Putting the Welts in Weltsova….

Hi Mrs. Weltsova. I must not get around like I used to, I’m just learning about you from a friend of my blog. He actually went to see you and raved about your skills. He said you spank with your hand a lot. That’s rare. Do you like hand spanking best?

I do like hand spanking and can certainly make a punishing impression on a deserving male, but there is, of course, a limit. I usually move to my ever growing arsenal of implements fairly quickly unless the subject is receiving just a light punishment.
And you have quite a collection of implements I’m sure. I mean you offer birching, whips and severe Judicial CP…..ouch. Are those more requested over Domestic Discipline and Life Coaching?

I specialize in real discipline sessions, and, yes, men request and receive the real thing from me. I also like role play and anything theatrical like petticoating, mild feminization and cross dressing.
Heavy stuff. What exactly is Judicial CP?

There are many articles on Judicial CP, and classic websites like Wikipedia, or www.wellredweekly, or http://www.corpun.com (please note that the material exhibited is of historical nature and is often disturbing).
Judicial spankings are modeled after the severe procedures once in use. They are consensual, realistic replicas of regulated corrections administered in schools (public, private, Catholic, reformatory institutions, etc.), jails and suchlike.
Its form is highly ritualized. Its main characteristic is the lack of any preliminary warm up strokes. It is also called ‘cold caning’, ‘cold paddling’, ‘cold strapping’. There is no endorphin veneer which the warm up usually provides. It mimics and feels like real punishment.
I love the Life Coaching aspect of spanking, and you offer it, but does spanking someone into spanking really work?
Well, if the delinquent is a spanking fetishist the Life Coaching program can be either enhanced with non corporal discipline elements like various impositions, or discipline related other fetishes like chastity training; or one can simply proceed by employing more unorthodox flagellation additions. There are very many unpleasant versions of classic spanking which even the most serious spankophiles dislike immensely: being made to climax before the spanking starts for example. 
Spanking is a vast field and can vary from most sensual to sheer brutality. One fetishist might like 80% of all spanking variations but s/he intensely disapproves of the rest, so there is always a way to make that life coaching session memorable (of course within consent).

You are saying it works?
Yes, spanking therapy works, though its outcome depends on the consistency – of both sides. It is a commitment, like every other therapy.

I know it’s mostly naughty boys that need spanking, but surely there are some women that need it too? I doubt women seek out professionals that much, do any naughty women make it over your lap?
Most women who contact me are requesting corrective/judicial like sessions for their male partners’ real time transgressions: infidelities, addictions etc.
Sometimes female novices come to see what a professional, safe spanking is with a person who will respect their limits and won’t take ‘poetic license.’ They often are interested in spanking mentorship as well.
So have you mentored many women?

No, a few.

Any of them ever need a spanking?


Ok, I’m convinced, I need to see you, how do I arrange it?
I generally need bookings to be made two weeks in advance, so if anyone is interested in booking a session the best thing to do is contact me via my website: http://www.weltsova.com     Give me as much notice as possible.

It’s that easy?

When someone asks to see me for the first time I usually request that they fill in my questionnaire to get a better feel for the likes and dislikes, and the common areas of interest. I like to communicate a lot via email; the better the communication the better the session.
Smart. Anything else?

I always offer novices and first time visitors the option to choose a safeword though there has never been a case where a safeword has been used. I am good at reading body reactions and understand very well the process of pain assimilation and adjustment (as I used to be a CP bottom in the very beginning).
Let’s get down to the brass tacks….like where are you from?
I am originally from Eastern Europe. I have lived in the US for the last twenty years.
Is spanking popular in Europe?


You are Mrs. Weltsova, that means there is a Mr.? How long have you been married?
I am not married and there is no ‘Mr.’ My honorific is after the notorious Mrs. Berkeley who invented the spanking apparatus in London a couple of centuries ago. She is one of my most favorite historical CP figures.

If you were married would you spank your husband?
If I had a husband, he would be spanked for sure.
Were you spanked growing up?
I have not been spanked as a child or adolescent. The only time I was spanked was when I started being interested in spanking as an adult, a consensual affair.
You started off as a bottom?


Are you still spanked today?


How tall are you?

I am 5.5”

When did you know you liked spanking naughty boys and girls?
It all started with my first caning experience. I was a spanking bottom then. That event left such an impression on me that, since then, I became what one can call a spanking fetishist.

Do you remember the first spanking you gave someone?

Yes, I remember. I wanted to learn how to cane so much that I was allowed to cane my top back then. It was a heavy, romantic relationship and my wish to study caning was not appropriate, so then I was allowed to try spanking/caning on him.

