South Dakota! The primary reason that I travel so often is because there’s almost no modeling work of any kind for me to do when I’m at home, and certainly no spanking modeling work! I love visiting other cities, seeing people that I love, making new friends and having adventures, and I get to do all of these things when I travel for work. Everywhere I go ends up feeling like a home by the time I leave.

 So South Dakota isn’t on the map for spanking activities?

(Laughs) No, there really isn’t a lot of spanking going on there. I think there are maybe five people that I know of who are into it in the entire state. It’s a bit depressing sometimes.

 Yet it is your home?

South Dakota isn’t my home base anymore! I’m going to be a nomad for the rest of the summer and then I’m relocating back to Los Angeles. I’m very excited that I’ll be in a city with an active spanking group and that I’ll be able to hang out with friends like Christy Cutie and Maddy Marks whenever I want!

You took a trip abroad, to the mother of spanking lands…how was England?


It was one of the greatest times in my life! I got to do a lot of shooting, all of which was really fun. I shot for Northern Spanking, Triple A Spanking, Dreams of Spanking, Nimue’s World and Bars and Stripes while I was in England. I also took a sub-trip to Holland where I shot for Spanked in Uniform and Real Life Spanking. I got to spend over a week staying with Pandora Blake, who is a really close friend of mine, and that was incredibly fun. I also stayed with Paul and his family. I did some sight seeing, way more shopping than a person is supposed to do in a month ever and lots and lots of hanging out with lovely people.  I’m going back in January, and I can’t wait!

I’ve chatted with a few disciplinarians from over there. Are they more into spanking than we are?

That’s tough for me to say. I only hung out with people who are into spanking when I was in England, so in my mind all English people are, although I know that’s obviously not true!England’s spanking scene is really, really different than that in America. They don’t have big spanking parties like Shadowlane or Boardwalk Badness there. I was told that this is largely because most hotels wouldn’t be accepting of that sort of activity when I asked about this. I know a lot more Americans who are into spanking than I do British people, but that just makes logical sense, since our country is significantly larger than the UK. So, I suppose the short answer to this is “I don’t know.” There is a different “feeling” to some of the spanking play that happens in England compared with that in the US, although it’s difficult to articulate.  There can be a certain formality and ritualization which I really appreciate. I like English school role-play a lot, too, as their school corporal punishment traditions have fascinated me for my entire life.

You attend a lot of parties, tell us more, like the ratio of guys to girls, how open and friendly the scene is, which ones are most fun and what makes them fun?

In general, I think that most parties are pretty well balanced between men and women. I can’t deny that there are cliques in the scene, but in general it’s a very friendly place. Generally, at a party I’m willing to talk to anyone and I’m always looking to make new friends when I’m there! It’s true that I have a lot of close friendships and relationships with other models and spanking professionals, but that doesn’t mean that I only hang out with those people. I also have lots of friends who have other professions and don’t put themselves “out there” in the spanking scene as much, and I value the time that I spend with them and the play that we engage in just as much!

 So they are worth attending?

I’ve never NOT had fun at a spanking party, and it would be impossible for me to pick a favorite. A lot of my enjoyment is based on how many of my friends make it to that particular party! I love meeting new people, seeing my old friends (the first day of a party usually involves me running up to lots of people, tackle-hugging them and shouting about how happy I am to see them basically all day long), getting lots and lots of spankings and staying up all night with my friends. The activities planned by the parties are almost always incredibly fun: many parties have a “Spanking Court” where you can bring charges against your friends and get them spanked, and others have a “Naughty School Girl Hour” which is obviously right up my alley! I also shoot videos and do sessions at parties, and this is always a great time.

Ice cream cones and paddles....great day!

Ice cream cones and paddles….great day!

You recently got back from TASSP, (Texas All State Spanking Party) how was it?

TASSP was a really wonderful time! I got to spend lots of times with my friends, have some really gratifying scenes, get dressed up in cute outfits that fit the “spanking through the ages” theme and spend lots of time being really ridiculous with Christy Cutie. Of course we got into lots of mischief and had to be frequently spanked!

You and Christy seem to get a long great. Tell us something about her that she didn’t tell us?

Christy has been writing spanking stories for years. In fact, I read her stories before either of us met, or even began modeling!

In fact let’s mention a few names and have you tell us a bit about them:

Sarah Gregory

Sarah and I have been friendly for a while, but we only really got the chance to hang out together for the first time during TASSP this year, since we’re both usually extremely busy during parties. I’m glad we did! She’s very high energy, and can be really fun and goofy. She had lots of really funny stories to share, and she really knows how to get a party started! She has lots of sides to her personality, though, and she can be quite interesting when she’s being serious! I hope we get to spend more time together in the future!

