Monday Blue’s? Let’s turn them into Red…..

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2 Responses to Monday Blue’s? Let’s turn them into Red…..

  1. helixtwice says:

    I hate to be told “You didn’t listen to me two hours ago, so THIS TIME I’m going to make SURE that you get the MESSAGE!!” And I really hate what comes next…but, boy o boy am I extra GOOD for several days! [ACTUALLY!]

  2. helixtwice says:

    I am only sitting on a pillow because I enjoy it and NOT because I get spanked like a li- oh no [DISCIPLINARY INTERLUDE] My Mistress told me to admit that I did not tell the truth, that I got my mouth washed out real good with soap, that SHE marched me to the spanking chair, that I was so scared that I cried and shook standing there, that I was not allowed to take my own pants down but she bared my bottom for my spanking, and just before my spanking I had to tell her I lied and was naughty and needed a really good spanking until I was bawling as loud as I can! Then I have to tell you that I got a hand spanking until I cried, and had to fetch the hairbrush for a terrible hairbrush spanking I was howling from! Then I had to stand in the corner and stop crying, and then have to write this and show it to HER, and if it is not good I get another spanking, and I have to ask people who read this to please say I had enough spanking or do I need more? Please say I’ve had enough I am so sorry I had a smart mouth and was naughty but please no more spanking! I beg and plead with you no more because I really have LEARNED MY LESSON – okay, pleeeease?

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