This party will Slay you!

Hi Miss Hunter so nice to meet you. You have been a regular on the spanking scene for a while, how did you get into it?

cdb1d9886092c54ae800547cf063bf2aVia the public fetish scene in general, back when I lived in Scotland. I went from being on the scene to being in photoshoots for my sister’s old company pretty quickly, once I established that I rather enjoyed play.

Are you still doing videos?

Not as often as I used to, as I prefer real experiences, and it’s tricky to have a properly fulfilling play (for both parties) when you’re having to think of camera angles and what would work best dramatically. I still shoot for several friends’ companies though – most recently with Nikki Whiplash.

I love you as both a top and bottom, are you still doing both?

 I stopped receiving around 4 years ago, so no.

 Too bad. You looked lovely with a blushing bum. I think I could talk to you, at length, just about your spanking past, (and I’d love to at a future date) but I really want to talk about “The Slayers” and your parties.

How’d you get your name, from our television show Buffy?

No: The pilot Slayers party was run a few years ago by Teacher Slayer, a character who now rarely ventures into the public scene. I resurrected the concept, with a couple of tweaks, and kept the name on as a nod to him, and because I quite like it.

Since I never get invited to spanking socials tell us how often you have parties?

They’re usually every 6-8 weeks.
How many people can attend? Do you keep it to a limited number or the more the merrier?

The ratio of Slayer Ladies: Gents is 1:3, but I cap gentlemen numbers at either 9 or 12, as otherwise people wouldn’t get the ideal amount of time for the individual sessions.
What should every attendee do to be a perfect guest?

Be prepared to have fun, meet new people and enjoy a good thrashing in a relaxed atmosphere. Obviously it’s polite to turn up nice and clean, but otherwise we love meeting a mix of spank-loving chaps!

Is it always female spanking male themed?

Yes, they’re FemDom CP parties. There are plenty of FemDom BDSM parties people can go to, but Slayers is pure CP, and the women I ask to feature at the parties are all known as excellent Disciplinarians primarily, even if they do also partake in BDSM play.

Excellent. Tell us about the venue, the food, and the games you play?

The venue is a club located in Camden, North London, which is spacious enough for the 3 or 4 Slayer Ladies to spread out and have their own “space” to conduct the sessions in – allowing for reasonable privacy, as people not being dealt with congregate around the bar, having a bit of Dutch Courage, or chatting with like-minded chaps. The buffet consists of general cold party food, snacks and crudites, with a light smattering of cake, because I like to put on food that I would like to eat to keep my energy up.

I have some spanking “lucky dip” cards that I made up myself, where the victim chooses a card for the lady to spank him, the number of strokes, and the implement, and am prone to announcing that we’re having a round of that during a break from the mini-sessions.

Is there a dress code?

No. Many of the gents come from work, so are in smart casual, but just general day-to-day wear is fine.

Especially since they will shed them anyway, right? What do the Slayers wear?

The ladies will be in all manner of outfits, depending on what I think is suitable for each party. Sometimes there are specific uniforms I might ask a lady to bring – we’ve had Army Officer, Nurse and Prison Warden – or I’ll recall a time I saw someone wearing something particular and ask them to wear it – like Leia-Ann in her amazing riding outfit, or Aleesha in her sexy fetish-wear. Usually there’ll be a couple of ladies in proper seamed stockings – generally I prefer the ladies to be comfortable so they can enjoy the day just as much as the gents, so I’ll often ask them to just wear something they feel strict, sexy or glam in. They always look incredible!

You always finish off the party with two women punishing a man at the same time. I’m sure this is popular. Is it your favorite part of the party?

The finale is the only bit of the day that is in front of everyone, and it’s a lot of fun, as by the end of the party we’ve had banter with everyone, and it’s a lovely way to wrap things up. For the caning, we’ll always have a left hander as well as a right hander, so you can experience a real double caning, and whilst I tend to pick which ladies do each finale punishment, they do often tend to get quite enthusiastic about jumping up to do it.

My sister Lucy couldn’t be held back when she attended a party, and as she’s left-handed, it meant that poor left-handed Leia-Ann couldn’t even get a look in! (Rest assured Leia made up for it at the next party.)

