Thanks again old and new visitors….

for taking the time to shoot me emails and for leaving comments or just saying “hi”. This is the friendliest and best spanking blog on the web! You’ve all been kind and supportive. Even the evil (lol) ladies with the brushes.  Hm, that’s truly what I’m thankful for….




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6 Responses to Thanks again old and new visitors….

  1. David says:

    Your welcome it’s been fun.

  2. baxter says:

    I enjoy your blog a lot. The pictures of women ready to spank naughty men are great. Sometimes I just want to go over those lucious knees and be dealt with.

  3. Jon says:

    I really love your blog. Definitely something I am thankful for each day. Keep up the awesome work. You rock!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Mike says:

    I affirm all the comments and I look forward each day to see what you have posted. Great interviews too.

  5. Ophelia says:

    I love the content of your blog! I don’t love this racist Thanksgiving picture.

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