On My Soapbox

Not a big photo post today, but an important reminder.

I can’t believe I’d actually endorse not buying product, but  I will SHOUT OUT:


And I encourage all of you to pass it on.

Spanks for the memories.

Spanks for the memories.

Cherish the old, when Ed was in charge, but do not support a new owner who isn’t even into the scene. Just trying to squeeze a few bucks from us “freaks”.

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2 Responses to On My Soapbox

  1. helixtwice says:

    Some spanko in good standing, or a consortium, should purchase the Nu-West/LEDA catalog before it disappears. It is unique and wonderful!

  2. tomilina says:

    ‘Tis a pity. They were excellent, especially the older stuff (mid 80’s). I especially loved the Petticoat Punishment stuff!

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