Spanking Sarah, another delightful interview!

Again I found someone I know nothing about. But you’ve been in this “game” awhile….how long?


Actually, I have been involved in the Spanking World for a relatively short while …..  About 6 years now.

Have you always been a spanking enthusiast?

I was always interested but I guess like many others I didn’t have the opportunity.

You have a few websites, tell us about them, and give the addresses.

I am the proud owner of Spanking Sarah for sex and spanking of girls and young ladies and  I am also involved in the production and filming for my Husbands sites and

How’s the best way to contact you for a session?

My webpage has a tab explaining my services it can be found at

Do you remember your first spanking?

I do indeed and if I ever forget it I can always watch the film 🙂

Your first spanking ever was on film?

It is rather a long story so feel free to edit the answer lol.  I was always interested in Spanking from childhood.  I initially had fantasies about being spanked but this never seemed to happen.  I confessed this need to my then Husband and was made to feel like some kind of freak.  When our marriage failed I decided that it was time to do something about the craving that I had suppressed for all those years.  I looked around for a possible spanking partner on the internet but was put off by many of the men I encountered.   I then had an ingenious plan.  Why not get paid for my first spanking?  I contacted Rem and lied ……  I told him I was into spanking and wanted to make a movie.  We set a date for a shoot and so my very first spanking occurred on film.

[That’s the unedited answer] You got more than a spanking that day, you got a new husband right?

 Yes, I met him when we made that very first film!  He claims that it love at first sight.

I’m sure it was, but which end was he looking at at the time of being lovestruck?


His sites and films are great. I’m guessing this first spanking of yours was for his company? What is it so we can watch too?

 That first ever film is still available at  I played a naughty school girl and have enclosed some photos from that very first shoot.

 What was that first experience like? And isn’t getting spanked on film different than without the camera’s rolling?

 Honestly?  I almost didn’t show up.  I was so very nervous but I really enjoyed it.  My Husband had no idea at the time that I had never been spanked before and he booked me almost immediately for another shoot.  He had never dated a model before.  Obviously being spanked on film is totally different to when the cameras are not rolling.

Now you work both sides of the paddle. So, is it better to give than receive?

I must confess that I now much prefer to be the one to give.

How long have you been offering private sessions?

 I think it has been about 5 years now……  Time flies when you are having fun.

You work with some lovely ladies. Are they friends or hired models?

 It is a mixture.  Some are close friends that have become models, some were models who have become friends and some are hired models.  

You offer 2 on 1 sessions. Must be very popular?

Yes, I am rather lucky in that respect.  I also see many of the same people on a regular basis.  In fact some of the guys I have sessioned with since I began despite the fact that I have moved from London to The East Midlands.

You are very tall, 5’10”, must be easy to keep someone over that lap of yours?

I think that is part of the reason that I am so popular.  A nice lap and long arms ensures that any naughty boy placed over it will get a good hard spanking.

Favorite implement and positions?

I am known to be a little bit wicked!  I have such a huge array of implements and I adore using them all.    I have some rather mean wooden paddles (one of my regular guys swears one is a cheeseboard)  Plus of course there is something rather thrilling about hearing the swish of a cane.

You spank men, you spank women, you get spanked by both… order list your favorite sessions of these combinations.

That is not as easy to answer as I thought.,……  Let me try.  A lot depends on my relationship with the people involved.

 I love spanking male and female (friends) for play session the best.

Then I would say spanking men

Then Women

I tend not to get spanked by anyone that I don’t know anymore …..  I only offer Domme sessions but still switch with those I trust.  I love being spanked by my Husband and a select few other men and women.

Is a naughty bottom a naughty bottom and spanking girls and boys pretty much the same experience?

I find that boys seem to like much harsher spankings then girls….  There are of course exceptions to this rule.  I don’t  session with girls on a commercial basis due to the fact that I had quite a nasty female stalker a few years back.  I think because of my height guys who like to be severely punished are more likely to book a session with me.

What is your favorite part of giving someone a spanking?

 This may sound strange but I enjoy knowing that I have given someone exactly what they want…. I only enjoy hurting someone as much as they want to be hurt.  I sit down before each and every session and listen to what my client requires.  The best feeling in the World is looking into their eyes afterwards and knowing that you have fulfilled their cravings.

How about your favorite part of being spanked?

That is tricky!  I guess with my Husband it is sexual and with others I suppose it is the fun factor surrounding it.  I was never a good submissive, it just took me a while to realize that you do not have to be to enjoy a spanking.

Is it more psychological than physical or vice versa?

 I think both play an equal part.

You have a site of you spanking men. LOVE IT! Is it your most fun site? is my latest site.  At the moment it is a pay per film site but this will be changing shortly.  I love the fact that most of the guys that have appeared have chosen a real life ‘crime’ to be punished for.   I enjoy filming for all the sites but I guess if I am completely honest then I do have a preference for sarahspanksmen.

Have you ever spanked your husband?

He won’t let me.  I keep trying but I am not holding my breath.  He is 100% Dom.

Poor man, doesn’t know what he’s missing!

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6 Responses to Spanking Sarah, another delightful interview!

  1. David says:

    Lovely !

  2. Kod says:

    Sarah is wonderful, simply wonderful and yes, it is a cheeseboard

  3. poppamark says:

    I became aware of Sarah at English Spankers and have followed her ever since. I think she is wonderful when she is giving or receiving! A very sexy and erotic Lady!

  4. Kenneth hampton says:

    Yes need a spanking

  5. Kenneth hampton says:

    I need a good hot spanking .

  6. Kenneth hampton says:

    I need a good hot spanking . I live in oregon

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