Visiting the Lake….

You say you haven’t looked back since you “spanked your first heiney”. Do you remember that? Tell us how it came about?

Oh, my oh my do I. I had seen the national Lampoon cover when I was 8 years old. I still remember that moment in my body, not just my mind. That beautiful bare bottom. It was the first time I had been aroused in my life and I obsessed on that spanking still. When I was seventeen, my greedy kinky little hands got a copy of Variations magazine. In that magazine was a story about a girl who spanked her new husband while on a horseback ride. I read it in the bathroom, fiercely aroused and went right into my bedroom and spanked my high school boyfriend. Just pulled him over my lap, pulled his shorts down and spanked him with my hand as long and as hard as I could. I truly had found my calling and my passion.

So how long have you been spanking naughty bottoms?

As I look back, thirty years? I’m forty nine now.

What do you get out of the spanking experience?

Well, of course there is nothing hotter than having an adult man (or woman) over my knee, kicking and squirming and begging. Promising to be good. But secondly, for me, it is the most loving, caring, nurturing thing I can do for someone. It fuels me.

You say you love your job….how did you make the jump to doing this professionally?

I worked in print for many years. But of course the job is diminishing due to the internet. When it became clear I would need a new job, I turned to the one thing I consistently do well and enjoy. Who is luckier than me?

I guess now, with the internet, it’s easy to get your name out there. How did you get your name out there originally?

I have been active in the Spanking community on the internet for 20 years. But, NOT getting spanked has never been an option in any of my personal relationships. I’ve made it clear from the beginning. If you date me, I am in control and you will be disciplined. I believe in a leader in all relationships. I’ve never been shy about asking for what I need. Or demanding it.

Did you, do you, attend spanking parties?

A few, but really I’m kept very busy with my own real life brat and the brats that hire me. I live the fantasy, I don’t need to “play”. I’d much rather curl up on the couch with my own naked red-bottomed boy than go anywhere.

I’m quoting your site again “I am happy and thrilled to engage in all things domestic. Including but not limited to spanking, mouthsoaping, corner time, and switching.”  Are you saying you are a switch or you use a switch?

I do not switch in spanking, I am a Top. There is not a submissive bone in my body. But to send a boy after a paddling out to the backyard,  naked bottom red and trembling to cut me some birch…what is sweeter?

Are you into role-play?

I enjoy role play with my boys. And I’ve been told I’m good at it.  In my real life there is no need, because I live with the naughtiest boy in the whole wide world.

Where are you located and how do we contact you?

I am in Albany, New York. I can be emailed at My business number is 518.879.6138 and I usually reply to a call or a text within the day. I’m on yahoo occasionally LauraLake2119. I can be contacted via my website, also,

Why do we crave spanking so much?

Why don’t you tell me, darling brat? I have theories. But I keep going back to love and connection. The divine intimacy of a beloved one, needing discipline. Needing, not wanting. The wonderful love/hate connection for my boys. I love it in the end, because I truly feel I’m helping. I can help you lose weight. I can help you quit smoking. I can help you be a better man. And it will hurt and be embarrassing and you will dread it. But I promise in the end, you will love me.

Spanking men, spanking women….pretty much the same?

No, no, no. Spanking every bottom is different and unique and thrilling. No two are alike. Ever. It never becomes hum drum or run of the mill. You are all special.

Can you give a sound hand spanking?

Why don’t you get your naked little heiney over here and find out?

I should expect that answer by now. I would love to….by the way. Okay favorite implements…and most feared by those on business end?

Because I consider myself, mostly a mommy, I like the classic implements. A ebony hairbrush. A small paddle. A wooden spoon. The belt. What is nicer than having a freshly paddled bottom in the corner waiting for a belt whipping?

I have a bamboo paddle that many dread, but I would be remiss not to mention The Paddle Guy. He has made me the most beautiful Brazilian cherry paddles. Perfectly balanced. It has taken my game up another notch. I have some great stuff from him in MDF plywood, which I love. Thin, lightweight and stings like a bitch. He’s classic. You can find him as THEPADDLEGUY on Fetlife.

I have tawses and straps and amazing canes. But his stuff I am amazed by every time I use it.

You definitely sound like you love what you do. Favorite positions?

My favorite without a doubt, is over the knee. I get a chill always. The power of knowing I am about to make a grown man cry. There is nothing else for me. The huge vulnerability makes my heart race.

How’d you get the nickname Kitten? (short for Kitten with a whip?)

I was watching a movie from the forties and I heard a woman being called “kitten” by her lover. I decided I wanted that. Then I got it. The pleasures of being in control. I usually get what I want.

Have you ever spanked any family members or vanilla friends?

I do not believe in spanking children. It’s an adult activity. I have spanked almost every boyfriend I’ve had in thirty years. I think many would say they’re vanilla.

What do they think about your profession?

I am pretty open about what I do. None seem to judge me. But not many really “get it”. They imagine me dressed in leather and carrying a whip. I usually have on jeans and a sweater. And a very thick belt. If a person is not a Spanko, I can not explain with any combination of 26 letter this thing in my DNA.

Earlier you called me a brat, does that mean I should fear meeting you in person?

May I say, all of you are brats. Begging for and needing discipline. Do not mistake my kindness for weakness. I’ve never met a man I cannot handle. And after a very long, hard spanking you can have one of these salted caramel cupcakes I’m baking.

That’s sweet?

Best compliment I ever got. “you make me feel like the smallest most important boy in the world”.

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9 Responses to Visiting the Lake….

  1. helixtwice says:

    Sounds like just what I need!

  2. KLF says:

    sounds like a wonderful woman, but she doesn’t know me, I’m known as the biggest brat.. Have never met a woman that can truly handle me!

  3. Laura says:

    You all think you’re the biggest, baddest brat of all. Just another little boy that needs to ba taken down a notch.

    • KLF says:

      Not bragging at all Laura, it’s a fact.. Have lost 4 girlfriends in 10 yrs because of my behavior. Sure could use a face to floor meeting with that strict female.

  4. nick says:

    I have met Kitten (over her knee) and she is just as warm, nuturing, and determined as she sounds in this interview. Just a lovely spanker, she is not going to let you off after a few “ouches”, but you will stay there until she decides she is finished. If you know you need that healthy dose of discipline mixed with loving care, she’s the one. It’s nice to know that she get the same thrill of having a naked man over her knee as you do being there.

  5. L says:

    Lake is the best! Before any session, she learns what makes you tick, and she incorporates that into her time with you. By no means is she “a one performance fits all” type. She may be the loving parental figure, the strict teacher, or the bitchy domm…whichever is best for you! The other thing is that she truly enjoys her job, and that makes the experience even better.

  6. David says:

    After the spanking, after the paddling, after your time in the corner, Laura sits you down and feeds you a dish of her home-made ice cream. She’s a unique individual who genuinely cares for the people she interacts with, and loves her work, and it shows. You won’t find a more committed, loving disciplinarian anywhere.

  7. A.J. says:

    I still have that issue of National Lampoon!!

  8. sober2119 says:

    WordPress seems to have lost my blog. My new contact email is What an internet mess! Love you boys. Laura

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