Checking in with Portia

you’ll have to look back in this blog to find the interview we did with the Spankologist Portia. She just sent me a note saying she is now doing video’s too.

I teamed up with a spanking producer and we did our first shoot on Tuesday!  

 portia lll

I couldn’t resist asking a few more questions:

Tell me more about the video? 

I’ve been wanting to do some video for some time, and it just so happens that my girl has taken to producing.
How did you and your mystery spanko producer meet?  
We met through a club we are both in, at one of the recent events.  
And this producer we will recognize?
Definitely. And she appears in the video’s as well.
Who spanks who?  
Well, in our first shoot I spanked a naughty boy in Sunday school.  I was dressed as sister Portia Mary Katherine, my nun character.  “The producer” or another gal we know, may bottom for me in shoots to come.  
What’s the scenario?  
“Jason”, the naughty boy, is daydreaming about what nun wear under the habit, rather than doing his lesson.  
Did you enjoy doing the shoot?
I did.  It was very much like the process I go through taking still photo for ads actually.  
Were you nervous?
No, I wasn’t nervous at all.  We all know each other, so it was just friends spankng friends.  You know, because that happens every day, right?  LOL. 
What happened during it that you didn’t expect?
One of the pets at the location we were using decided to walk into the shot.  LOL  
Is the process long? Are the lights hot? Was the food good?
Like shooting stills, the process is long compared to the end product.  We weren’t working with the bigger professional lights we would have prefered, but that nun outfit is hot regardless!  
Will you still be doing private sessions too? Or are you a “movie star” now?
Oh yes, this is just an attempt to open a new income stream.  Diversification is key to survival after all.  This is no different.  
What city did you shoot in?
“The producer”, naughty Jason and I all live in the KC metro and we shot it there.  
What can we expect in the future?
There will be more to come with some female/female, female/male, and whatever else we dream up!  


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One Response to Checking in with Portia

  1. OwwItHz says:

    In the video, do we get to see more of Portia than her lap and legs? They’re inviting, sure, but I want to know what she really looks like.

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