May 2…you’re black and blue

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3 Responses to May 2…you’re black and blue

  1. helixtwice says:

    I admit it – at 64 I still get spanked otk bb with hand and hairbrush when I talk back to or disobey my gf. She made me tell her how Mommy spanked me, and spanks me just the same way, including a scolding before and after! I always do corner time, and often write lines like “I just got a spanking for being a naughty boy!” 500 times, very neatly. I am very glad that she keeps me in line, and I try to be a good boy for her, but sometimes I am naughty, and end up in the corner, bawling. Mom spanked real hard until I bawled, and so does she! She made me write this!

  2. Shilo says:

    Heh. I am still bruised on the bottom after a party I went to, Saturday (May 3) night.
    Pix available on request

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