Feel the Wood. Jessica Wood

Here is an interview with Miss Jessica that happened for my former blog….before Google shut it down. I may have a few to re-post. Let’s start here:

Hi it’s a pleasure to speak with you. I’ve enjoyed your work for a while and may have imagined myself over your lap once or twice….How did you get into the spanking profession?

jess int1

I started off by working for a website called StrictLadies.com after they emailed me via another site.  It was then after my videos and photos went up that I was asked to do some private sessions and then it snow-balled from there.

So were you spanked growing up? By whom? 

Not on a regular basis, just on odd occasions I did something naughty and always by my dad.

Do you still get spanked?

No, not for a while now.

When is the first time you spanked someone? 

As mentioned for the website above, I just wasn’t aware of the “fetish” before then, but as soon as I got my hands on some implements I was away!

How vividly do you remember it?

Extremely, I made this man’s bottom purple with a hairbrush!

Tell me more about the services you provide? –

I provide a whole range of punishments and body worshipping in sessions. CP, facesitting, ballbusting, trampling and more, see my website sessions page for more information. I also specialise in role-play.
Where are you located?

Watford in Hertfordshire, UK.

Will you travel?

I do hold sessions in Glasgow, Scotland, 3 times a year – http://www.missjessicawood.co.uk/glasgow.htm– and then once a year in Cardiff, Wales http://www.missjessicawood.co.uk/cardiff.htm and then I sometimes travel down to Alton in Hampshire for sessions with Mistress Whiplash – http://www.missjessicawood.co.uk/mistresswhiplash.htm  I would also travel elsewhere as long as it’s worth my time.

How do I make an appointment?

By filling in my contact form http://www.missjessicawood.co.uk/contactmissjessica.htm ) 

Do you only spank men?

No I spank girls too, but it seems to be just men that come for sessions so far. Have spanked girls for private videos and websites.

I’m sure men make up the bulk of your clients though? Why do men like/need spankings so much?

Because they don’t behave properly or just because they’re men and need to be put in their place!

What do you get out of the spanking experience? 

I absolutely love caning! It gives me a rush to land a cane stroke and get a nice set of stripy lines on a bottom and making a bottom nice and sore with a build up of implements is also great fun. I also really like role play and playing different characters. 

What is the most popular “role” you are asked to play?

Either Headmistress or Office Boss.
If a man gets an erection is that a compliment or a nuisance? And how do you react to it? 

I guess it’s a compliment! Then nothing, ignore it! They’re there to be spanked and that’s it, no matter what gets in the way!

Favorite position?

Bent over school desk.

Favorite implement?


Do you think you can give a sound spanking with just your hand? 

I think so! You’ll have to come and see!

I would love to. Okay you are really upset, what instrument and position do you use then? 

Thin whippy cane and touching their toes!

How many shoots a year do you do? Are you more an actress or disciplinarian these days? 

Not in the slightest, I do far more 1-2-1 sessions then video work.  I probably do around 10 shoots a year for other people and 6-10 or so for my own site.

What else do you enjoy…when not spanking a naughty bottom?

I enjoy night-clubbing (love dance music), cycling, swimming, gym, scuba diving, tandem skydives (when I can!), watching films at the cinema, eating out (love Japanese/French), photography, reading books (especially James Patterson), socialising with friends, traveling the world, cats and shoes!

So you keep busy….are you happy with your life?

I just fell into the world of spanking!  If you said to me 15 years ago I’d be doing this not sure I’d believe you! Have always been a very dominant personality though and was always bossy so found my calling!

Miss Jessica can be found at: www.missjessicawood.co.uk

Check out Miss Jessica’s other site:www.FacesittingMistress.co.uk  and follow her on twitter: https://twitter.com/MissJessicaWood 

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  1. David says:

    Delightful lady

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