Feel the sting of the Martinet….Eris Martinet

It’s a pleasure to meet you. My blog focuses on spanking….is that okay to talk about?
A pleasure as well! Yes, spanking is a passion for me, and I always love to talk about it.
You look delightfully strict, where are you located and how do we get in touch with you?
I am based in central London and Manchester; I have a website: www.erismartinet.com with instructions on how to contact me and a Twitter under same name.

Do you remember the first spanking you ever gave?

Of course: it was my first submissive boyfriend, and many implements were tried and tested on his back.

Was spanking it the first kink that excited you?
It was giving pain, and ultimately found my way to spanking as a jolly way to indulge my cruelty.

Now you offer some services I’ve never even heard of….how tame is spanking for you?
Spanking is a safe way to induce extreme pain on someone, so it doesn’t have to be tame if you take it further. I love the intimacy of hand spanking, and the surprise on men’s faces when they realise my feminine hand is actually tearing them apart with pain. Wait, which services I list you haven’t heard of…?
Er, well, a few….How did you get into this line of work anyway?
I sought it out as a way to indulge my cruel tendencies. Also find it a personal mission of sexual liberation to share my passion for spanking, CP, and BDSM in general. I am a proud sadist and love exploring and safely delving into fascinating parts of human sexuality.
We kind of like the domestic discipline thing…mom, aunt, teacher, neighbor….does that appeal to you?
I make a very sarcastic and authoritative mom/teacher/authority figure. I think a role like a general would suit me more though! 🙂

So you role play?
I love to experiment and act on occasion; but since I am a genuine sadist, I enjoy the idea that some people like the realness of what I am.Why do you think grown men and women feel the need to be spanked?
Good question. For the British, it has a lot to do with authority and either personal or historic experience of school discipline. Fascination with the ritual of discipline and punishment and the swish of the cane is central here. But I find it is a universal passion for people across the world and it has to do with it being the safest and most intimate form of light BDSM play. It’s wonderful it’s two-way and it serves the needs of both players involved!What do you get out of the experience?
Well, I enjoy giving pain. But don’t take this to mean I hate men. In fact, I love men, and the sight of a docile man ready to receive punishment is almost hypnotic and powerfully seductive. I am grateful for the submission of men who visit me.

Have you ever been spanked?
Yes. Prior to becoming a domme, I was a spankee for a year as part of my BDSM education.
What did your training involve? They don’t actually have a school do they? How do you learn to do what you do?

Training involved getting acquainted with implements. I wish they did have a school! There is trial and error, instinct, literature and FetLife :-).

Did you enjoy being on the receiving end of the paddle?
Not so much, no. I kept telling people how to do it.
Does it help you spank someone if you know what it’s like to be spanked?
Essential, really. I don’t think you can be a good top without being a good bottom, both from a technical and psychological point of view.
Do you have a spanking style?
photo (4)
Yes: thorough, sexy, and HARD.You are in Europe, so I imagine you’ve spanked naughty bottoms from many different countries. Have you noticed a difference in preference of how hard, which implement or position someone responds to based on where they come from?
I think the allure of spanking is deeply universal and preferences are very much a matter of individual taste rather than where they come from.

Wow that was a convoluted question….let’s ask an easy one. How tall are you?
5’7″, but I always wear heels–so add 6 inch to that.

Do you have a favorite position?
I like over-the-knee. I love coming up with new positions on the spur on the moment, making things uncomfortable for the sub and fun for me.How about implement? I’m guessing Martinet is in there somewhere?B6LvYq0IcAAujZz

I LOVE variety; I love using my very vigorous hand; I love leather implements; I adore floggers, the martinet; and always seek to end a session by CANE.Can you give a sound hand spanking?
I am physically strong, and people have been known to leave my session with a deep black shade from just a hand spanking.

Many of my readers are on the fence about seeing a professional. Tell me why someone should go see one?
I myself saw professionals before I found my place on the BDSM/CP scene. I think it is practical and safe if you do your research before contacting someone; it’s a quick solution to living your fetish with an expert and without hassle/judgement.

And you are the one to see?
Well, I am very seductive but prohibitive; I am genuinely cruel and love punishing men, and even women. I am full of glee when I punish, but I am also quite compassionate and will probably offer you tea and chatter to sum up a difficult but delicious session. So if that’s your thing, then yes :-).
I guess that’s a “yes” then. Wishing you well.
All the best,
Eris x
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6 Responses to Feel the sting of the Martinet….Eris Martinet

  1. baxter says:

    That is an interesting interview. thank you


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  3. Jaiz EE says:

    Speaking as a malesub, a beating from Eris is the most absorbing experience. Over the knee (right and then left) is a gleeful reward, beautifully contrasted with the thud and sting of leather or wood while bent over a stool. Although tinged with longing for more, i left sore and with many yearnings satisfied.

  4. I am so glad you enjoyed my spanking, Jaiz EE. If only I could locate you in my memory–must have been London?

    • Jaiz Ee says:

      Hi Eris. There’s no doubting my enjoyment – as per AW field report of Saturday 9 August last year. Sorry if one of the letters in my name slipped leftwards … but otherwise i am the same as benefitted from a totally spankalicious beating. So you have moved on now: lucky Manchester, i say.

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