Naturally Intoxicating

You are new to me…maybe I just can’t surf the net as well as others. How long have you been giving spankings professionally?

Professionally, as in receiving a tribute for the individuals I spank? Well I’ll put it this way: When I was 9 years old, I spanked a neighborhood boy, who was 7. And although my fascination with spanking began earlier, that was the moment where everything really shifted and I started to become what I am now. It wasn’t until this year that I launched Naturally Gin. I thought about making a website for a very long time. I slowly put it together in my mind and then one day sat down and created the simplest version of my powerful obsession.

I’m glad I happened upon your site  your site, but you are moving it?

I did have a blog, but the webhosting vendor changed its rules/policies around “adult/explicit” materials, and I’m now looking for a new host.

Good. So your site: is that the best place to get session info?

Yes, or email

Ok everyone go visit or send a note, I’ll wait.

Welcome back readers….let’s continue with Miss Gin, do your friends and family know what you do for a living?

I’m selective about the people I share this with.  I have met some wonderful people through different spanking websites other than mine – Certain family members know, and others do not.

How do they react?

I grew up in an accepting family – we’re all quite close. I know that whatever I do in my life my family will understand, but there are just some parts of my being that don’t need to be shared with everyone, in my opinion.

Have you or would you spank any of them?

My family?  No way.  That would just be too weird – I couldn’t go there.

Were you spanked growing up?

No, I wasn’t.

You say you are a “natural” spanker. What’s that mean exactly?

My interest in spanking first began at the age of 7, but at that time I didn’t have the words to put to it, and certainly didn’t spend a lot of time working to understand what that all meant.  I just knew I liked it, a lot. Spanking has always come naturally to me and I prefer spanking in natural domestic environments as opposed to dungeons. My spanking style is simplistic, nothing overly staged or dramatic – just some good old-fashioned discipline.

Have to ask, how tall are you?

Perception is reality, you know?  If I have someone over a spanking bench, or across my lap, does it really matter how tall I am?

Good dodge, but  you have no problem draping someone over your lap?

No problem at all.  I can easily adapt how I give a spanking to suit both our needs, and to ensure I can give the best spanking possible.

I’m sure you can. Can you give a hard hand spanking?

Yes.  Yes I can, and I do.  I have developed a strong spanking hand and arm, that’s for sure.

Tell me about a spanking with Gin?

Comfortable.  If there isn’t comfort and trust between me and the person I’m spanking, then it simply is not going to work.

You say your favorite implement is a wooden spoon. Why?

It’s what I like to call a “pervertable”… it’s an every day object found in nearly every home.  It’s domestic.  It’s used namely to make a meal and it’s a giving thing to do.  Spanking is an exchange, and it’s that reciprocity that I enjoy so much.

 A hairbrush is pervertable too, right? But you lean towards the spoon….

It’s natural – they’re organic.  I just love the way the handle feels in my hand, the sound it makes across skin… and how it feels on me.  It just is.

 Sold. It is your favorite implement…

The spoon and so many derivations… the “pan paddle”, the “turn oar” – there is a brand called LittleDeer, which I favor.

It would be fun shopping with you at Bed Bath and Beyond or any kitchen supply store with spoons!

Picking out some sturdy "pervertables" for you, Andy!

Picking out some sturdy “pervertables” for you, Andy!

I’m choosy – if the product isn’t well made I’ll break it across someone’s bottom easily, which makes me a little sad- they were my favorites!

What do you get out of the spanking experience?

Here’s the thing – Naturally Gin switches from time to time, and I do receive spankings from others (male and female) who are also into spanking.  I know the joy that it brings, to receive, and I can seemingly intuit much of what someone needs when they are across my lap.  I thoroughly enjoy giving someone what they crave and need when it comes to spanking, and discipline.

You  switch…do you get spanked a lot?

What’s a lot?

How often would you say you are spanked?

As often as I want/need to be.

 You are very good at answering without answering….LOL. Why do  you like  being spanked?

Because it makes me very, very happy.

I’d love to make you happy right now! Why do you think grown ups feel the need to be spanked?

There are probably as many reasons as there are people who want to be spanked.

Do you have one spanker or do you prefer a few spankers?

Spankers, as in spanking me?


I find that I do have a handful of people that I do prefer to receive spankings from – we develop a connection over time and that deepens the experience for me.

Do you like being spanked more by a man or a woman?

It’s not that way with me.  It’s about the person, their approach, their attitude about spanking, and their sincerity, and how we connect.

How about when you are on top, prefer reddening male or female cheeks?

If you would have asked me that question six months ago, I might have said I strongly prefer spanking men.  But I have recently spanked a few lovely women and enjoyed it very much.  I rarely allow a woman to spank me – it’s an exception.

Is there a difference?

Spanking is dynamic… it’s different every time, even with the same person.  Having said that, Western culture expects men to be strong and dominant and despite the feminist movement, for women to be “naturally” on the bottom, and to receive.  The men I see across my lap are behaving against the typical societal norm or expectation.  They are surrendering to a woman for a spanking and that’s not the “macho” thing to do.  Men who are into spanking are so incredibly appreciative.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask, can you give a good hand spanking?

Yes, of course.  It is the purest implements in spanking in my opinion.  Always available, allowing for spontaneity, and the best way to place a strike exactly where you want it with precise intensity.

(Gulp) Do you have a favorite part, like telling them to strip, the first spank, the wiggling during….?

Sounds like you want to use my answer as wanking fodder.

More like spanking fodder……thanks for sharing  a few moments with us. A pleasure meeting you Gin! Please keep us up to date about your blog status, and your site. Smiles and Spanks!

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  1. RWF says:

    Miss Gin can certainly use her had, as well a those spoons she carts around. I am delighted at the chance to meet with her again!

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