How did you get into this professionally?
I started spanking so well it was a shame not to charge for what I love doing. In addition, I like playing with the best possible toys. Often, I have them custom made for me, and that, and arranging for the perfect atmosphere/scene cost money etc…Additionally, the professional context provides a safe, neutral environment for each party to feel and show his/her best.

How long have you been doing it?
I have been spanking professionally for the last three years. Since then my interests really spread into D/s and M/s. While spanking is my first and strongest interest, I have many more.
What do your friends and family think of your job?
One of the reasons my face is not online is that I have an unrelated career and need discretion. I provide and also very much expect privacy.
To answer your question, my friends love the fact I can afford such fun in professional and lifestyle ways. My family is not aware of my interests and I think kink is best kept far from children and youngsters.
You offer many role play scenarios, any favorites?
I love role play, dressing up, costumes, transformations and adopting different personas. Headmistress/ schoolboy, Governess/ charge, Auntie/ Neighbor next door/ teenage boy, Boss/ employee, an endless list honestly…

Is getting into the clients headspace the most important thing to having a great session?
It is probably the single most important thing that will hopefully happen between the players. For that, I encourage any newcomer to correspond with me as much as possible in advance, fill in my questionnaire, and tell me anything they wish to share. I very much like to understand where the person is coming from, how he sees his ‘alter ego’, how he (often) self-objectifies.

Do you lecture? Do you scold?
I do and anyone who has heard my ‘exotic’ accent knows how strong some words can sound. I do think, though, that often the words that are left unsaid speak even louder. So, I do lecture in both ways: by saying and not saying.

What is your favorite part of the spanking? Lowering the pants, the first spank, the struggling wriggling bottom?
My favorite is the Power Exchange that takes place between the top and bottom. That can be provoked and stimulated by a glance, a particular set of strokes, tone of voice or the overall rapport; it is elusive to pinpoint.
In addition, I love the so called ‘consciousness lowering’ effect that hopefully is experienced during the encounter – seems to be in direct relation with the above.

What do you get out of the spanking experience?
I derive a sense of satisfaction and a power high. I love the fact that people do trust me with their bodies and minds. Also, to not forget the pure pleasure from that perfectly delivered punishment stroke.

You service NY and DC….have Obama over your knee yet?
Ha! I know and agree: the representatives do need lots of maintenance spankings.

There are a lot of folks in Washington in need of your services!
Yes, there are. My impression is the Washingtonians are not so much masochists or spanking fetishists; rather they look for that place where they just do and follow commands, and are free of control.

I’m sure you have wealthy and powerful men come to you often, do you find people in top positions seek out discipline more?

Not necessarily. I meet spanking fetishists of every walk of life. People who have known discipline since early youth, people who are looking for recreational and for punitive experiences, adrenaline seekers, adventurers, ladies who require their partners be corrected for real trespasses. It is noticeable, though, that some gentlemen with more power in the vanilla world tend to need deeper D/s or M/s experiences.

I understand you have a passion for Victorian literature and spanking erotica?
Yes, Victorian smut is one of my favorite genres of erotic literature. I do like original spanking fiction too and would like to recommend a special UK site: The Library of Spanking Fiction. It also has a lovely, expertly written newsletter, I mentioned earlier: Wellred Weekly.

Have you read, and did you like, Anne Rice’s “Sleeping Beauty” trilogy? (Under the pen name A.N. Roquelaure)

It is funny you ask me this question. I recently briefly corresponded with Mrs. Rice thanking her profusely about writing the trilogy and in that way accommodating my aesthetic concerns with what I (incorrectly) knew to be the world of BDSM. It was because of her masterful writing that I realized I was missing the essence of BDSM and, then, from there on, it has been one long exciting self discovery. I adore Mrs. Rice’s writing and am thrilled she fancies too that same anonymous Victorian genre we just mentioned.

What stories (time, settings and punishments) really appeal to you?
Well, that question invites a long answer, a brochure really. One of my old favorites is of course “Harriette Marwood, Governess”, by ‘anonymous’. I will just answer what I am reading: “The Petticoat Dominant” and “Gynecocracy” of the notorious Australian (I think) Birchgrove Press. Recently, I have also read some interesting writings of Sacher Masoch.

Have you written your own?
I do not. Instead I like collaborating with writers; I am what they call an “Editrix”: choosing the subject, the general plot, advising on the development of the characters etc. I usually hold the works copyright too. It is much fun…when one can afford the time.

Will you share some with us in the near future?

Certainly, it will be my pleasure. Few pieces have been placed online but most have not been read by any public yet. The writers will be delighted, of course.

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