Isis 4Hi Isis. Pleasure to meet you. You live in the Netherlands, right?

Yes. That is right.

Is spanking popular over there?

No. It is not common and I can not speak about it with many people.

It’s not used in homes or in school?

Mostly no, it is a taboo. No one talks about it if they do it. It is child abuse here.

It’s becoming that way here too. You picked a tough business then, right?

Even though it’s a suppressed subject I still find many men in need of  spanking. 🙂

Were you spanked growing up?


Have you ever been spanked?


Did you witness many spankings growing up?


Hm, do you remember the first spanking you ever gave?

Yes, when i was teenager. I was about 16 when i first spanked a boyfriend and enjoyed it immediately.

Did he ask you to, or did you ask him?

Neither. I wanted to do it so I just did!

I like a girl who knows what she wants. How many other people did you spank before you turned pro?

I guess 8 or so?

And many more since I’m sure. How long have been giving spankings professionally?

Just a little over a year.

Not that long. How tall are you?

6 feet

Six feet tall? Wow, you must have no problem keeping a naughty boy over your lap?

Not a problem at all 😉

We can find your site at: (the english version) Tell us more about the spanking options you offer?

I offer individual spanking sessions, role play (teacher-naughty boy for example) sessions,  no mercy (very hard spanking) where I control everything and two on one spankings with a friend of mine.

Which is your favorite option?

I can not choose. The variation in sessions is what i like. Every man /woman is different and has a different story. That makes it interesting for me. I like to know as much about a person as I can before we start the session. It is about their wants more than mine.

Do you have a favorite role play scenario?

I like the little naughty boy who is caught being bad and needs a spanking.

You also offer a session with two spankers, that must be popular?

That is popular yes, but mostly men like to see me one on one.

Do many women come to see you or just naughty boys?

99.8% boys!

What is your favorite part of the spanking? Baring the bottom, the first spank, the wriggling?

The first spank! Then watching the bottom getting redder and redder.

What do you get out of the experience?

The kick of being in control. And knowing that it is up to me what’s going to happen…. 🙂

How about a favorite implement? And position?

Absolutely.  Over the knee and my bare hands! It’s the most purest form.

I love that your favorite position is over the knee using your hand. That is the best….but if you have to pick up an implement which is your favorite and why?

I guess the big wooden spoon that i have (more than one meter).

Yeouch. Do your friends and family know what you do, and what do they think about it?

My family and some friends know. At first, they did’t understand what it was so i had to explain. They all thought is has something to do with sex. The find it strange but  they know that I am experimental and very open-minded.

Would you ever spank one of your friends if they were curious about it?


I imagine you spank people from a lot of different countries and nationalities. Are we all the same when it comes to spanking or have you noticed differences?

I have not noticed any differences so far… Just all naughty boys ;))

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8 Responses to

  1. David says:

    Lovely Lady

  2. baxter says:

    I want to go over her knee

  3. otktotto says:

    over her lap i’d like to go too

  4. lumasoc says:

    very good spanker

  5. emiel says:

    I should have been spanked by her already! Especially since I reside in the Netherlands too.

  6. Chris says:

    Love your site do you ever come to the uk and London
    Love school boy scenaros

  7. Pariua simonel says:

    She died

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