Miss Terese….Yowza!

You are a Jersey Girl?

Yes, I was born in New Jersey and have lived here all my life.

My favorite brush....

My favorite brush….

How tall are you?

I am 5 ft 6 inches in stocking feet and 5 ft 10 inches in heels.

Only four inch heels? LOL. How many jobs did you have before this and how did you get into the business?

I am a personal trainer, pilates instructor and yoga instructor. One of my clients was persistently not following my instructions and I threatened to give him a spanking if he did not follow my recommended routine. I was only joking around but he said that I have a very strict demeanor and that perhaps a spanking might be helpful. I gave him a few swats over his workout shorts and he said “is that the best you can do?” Naturally when challenged, I rise to the occasion. I took him into another room, grabbed a chair and dragged him over my knee….obviously he and an interest in spanking,

Whew, maybe I need a personal trainer?

LOL, spanking has always been a part of my relationships. It’s been a lifelong interest of mine too, so it wasn’t a giant leap for me to do what I did.

Are you self taught or did you have any teach you?

I had two mentors help me become the professional disciplinarian I am today. Ed Lee of NuWest/Leda and Jacqueline Omerta of Pacific Force.

I was sad when I heard of Ed’s passing. Were you still close?

I kept in touch with Ed off and on over the years. He ran my picture in his personals section for many years. He gave me the tips on how to present myself as a Leda Lady, set up my website etc., but I never did a video for him although he wanted me to make one for him.

You say spanking has been a lifelong interest of yours. Were you spanked as a child?

I was not spanked as a child but I did get spanked as a teenager a couple of times. I missed curfew and my mother put me over her knee and taught me how much a hairbrush can change one’s attitude. The hairbrush is my favorite implement.

Probably not your favorite when it was your bottom being spanked. Do you have many brushes?

I have an original Ed Lee Hairbrush that I purchased in the 1990’s and still use it today. It really gets your attention!

Was the gym spanking the first one you gave?

No the first one was when I was out to dinner with a friend who began behaving badly in public. We went back to my place, I scolded him for his behavior, got a wooden spoon from my kitchen, bent him over the sofa. He didn’t sit well for two days after that.

I doubt we will end up in your gym so what’s the best way to contact you?

Or just give my bottom a tap and I'll take you there.

Or just give my bottom a tap and I’ll take you there.

My website WWW.MISSTERESE.COM has a contact page.

You can obviously spank, do you provide any other services?

Again, check out my website. It lists everything you need to know.

We certainly are living in the computer age aren’t we? You use a software program for spanking?

It’s actually in the public domain. It’s called Random Spanker. It’s pretty cool but severe. Repeat offenders really get their bottoms roasted.

It’s a virtual spanking?

No. The random spanker software is a program where you enter the spankee’s name and offenses and the program decides the implements, number of spanks on each cheek and the severity of each spank. I print it out and carry out the computer generated spanking.

If you want to check it out and see what kind of spanking you are in for with Miss Terese:


 You are so hi-tech. You also have a RoboSpanker, a mechanical spanking device. Did you buy it used from the Howard Stern Show?

Haha, no. I had it built and customized to my specifications..

Do many people want to be paddled by the machine? I think I’d prefer you wielding the wood?

Yes, many people try it out. It makes for an interesting session from a headspace perspective. It is somewhat depersonalizing as I sit in front of the miscreant with the controls and lock the cuffs and start the timer. You cannot escape the relentless paddling until the timer runs out. It adds great closure to a judicial session.

Ah the judicial session. You enjoy roleplay don’t you?

I do.

You must be quite the actress. Tell me more about “Judge” and “Nurse” Terese?

Many people have a need and act on the desire to have guilt expunged for real life scenarios. Judge Terese fills that need, for instance, a gentleman was rude to his wife and felt bad about his behavior. He apologized to her. He still felt bad. Since his wife does not know about his proclivity towards spanking he contacted me. We set up a session that went like this:

He shows up in my intake room and is greeted by corrections officer Terese (dressed expertly in my officer’s uniform). I make him do a perp walk into the courtroom. Corrections officer Terese leaves and Judge Terese, in her judicial robes enters the courtroom. I read the offenses you are accused of and ask how you plead, guilty or not guilty.

