Model Behavior…..Carla Brown

You’ve seen her all over the Net. She’s stunning. But a spanker? I thought so when I contacted her….but I was so wrong, or was I? Here is an interview by accident…..

Carla will spank you

Somehow I got the impression you were into the spanking scene now. I was sooooo wrong wasn’t I?

Not at all, I am quite into spanking but don’t include it much in my modeling mainly because I want to stick to mainstream work so I don’t limit myself jobs-wise in future. You never know, I might want to become Prime Minister one day 😉

You must think we (the spanking community) are nuts?

No don’t be silly! As I said, I totally understand and am quite partial to be a bit of spanking myself 😉

Have you ever spanked anyone?

Yes, I spanked a girl and I liked it 😉 (and boys of course, i’m all about sharing the love).

Have you ever been spanked?

Yep! Can’t give it and not receive!

You are a cam-girl, what exactly is that?

I do live webcam shows working from home – stripteases, roleplay, fantasy, dressing up, that kind of thing. I run this site and am on there myself most days. I do some live spanking stuff sometimes too.

(You can also check out Carla at: hit the first photo or from the links section on the blog)

So if someone asked you to spank yourself or someone else on camera you wouldn’t be adverse to it?

I’d be up for doing it in a live show I think, but probably not in photos or videos that will be on the net forever. We here all love spanking but unfortunately you never know who will end up looking at this stuff and judging.

You started off as a Page 3 girl is that right?

That’s right, Page 3 for the Sun was my first ever proper shoot.

How do you go about becoming one of the featured women? In Page 3?

I just went through an agent at the time. I don’t think i’d get on Page 3 nowadays, small-breasted petite girls were all the rage back then!

Was that fun? Were your old friends and shocked?

Yeah it was great fun. If I remember rightly my friends were pretty nonplussed, but I grew up in Basildon where the people aren’t exactly known for having delicate sensibilities 🙂

Your photo’s are all over the internet. I always thought you had the lap and look of a spanker….maybe it’s something you should try? Or is it just me projecting?

I have done a bit of spanking as part of shoots but not much. I could definitely be a spanker, never say never….

You have always been stunning, but you have a smile in your eyes that is so appealing. What do you think your best feature is?

Aww thank you that’s nice. To be honest i’m most proud of my sense of humour. That will never age and sag (at least I hope not).

It’s great meeting you, even by mistake….do you think things happen for a reason?

Great meeting you too! I don’t really believe things happen for a reason, it doesn’t fit with my ontology, but I do love a happy accident 🙂

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One Response to Model Behavior…..Carla Brown

  1. David says:

    Beautiful, humorous, and sensible! My! a wonderfully intelligent girl!

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