Elena Spanks….

I’m always thrilled when I find “new” (to me) women who spank. How long have you been dishing out discipline?

elanatitleI’ve been doing it professionally just since the beginning of the year.

Maybe that explains why it took me awhile to find you. Why you have no website, yet.

How do we get a hold of you?

Email me: mistresselenarochelle@gmail.com

Let’s get your roots. How did you get started in this business?

Initially I was just into the Domination part then I had a spankee approach me and say I’d be really good at it.

Do you remember the first spanking you ever gave?

Yes. My past boyfriends. They protested.

Did you offer to spank your boyfriends or did they ask for it?

They didn’t ask for it. I just did it.

Did you love it right away?

Oh yes!!!

How do you turn pro?

I have been spanking my boyfriends for years but the spankee that introduced me happened to very experienced with spanking and getting spanked. He had been to many spanking conferences in the country and he taught me the basics of over the knee. I’ve been lucky to have many very experienced spankee’s come to me and I’ve learned a lot along the way. I’ve also learned caning and paddling.

Were you always fascinated by spanking? At what age did you realize it?

Yes I’ve thought about it for years  but I think the people that come to me are the ones with the oldest spanking fantasies. I like being the spanker more that being the spankee.

Have you ever been spanked?

Yes. Mostly for the learning aspect of it. I did enjoy it though.

What do you enjoy most about giving spankings?

I like helping people be better people. That’s the biggest reward for me. I’m very much into the mind aspect of it. I deal with some very real deep issues as a disciplinarian. I consider myself an alternative therapists.

You are a spanking therapist?

I have actually helped someone from the brink of suicide. They thought of me out of all people and decided not to do it. Now that’s therapy.

I’d say. Do you have a favorite method? Implement? Position?

I love my spanking bench and my paddle is my favorite implement.

You offer more than spanking don’t you? What else?

I am also a Dominatrix.

You enjoy role play? What is your favorite scenario?

I do enjoy role playing. I like playing a teacher or principle. I can also play a step mother kind of person.

Why do you think we seek out spankings?

I think it is different for everyone.  I think for some people it is kind of sexual. I have someone that for him it’s a self worth thing. His mother didn’t care enough to spank him.  Where I do. I think for others it is an old fantasy of a teacher or someone they really wanted that spanking from.

What do you get out of the spanking experience?

I like playing the power role.

Do you have a favorite part, like baring the bottom, the first spank, the wriggling….?

I love when they protest and wiggle. Gives me even more of a reason to spank them.

Do your friends and family know what you do?

My sister knows. I could probably tell my father. He’s really easy going. My mother passed a long time ago. My friends for the most part know.

What do they think about it?

My sister thinks it’s great. Most of my friends thinks it’s great too. I have a friend that has actually been a co-spanker.

If a vanilla friend or relative came to you for a spanking would you do it?

Vanilla yes. A family member. I’d have to do a lot of deep thinking.

The Shadowlane party in Vegas just ended. Have you been to any spanking parties?

I have not been so lucky. I think my arm would get tired though.

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12 Responses to Elena Spanks….

  1. David says:

    Lovely young lady but you don’t tell us where she operates from?

  2. Patrick says:

    Hi Mistress Elena,

    I live in Syracuse and I would love a spanking session. I recently sent you an email. Thanks.

  3. Jim says:

    I had a session with Mistress Elena recently when she visited the Boston area. Best experience ever! Mistress, you may remember my shamrock tattoo? 🙂 Jim

  4. CHAD HARRIS says:

    I sure would like to do a teacher/student or step mother/son role play wth you if possible. I would like to be spanked by you wth that nice paddle in your picture you have there holding in your hands. May be you could turn me over your knees for a good spanking wth the paddle if you would like. I am long over due for a good spanking by a female disciplinarian like your self.

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