All Nude Spankings….

gotten a lot of mail from ya’ll wanting the woman to be nude while dishing out the spanking. Is this a big deal? It may be fun, but I guess I always see the woman dressed and the spanking as discipline…..

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7 Responses to All Nude Spankings….

  1. RichT says:

    For me, naked says foreplay not discipline.

  2. helixtwice says:

    Spanking is always a somewhat erotic activity, to me. There is nothing wrong or odd about emphasizing this aspect of the activity as foreplay, or even just by itself…whatever is mutually chosen. The option of clothing or the absence thereof is cosplay, and along with the demeanor of the pair sets the tone of the spanking, from strict along a continuum to a frolic.

  3. baxter says:

    I think spankings should have the spanker clothed with several implement at the ready to deal with naughty bottoms. Not sure nude spankers get it done.


  4. Tony Greeb says:

    I agree with helixtwice. I like this on the BDSMD/s menu. It adds variety and layers to the experience, though I actually prefer panties and/or bra to totally naked. My discovery and experience as an 11 year old of the sexually arousing nature of spanking started off as a strictly biological crisscross in my central nervous system and how it communicated with my brain (I didn’t figure this out until 12-15 years later). Through exploration, I’ve expanded that strictly biological experience to include physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and even spiritual connections. There’s a mysterious aspect to he nudity. It might be she’s getting ready for work and what you’ve done needs immediate attention so she doesn’t take the time to get dressed. It might mean she expects you in your submissiveness to thank her for the spanking by orally gratifying her. It might mean if you take your spanking well, you’ll be rewarded with sex, emphasizing the total power exchange (tpe) that exists . It might be part of the domination/discipline/punishment as a teasing/temptation that is denied as in ‘you could have had this but instead you’re getting spanked,’ or ‘you’d better control yourself or you’ll face additional punishment’. The overt nakedness is a reminder in a powerful way that you (the stereotypical strong, powerful male) are being, or choose to be, subjugated, at the whim of, and/or punished by her (the stereotypical “weaker” sex), and are literally pussy “whipped” in a way, that physically emphasizes this male/female reversal. Discipinary is just one type/aspect of spanking. Spankings can also be punishment, erotic, maintenance, because she feels like it, humiliation (especially in public), because you ‘need’ the stimulation, role playing, among others, all of which identify, define, alter and adjust the nature of the relationship and power exchange that exists. If you only like disciplinary spankings without sexual content, and that satisfies you, that’s great. For me, rather than eating an apple, I want to experience all of the fruits in the cornucopia that is BDSMD/s in as many variations as possible.

  5. Grady Allen says:

    A spanking is most erotic when the spankee (me) is completely naked and the disciplinarian is completely clothed in a sexy but non-revealing skirt and blouse. However, I wouldn’t mind experimenting with a little role reversal and have a completely naked (female) disciplinarian spank me over my blue jeans. 😉

  6. A.J. says:

    “I always see the woman dressed and the spanking as discipline…..”

    What? Really? How many men have spanked you? How many photos do you have on your site that are M/M?

    Spanking is explicitly sexual, whether it is m/f, f/m, m/m, or f/f. You could read Desmond Morris’ book from the late 60’s, “The Naked Ape”, to see why, but you can just as easily go down and read the opening statement from your interview with Laura Lake. Then tell me that spanking is not sexual.

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