Rizzoli Take Two

or three. The shadows on the black and white image weren’t great. So my old pal, and great blogger Chross added some depth to the shot

I went back and looked at the color photo. I think it may be best. So enjoy:


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2 Responses to Rizzoli Take Two

  1. Tony Greeb says:

    I’m kinda embarrassed to admit this, but it’s a good excuse to leave my first comment on your site. It’s also a good excuse to receive a good, hard spanking for ever thinking something like this could ever be on your site. I had just woken up and my eyes, quite literally, had not focused yet. I clicked the link to your website, as I do everyday, and the “Rizzoli Take Two” didn’t register as ‘Rizzoli and Isles’ because I don’t have cable and have never seen the show, although I am “aware” of it. I just thought “Rizzoli” was some domme I had never heard of. My first thought was, ‘this is a horrible fake…that’s a terrible picture of Ashton Kutcher, although the effeminate quality of his face does match the body they put it on’. My second thought was, ‘that’s the worst picture of the face of the actress that played Donna…it doesn’t even look like her, and the body is way too developed, sophisticated, stately, and model-like to be her’. In my defense there are some genuinely terrible fakes on the internet. The best I’ve seen are on Chross’ website which made this fiasco seem even more improbable. Then…my eyes focused! My butt will be as red as my embarrassed face shortly!!!

  2. baxter says:

    color is always best for looking at spanked bottoms, to get a good look at how red it is.

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