Sounds incredibly fun. How do we keep informed about your group and your events?

Keep an eye on the website,, and you can also email info @ There’s a group on Fetlife too, where I post sometimes:

Now let’s talk about “the Slayers” all of you are lovely and quite adept at turning a bottom bright red. Isn’t  your sister in the group?

She is one of the ladies, yes: Lucy Darling, also known as Lucy McLean. She retired from the professional scene a couple of years ago, but makes an exception to attend some of my parties, which is quite exciting for some of her long-time fans. She really excels at proper vintage styling – seams and petticoats and proper “fifties mom/auntie” type outfits, and her verbal scolding is truly brilliant. Plus she’s a left-hander, so woe betide naughty boys!

How about a little more info on Miss Jadie Reece. She has been hosting or attending parties too for a while?

Jadie was involved with the Cheeky Girls parties that used to run in London, and has attended most commercial spanking parties in the UK, as she’s a terrific party animal who so genuinely loves what she does, and is also wonderfully sexy. Jadie managed to forget her outfit for the Christmas Slayers Party, so just improvised and wore underwear instead. I don’t think anyone complained…

Miss Aleesha Fox is stunning. Is she old enough and capable enough to spank? How long has she been at it?

Aleesha is more than capable. She’s been around a couple of years less than I have, and in that time has become a truly beautiful lady, who is incredibly strict and stern. I love watching her give a telling-off to a squirming man, and then hauling him over her knee!

And, of course, with dancer’s legs and wicked left hand, Dr. (is she really a doctor?) Leia-Ann Woods….tell us a secret or two about her?

Leia-Ann is indeed a genuine doctor of Chemistry, with the certificate to prove it. She’s also one of my greatest scene pals, and is someone I love doing double sessions with. She is also one of the smoothest people I’ve ever met – for an ex-ballet dancer, she can still manage to trip over thin air, flail ungracefully at inanimate objects, and even doors prove disastrous on occasion. Thankfully, she always manages to contain these special moments to outside of any scenes!

Miss Brown looks so intimidating. Tell us more about her, please?

Miss Brown contacted me about attending the last party we did, and I was delighted; she’s a legend on the CP scene, and has been around for years, with a huge fan following. Her skill  at both scolding and delivering hard CP is superb, and we’ll certainly be having her back at a future party!

And I don’t think I’ve seen Miss Davenport before. What juicy tidbits can you tell us about her?

Donna has been around on the scene for many years (yet still looks about 20, the witch!) and is another much-loved icon of the CP world. She was very sick last year, and is now happily fighting fit again, so I can’t wait to have her at our next party.

Certainly nice to hear she is healthy again! How long have you known these ladies, who have you known the longest?

I’ve known Leia-Ann the longest – around 10 years – and then probably Jadie and Donna for around 9 years, Aleesha for around 8, and Miss Brown for around 5 years. Roughly.

Do you have any other ladies that join in on the fun?

We will have a few others who will be getting involved as guests later in the year, and they’ll be announced on the site when I’ve confirmed it with them – again, they’re specialist CP ladies who are very highly regarded!

Who is the hardest spanker in the group? Or most feared?

I think “hardest” is a bit tricky to answer – I hand-spank very hard, apparently, but I’m sure the other ladies aren’t far behind in impact strength – which is fairly subjective anyway! Different chaps respond to different types of strict figures, so I think the “most feared” title could be applied to a few of our stern ladies.

Who enjoys it the most?


What else are you doing (spanking wise) these days? Where should we look for you?

I keep myself busy doing sessions (and double sessions) around London and the South East, and appear at some BDSM and Fetish events and parties occasionally too.

Did we miss anything?

8d54bb7f76a91644c77ad4fc30ce2d86-1Just that the next party is in three days. Get a hold of me now. Tell me Andy sent you! Look forward to having you all over my knee……..,

Next party: Wednesday April 9th

Time: 12:30pm – 5:30pm

Location: Nearest tube Mornington Cresc. (1 min walk)
Ladies present: Miss Jadie Reece, Dr Leia-Ann Woods and Miss Donna Davenport.

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