What’s in a Name–Part 2. Eleanor Sullivan

okay, you know her as Cecilia Prim….or you did. Let me introduce you to the re-emerging English proper lady of spank: Eleanor Sullivan. She just sent me this note….if I was close enough I’d attend!


To all naughty boys and girls ,
Just to let you know that I have a new name and a new
website: misseleanorsullivan.co.uk.

I’m sure many of you have missed me
therefore I am giving you the chance to come and be put over my knee
for a very stingy spanking.  Or maybe a harsh caning is what you deserve?
Mmmm those nice marks
that leave a deep welt that is not visible to the naked eye .

I will say I have not been idle and have filmed with Miss Elsa Svenson
and Miss Clara Hewitt ,you can see out handy work ( spanking naughty
school girls ) on the clip site that cannot be mentioned.

I am also going to be a host at http://www.2kings.org.uk  (phone 07887762477)
Christmas party ,this is a fantastic opportunity to have a great time with gorgeous women.
Lots of fun and spanks !!

As you can see the Christmas party in London on the 17th. It’s great for spankers and spankees.
I would love to see some of you there.
I wish you all a very spankingly good Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Formerly know as Miss Cecilia Prim
Now know as Miss Eleanor Sullivan .

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