Either way you are found guilty as I, the judge, hand down my sentence and adjourn the court. Corrections officer Terese returns with the court sentence and the court ordered correction begins.

That’s elaborate. Okay tell me more about Nurse Terese?

Nurse Terese is usually a school nurse who has to discipline students who are trying to get out of class or a test by faking illness. I think most everyone has tried this in school, but in my nurse’s office you are not let off the hook.

I’m feeling a little light headed now, maybe I should see you Nurse Terese? Anymore favorite role play scenarios? 

I like Mommy/son/daughter a lot as well….like other role plays it’s very personal for the individual who wants to play it out. It seems to be cathartic for the person I am doing the role play with. As an example, naughty Bobby almost got hit by a car when he ran across a street at age 12. He still has memories of that incident, feels he should have been punished for the infraction. Of course, his real mom was glad he did not get hurt but naughty Bobby carried his guilt with him until he came to see me. He got spanked really hard for disobeying his mom by playing near and running into traffic. Grown up Bobby now feels much better for being punished the way he felt he should have been punished back then.

You do spank women too, right?

The women who I spank are mostly brought by their partners so they can watch. So pretty much more couples than single women.

I guess the mix is 75% men and the rest couples and single woman.

Do you prefer role playing to just spanking? How about the naughty boys and girls that see you, do they mostly want to act something out?

I enjoy the entire dynamic. Role play or just get over my knee. Not everyone wants to act out a scene. I have many clients who want to be spanked because they have a need to be spanked or because they feel they deserve to be spanked because of something they did they feel was wrong.

You’ll also bring someone else into the session, another top or bottom. A witnesss….is that popular. I can imagine the extra embarrassment of having a witness….

Anyone who has the thought of having another person in the room watching them getting spanked has a need to be embarrassed. It is popular for those who have that need. And yes, I do it frequently.

You will spank someone to tears—if they need it. Why do you think some people feel the need to cry?

Only the person who feels that need to be spanked to tears can answer that question.

What is your favorite part of the spanking?

As a top I love giving those of us who are wired differently what they need.

I like the nurturing phase after the spanking. I have my spankee kneel in front of me and I put their head on my lap and rub their head and tell them how wonderful they did taking their well deserved punishment. They have accepted their discipline and now are back in good graces with me…whomever I am to them at the time.

How tough is your hand?

Being a personal trainer I have a lot of upper body strength. My hand from years of spanking is very tough. Put these two attributes together and I have been told by many spankees, who have been spanked by other people, that I give the hardest hand spanking they have ever received. I take that as a compliment. But I am sure there are other disciplinarians out there who can spank harder than I can.

You know speaking of Ed Lee brings me back to my youth. NuWest was the first company I saw promoting spanking. I think I still have their first catalog somewhere….

I have a lot of old Nuwest catalogs and MAM magazines I use as props when Mommy comes into the room and catches you being a naughty boy….and from the sounds of it you are a very naughty boy!

Who me? 😉

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9 Responses to Miss Terese….Yowza!

  1. David says:

    Sounds like a lovely understanding woman, who loves what she does!

  2. mike1970 says:

    I would love to have a session with her. She sounds and looks fabulous.

  3. Tom says:

    She seems wonderful. Northern NJ is pretty big. Is she close to NYC or farther out?

  4. JIM says:


  5. toni says:

    Miss Terese,
    She is stunning and absolutely the best disciplinarian / nurse around. She really knows her stuff and her facility is private and very comfortable. Can’t say enough about her. Very clean, hygenic and spotless. i have had several sessions and always pleased with them.

  6. otktotto says:

    wonderfull women – ‘d like to go over her lap too but germany is to far away

  7. Craig says:

    I need a spanking

  8. What part of NJ are you from? I am a Jersey man who needs a good spanking! Btw, I have seen that Random Spanker and have tested it out!

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