thanks for the unsolicited selfies. Women showing off their bottoms and laps with nice offers (see captions) for me to work both sides of the paddle. Wish I could meet you all. Keep the photo’s coming: someonesandy@yahoo.com

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5 Responses to #Selfie…..

  1. Mike says:

    I like these I hope the ladies keep sending them. Great idea about sharing them too.

  2. Tom says:

    Gosh, send them to me. I’d love to help.

  3. Tony Greeb says:

    I love these as well. Thank you to all of the ladies who so generously sent them, and to you, Andy, for posting them. Most of the pictures you see on the internet are professional models in posed pictures. I think that’s why I like captioned (and captioning) pictures so much. It provides a context and makes them more real. Candid BDSMD/s shots are harder to find. The odd one shows up on a spanking site that was originally on a site like flickr, but most are from various gatherings such as the Folsum Street Fair, Shadow Lane parties, yearly conventions in Chicago and New York, Burning Man, etc… Sometimes individual blogs devoted to that person’s spanking life will have one here or there of themselves, and then fill up the rest of their space with profession model pictures. Even the so-called “candids” on this site aren’t “candid” at all. They are posed pictures with heightened/stylized reactions/emotions (i.e. overacting), most of which are too “cutesy” and unrealistic for my tastes (to each his own, however).. These selfies are also posed, but much more realistic. The people seem to be by themselves, in front of a mirror in their home, with telltale signs in the background (an unmade bed, clothing over a chair, etc…) indicating that they are real people that could be a neighbor. Like most selfies, they are distracted by trying to get the picture properly framed and, consequently, their pose seems more real and naturalistic. It’s “peeping” through someone’s window, but with permission (as opposed to a violation of their privacy) which is, after all, why we watch theater, the movies, television, and other forms of storytelling, as well as looking at pictures on the internet. These woman seem more accessible, as if I could ask them out if I knew them. This combined with the fact that they look more “real” (like woman I’ve dated) and reminds me of all the “little” but precious moments I’ve had with girlfriends, and my ex-wife, such as when she’d be in her underwear in the bathroom, putting on her makeup after a shower, and she’d just look so sweet, innocent, and beautiful. I genuinely hope that others out there will share natural pictures like these “with nice offers (see captions).” I find each one of you incredibly beautiful and special in your own way. Ain’t women a truly wonderful and miraculous gift to us menfolk?

  4. baxter says:

    Great photos. keep them coming. very enjoyable.


  5. Diaperboy says:

    you can’t spank me!

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