Clare Fonda

Clare is extremely down to earth, and she made me feel really relaxed right away when I first met her. She’s hilarious, too, and never takes herself too seriously. She was also really nice, and the kind of person it was easy to be around. At the end of our shoot together she asked me if I wanted to do a scene where I topped her, and I was very nervous about this. I’m not very experienced at topping, and Clare is just amazing at it, so I felt self conscious. We decided to do it, though, and she was a lot of fun to do that role-play with, and she was really reassuring that I didn’t do a bad job when we finished. I’m glad I took her up on this chance, since I ended up being the last person to spank her on film!


Dallas was really nice, but he was certainly very “no nonsense” while we were shooting and I found myself calling him “Sir” when the cameras weren’t on! The series of scenes that we did together was, of course, really hard. This was made exponentially worse by the fact that I had gotten sunburned before the shoot (I was trying to tan, because he asked me to have tan lines, but I had never actually done that intentionally and ended up burning myself to a crisp) and that we didn’t start with any sort of warm-up: just a rubber tube whip! Yikes! Dallas had a lot of interesting stories from his years in this business, and I loved hearing those. He also has one of the cutest dogs ever, and he was a total softie when he was interacting with it, which I found tremendously endearing.

Richard Windsor

Richard is one of the most good natured people that I know, and I absolutely love playing with him. He’s kind and has very thoughtful and interesting things to say, and he’s pretty much the best person to share a drink with at a spanking party! I also LOVE playing with Rich. Even though our relationship is entirely casual and we’re just friends, he’s one of the people who’s best at getting into my head. Our style of playing begins long before we see each other, with lots of banter followed by him sending me scary emails or voice recordings telling me about the wicked things he’s going to do to me. I consider Rich to be a good friend, and I really value him.

Chelsea Pfieffer

Chelsea was very enthusiastic when we worked together, and was quite supportive. It was one of my first shoots, and she made me feel a lot more confident than I would have on my own. For a petite woman, she’s very strong, and I felt totally secure over her lap. She really packs a punch, too! Chelsea is someone that I hope to get to spend more time around in the future.

Betty Blaze

Although Betty and I have never hung out when we weren’t shooting, she really feels like a friend to me. She smiles a lot, and she is very effective at getting everything done that needs to be without ever being rushed, which is something that I admire. We always have a lot to chat about: mutual friends, shoot related stuff et cetera. Betty is also into Burlesque dancing, which I think is really awesome. She’s super nice and stunningly pretty, even more so in real life than on film, I think.

Pandora Blake

Pandora! Yay! I get excited whenever she’s involved in anything. Pandora and I have been internet friends for a while, primarily because we had a lot of discourse back and forth on our blogs. We got to know each other at TASSP 2012 and got along really swimmingly. We really bonded during the time we spent together when I was in England, though. We’re able to interact in a lot of ways, be it having a serious intellectual discussion, playing with stuffed animals or as spanking partners. Pandora is one of the people with whom I feel like it’s easy to be myself completely. She’s also very ambitious and she thinks about things quite carefully, examining that which others just take for granted. I really admire both those characteristics in her.

Sounds like you two have bonded?


Pandora Tops me in our personal life, and she’s quite good at it. She kind of seamlessly transitions from being my peer into being a sort of authority figure, although always a very compassionate one. A lot of our scenes involve a bit of service Topping, but Pandora assures me that it’s no chore for her to put me over her lap and soundly spank me!

You have picked up a paddle and topped in the past, (and you look good with paddle in hand) is it something you like?


I think that I’m okay at Topping, but it takes the right person for me to really get into it. When I’m playing with one such person, it can be really fun. I don’t usually see myself as an authority figure, so I do best if I’m Topping a girl close to my age or just a bit younger. I don’t feel comfortable Topping men. It just doesn’t work in my brain. I sometimes feel a bit badly about this, like it’s discriminatory or something, but that’s just not how I’m wired and I can’t change that.

Do you offer sessions now? Or just work as a spanking model and starlet?

Getting to know you....

Getting to know you….

I do offer sessions as a bottom only. I really like doing sessions, because I get to know someone through them and often have a lot of fun. I do sessions in all the cities that I visit, including Denver, Dallas, New York, Philadelphia, Las Vegas and Chicago (among others!) and now that I’m based in Los Angeles, I’ll be offering sessions there quite regularly (including doubles with Christy!). Feel free to email me at if you’re interested or have any questions about this!

How long do video shoots take? Do you enjoy them compared to off camera spankings?

