Spring Time, Curl Up with a Good Book. Meet Tina Tirrell!

Tara Tainton, solo fetish performer, has been a favorite on this blog. Now she is bringing us another gem, her baby sister Tina. And  Tina has  agreed to do her very first interview for you and this blog.


Tina it’s a pleasure to meet you. You are a writer of erotica, is that right? 


When did you first start writing erotica?

Hmmm… it was probably a note to my 5th grade boyfriend.  I think it scared him more than anything!!

Do you remember what the note said?

I can’t remember the exact words but it had something to do with telling him I wasn’t wearing any panties… just for him.  It’s the truth!

May have freaked me out at that age too. You come from a very talented family. Your sister, Tara Tainton, is the number one video fetish star on the web. What do you think of her success? 

She blows my mind.  I just can’t believe it.  She’s just my sister, you know?  But she’s so awesome.  She’s always been good at everything she wants to do, the BEST actually.  She has a serious work ethic, loves her fans, and she’s a really great role model for women everywhere.

Including a role model to you?

I know how lucky I am to get to peek in when she’s “doing her thing” on camera sometimes too.  She just does her thing, kind of writes stories, like I do, but they’re all going on in her head and she somehow plays the part and tells it to the camera.  She really inspires me.

Her video’s are very titillating. I understand you’ve written some of her scenarios? 

How’d you know??  🙂

BduU3OMCUAA2ooQYour sister and I chat occasionally.

Hmmm… I think I should keep the video scenarios a secret… either that, or maybe I can’t remember which ones specifically since we swap ideas all the time now and always influence each other!

Were you two close growing up? 

Yes, pretty much always.  Everything’s always been an open book between us, (no pun intended) you know, so we share everything, learn from each other, and she’s the best big sister in the world.

Are You More Like Your Mom Or Your Dad?

How?  Hmmm… neither of our parents write so, I guess the creative spark comes from our dad?  He’s always taught us we can do whatever we set our minds to.

And you set your mind into writing.  Do you find any subject taboo? 

I’m sure there must be something… but I haven’t come across it yet!  I know my sister’s been referring her own fans to my writing and I’m almost afraid of what might show up in my inbox as requests for my next books!  ha ha!

How do we find out more about you and your work? 

Well, my whole catalog of erotic books,on a variety of sexy themes, are all on my Amazon author page… some are on Smashwords and other sites too, but Amazon is the only place where ALL of them are… and some you can borrow for free if you’re an Amazon Prime member.  😉

Do you have a blog?

Yes, I have a little blog with the latest updates and my thoughts and stuff at http://www.TinaTirrell.com.  That will move soon, to my publisher’s site that’s being redesigned at the moment, but the same URL will get you there… and that’s when more fun begins.  Ardour Press loves rewarding their authors’ biggest fans with lots of cool promos and things, and I can’t wait to share all the biggest benefits with my own new fans!

The book I think most of my readers will be interested in is called The Sitter’s Hand, tell us more about that one? 

Oh, it’s so good!!  The feedback I’ve been getting is really awesome.  It’s my first “novelette” in length, spans over a week where a poor young man (his age is kind of ambiguous) is left with a babysitter when his folks go on vacation.  He feels he’s really too old for one, shouldn’t be watched over at all, and has never met the lady in his life, so they kind of bump heads a lot.  But that’s where the exciting stuff starts.  She’s a spanker!

Okay wait, let that sink in for a second……….good. Go on, please!

She’s very stern, has her own rules, and this poor nice kid gets his first spanking… then more… then yet again… even his… well, maybe I shouldn’t give it away!  But maybe it’s in the book description online already. 🙂  The spankings get progressively more serious, if you know what I mean.  Each “experience” between the babysitter and boy grows more intense and intimate and I bet you can’t possibly guess the hot ending!!  I think that the biggest erotic thrill in spanking is psychological, it’s the giving over of control… willingly or unwillingly!

The model on the book cover looks strikingly like Tara, is it? 

Oh, no!  It actually isn’t… but I can see what you mean!

You (and Tara) weren’t spanked growing up were you? 

Um, actually yes.  We had a military dad, totally stereotypical and a big disciplinarian.

Have you ever been spanked in your adult life? 

Yes!  Playfully. 🙂

Have you ever spanked anyone?

I don’t think so… no, but it’s definitely something I’m very curious about (you can tell by my book!) and the idea of “erotic spanking” definitely turns me on!

Alright given a choice, and we are talking spanking still, is it better to give or receive? 

Hmmm… I don’t know how to choose!  Is it bad if I think it would be fun to receive??

Works for us. Why do you think spanking appeals to us? 

Well, you’re all very open with my sister and she loves her fans so much, so I hear all about the sexy side of spanking.  😉  I think there’s something kind of forbidden about domestic discipline… and of course, sensuality kind of mingles with humiliation a bit.  There’s that awkward situation of being touched in an intimate manner but in a stern and serious sense.  It kind of plays with your mind.  And something very sexy comes from that.

Tell us about some of the other subjects that interest you?


Oh, gosh, I do have an instatiable curiosity!  I really love playing with taboo themes… stepfamily and family relationships and all those foggy lines between right and wrong.  I like the older/younger dynamic too… as you see in The Sitter’s Hand with an older woman taking control of the younger boy’s punishment… and incidentally giving him the first sexual experiences of his life.

And which ones you’ll be tackling in the near future? 

I have a few books in publication due to be released soon, this month hopefully… more taboo titles, a forced fem coming of age story, and one focusing on gender transformation… a lucky man waking up as a sexy woman!  I keep getting more and more ideas, so I have to jot them down and hope to write them all some day.  And I have started getting requests for more cum tasting encouragement (I hope that’s not too graphic for your blog readers!) and spanking too!

What are your favorites? 

My favorite books?  Well, I’m particularly fond of my latest, For the Love of Boobs… which features a scientific transformation, an erotic experiment gone awry, and breast expansion.  I love those magical, sci-fi kind of themes!  The whole story is very serious, like as true-to-life as you can get with such a subject or possibility, and then grows so… out of proportion!  It’s fantastic.  The taboo books really turn me on… because I get so deep into the relationships between characters and those small moments that make all the difference.  They are seriously erotic.  And that’s what makes The Sitter’s Hand so wonderful too.  It’s very intense, very realistic, and really shows an evolving relationship between two people who begin as total strangers.  I think that’s what makes erotica the most amazing, when it’s done right: when it’s based in reality, very true to life, and pays attention to details.  That’s what sex is about!  🙂

Which have sold the best? 

Taste It for Me (CEI) is HUGE… so is The Sitter’s Hand (especially in Germany… who knew!).. and all of my taboo books sell about equally.  They all have completely different characters and storylines… I can’t wait to have my own little fan base and ask them which I should turn into a series first.  🙂  Oh, Sweetening Principal Parker is really popular too… it’s a transformation fantasy featuring a young kid (age ambiguous!) slipping a magic pill into his principal’s coffee when he gets in trouble and is sent to her office, only to watch her transform into a young, highly aroused hottie… and give him his first sexual experiences.  I guess I love to write about first-time sexual experiences!  And always for the male characters!  🙂

How much research do you do, I mean, have you lived some of these fantasies or do you just have an over active imagination? 

Well, that’s a funny question when you know who my sister is!  I hear about the awesome requests she gets from fans, I see the “stories” she tells on camera, and yes, we both were always big on imagination growing up.  I do have to pay attention to what makes different themes and fetishes interesting to those who spend so much time with them, more than I get to, so I read a great deal and pay attention to what fans of different things say they love about videos, stories, etc.

Spank me if I’m wrong (and I hope I’m wrong)  but you write mostly for men right? I mean we tend to be more twisted in our fetishes. Are women truly just as kinky? 

Yes!  You figured it out.  🙂  I do LOVE to write for men.  I guess I… and my sister too… both have more masculine personalities… you know, at least as far as our sexuality goes, how we’re not afraid to “let it all out,” talk about it, share our thoughts.  We’re both very direct.  I love getting into the male mind (and I hope I do it well!) and writing about beautiful women from their perspective.  I write really in-depth male and female characters.  And I’ve played with the point of view of both too.  Some of my stories are written from a female perspective and some from the mens.’  It just depends on what’s best for the story.  But I do write with “what will turn on a male reader most?” in mind… knowing that women who appreciate great erotica will love it just as much… because I do!  And I know my sister gets worked up every time she reads one of my stories too!

We appreciate you spending a few minutes with us. Your first interview! ( of many I’m sure) Can’t wait to read your books.

The lovely author,Tina Tirrell!

The lovely author,Tina Tirrell!

Thanks for inviting me to say hello to your readers!!  I aim to make your erotic reading as amazing as my sister has made your erotic viewing.  So, don’t be shy about sharing what makes an erotic spanking story hot!  Maybe I can help satisfy that desire between my sister’s hot spanking videos!  🙂

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