Video shoots depend entirely upon how much content we’re shooting. Some take less than hour, if we’re only doing one or two scenes. Others last all day. I’ve had shoots that took up two eight hours days before! In that situation we’d do a lot of different scenes, with time to rest and heal up a bit in between.

I get a certain thrill out of being spanked on camera. I also love role playing, and filming means that I get to do that with great costumes, props and sets, so that’s exciting! There’s a marked difference between on camera and off camera spanking, though. Some of the characters or scenarios for a film aren’t something that I would have thought I’d like, but they end up being incredibly exciting.

That said, there’s a certain intimacy to my off camera spankings that’s precious to me. Sometimes, spankings make me really happy, and I smile and space out and can hardly speak from feeling relaxed and passive. Other times they bring out of a side in me that’s incredibly vulnerable and that I don’t want to show to the general public– not because I’m ashamed of it, but because it’s a precious thing that I only give to the people that I love.

You have a lot of photos of welts on the front of your thighs…that’s sort of new to me, tell me more about being spanked that way, how it came about, and how it compares to having your bottom swatted?


I don’t remember when I got interested in the idea of having the fronts of my thighs smacked or caned. My previous primary partner, Malignus, is pretty fond of doing that, and he was the first person that I explored it with, but I remember that I asked for it the first time. I think he had done it with one of my friends and I wanted to know what it felt like. What it feels like is incredibly, incredibly painful. Ridiculously so. I like that, because I like very severe play sometimes. The primary reason why I like it so much, though, is because I don’t mark or welt easily on my bottom anymore: it’s become very resilient after that those thousand spankings! The fronts of my legs mark a ton, though, and they’re marks that are right in my line of vision. I can just lift the hem of my skirt and bam, there they are. I like that a lot. There’s also the added bonus of being able to have eye contact with my Top and being able to watch the strokes fall and the welts raise. All of this is very intimate and intense for me. It obviously doesn’t replace traditional spanking, though. It’s something I do pretty rarely, but it’s special whenever it happens.

Does it hurt more than being spanked on the back of your thighs?

I think so. Although the backs of my thighs are very, very sensitive, too! I really like being smacked there, as well. It makes me feel very submissive because it’s so painful.

I love your answer about getting spanked by rubber, you say “Just tell everyone you’re allergic to rubber. Trust me on that one. Neoprene? Hypoallergenic? No. You’re allergic to that, too.” Is that the worst implement to be spanked with?

Rubber implements are way up there on the list of “the worst stuff ever!”  Lexan paddles, especially thick ones are on that list, too, as are ebony hairbrushes and very flexible canes. Or  very dense canes. Or all canes.  And the tawse–

IMG_8986I think that because that’s something that I’ve really only had used in intense, personal play, it’s the implement that gets inside my head the most easily. I almost can’t even say the word aloud! I’ll blush and get nervous just thinking about how much it hurts.

What is it about spanking that’s so intoxicating?

There are countless things. Vulnerability. Authority. Adrenaline. Endorphins. The actual physical pain of it. The positioning. The scolding. The disciplinary aspect. The ability to step outside of yourself and explore another part of your personality. The intensity. The way that it makes you connect with other people. All sorts of things.


At the very core of it, though, no matter what the scene or situation is, I can always say to myself “At this moment, I’m doing the thing that I’ve wanted for my entire life, that for so long I thought I’d never have. I have it in abundance now. I’m so happy.” 

Tell me the perfect spanking scenario?


It’s REALLY hard for me to describe one scenario that is “perfect” because there are countless different ways that I like to play. I think the base of it is a very loving but stern, domestic feeling spanking with a disciplinary theme, given OTK while the Top is seated on a sofa or the edge of a bed, starting with hand spanking but moving into something meaner, but still able to be used over the lap, like a hairbrush or a wooden spoon (I really like “household object” spanking implements for this sort of scene). The spanking would include the backs of my thighs, and I’d cry and then get an infinite amount of cuddles. That sounds pretty perfect to me.

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  1. david says:

    Lovely article good luck to the lady,and have fun

  2. Thanks so much for interviewing me, Andy! I had a great time as we got to know each other, and I hope we do more of it in the future! ❤

  3. someonesandy says:

    Anytime Alex. You are pleasure to chat with!

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  5. Bonnie says:

    Thank you both for a tremendous interview!

  6. Mark says:

    Hi Alex,

    Were you spanked growing up? What do you remember about it?


  7. This is an old blog post for you, but I just wanted to pop into say I love that thigh spanking photo! It is one of my interests but you don’t see a lot of people doing it (at least not yet)! It is definitely an interesting sensation 🙂

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