If you’ve been to a pro

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leave a testimonial.

Tell us about the experience, good or bad, would you do it again? Let’s get a little more interactive!!!!!

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25 Responses to If you’ve been to a pro

  1. Jay says:

    I think of all the Professional Disciplinarians I have ever visited the one which immediately jumps to mind is Miss Terese from New Jersey. I found her in the personals section of the Leda/NuWest website run by the late Ed Lee a few years ago. I contacted NuWest and asked if they had any feedback and Ed emailed back that he had received a lot of very positive feedback about her and would recommend her. So I set up an appointment, spoke with her on the phone and found her very engaging and put me at ease right away. All I can say is that she is at the top of her game and in my minds eye is most certainly a Leda Lady. She listened carefully to my session requests and always fulfilled them without disappointment. She has a very nice domestic setting and she is very discreet. Although she has quite a collection of spanking implements her hand got my attention right away 🙂

  2. someonesandy says:

    Thanks Jay. We’ll have a follow up interview with Miss Terese soon. She is incredible.

  3. Robert says:

    I have known Elizabeth Burns for many years and have had the pleasure of many sessions with her. If you are into role play, she is great with that and it really adds to the dynamic. Her sessions take me back to my childhood spankings in a big way!

  4. Grady Allen says:

    In no particular order:

    Madeline Rommely – Minneapolis, sweet, beautiful, reasonably priced and a super hard spanker. OUCH!

    Madeline’s partner Lilith – she truly cares about her spankees. She spent 5 hours with me for only $300 working thru my real life issues. A true sweetheart who genuinely cares about her boys and girls. And she spanks HARD. She made me cry. 😦 But I LOVED it!!!

    Auntie Rhi from rural Alabama – difficult to get to but well worth the trip. Her hand is one of the hardest I have ever felt. She is a sweet, caring lady.

    Alecia Stone from Charlottesville, VA – OUCH, OUCH, OUCH! Tall , slender, beautiful with a heavy hand. She is on the high side of compensation, but well worth the money. I couldn’t sit down comfortably for days afterwards! 🙂

    Michelle’s motherly guidance from Michigan – her spankings were much shorter than the others, but maybe that is a good thing because they HURT! Michelle is such a sweetheart who really cares about her spankees. And her rate is one of the lowest I have seen.

    Mrs. Weltsova from NYC/DC – more of a domme than a domestic disciplinarian, but still a very sweet lady who delivers a sound naughty boy spanking.

    Miss Jennifer from Chesapeake, VA – she is beautiful and intuitively knows exactly how hard you need to be spanked. She delivers a GREAT spanking, BUT she is WAY overpriced and is only in it for the money–she could care less about her boys and girls–you are just another paycheck to her. I really want to take Thumper’s mother’s advice and not say anything if I can’t say something nice, but Miss Jennifer is one professional disciplinarian to AVOID like the plague. 😦 I hate to say that because she really is a good, hard spanker, but she is also a spoiled BRAT (aka BEE-OTCH) with a BAD attitude. 😦

    Miss Terese – it sounds like I REALLY need to see her SOON!!!! 😉

    • someonesandy says:

      Great info. Thanks everyone.

    • Grady Allen says:

      I would like to apologize for calling Miss Jennifer the B word. Spoiled brat, yes. B word, no. Over the top. Not necessary. I was DRUNK when I wrote the first review. Once upon a time I was one of Miss Jennifer’s biggest fans. But then I got to know her better. I started reading her blog. She seemed to force some of her spankees into accepting extra sessions that they might not really be able to afford. She seemed more interested in buying her 501st pair of shoes than in the well being of her spankees. After finding much better spankers at much cheaper rates there is no way I would ever see Miss Jennifer again. However, every spanking is different. Every spankee is different. You might click with Miss Jennifer and enjoy her spankings as I once did. So I don’t want to dissuade anyone from seeing her. Just be careful if you do. Peace, love and super hard spankings for everyone!

      • A.J. says:

        I remember contacting Jennifer about a session, but the reply I received made me change my mind. Felt the whole thing was “me-me-me.” She had some “boi-toy” (were there two of them?) who had sessioned or traveled with her to answer my questions. Declined. But YMMV.

      • LoneWolf says:

        I have had sessions with Miss Jennifer over the last six years and am extremely offended by AJ’s comment.

        First off, I have never sensed this “me me me” attitude. In fact it is quite the opposite. She has been a great help to me to make changes I need to. I can hear it in her voice and see on her face how disappointed and hurt she is when I mess up. But she also tells me how proud she is when I am doing well and making the changes. I can tell and know that she is very serious when she says how much she cares about me and how important my health and happiness are to you. Also, when I was really struggling, she reached out to me, talked to me until I was doing better. She isn’t someone who only cares about herself.

        Second, she is the only person reading and replying to her emails. Of all the emails and texts I received from her, the writing style and grammar are the same. How can you tell someone else wrote your reply if you only received 1 or 2 email. And who are you to insinuate she travels with “boi toy” if you have never seen her!!! I have and she doesn’t. How dare you make an comment like that when you have no clue what you are talking about. As you said, you have never met her or seen her. Who the hell are you????

        Miss Jennifer is a very intelligent woman with high values and a great degree of character, dignity, and integrity. If you were brave enough to have a session with her, you would have realized that.

      • someonesandy says:

        I love Miss Jennifer, but somehow found myself on her “no reply” list too. Oh well. She is one hell of a spanker though.

      • BAFFLED says:

        AJ, all I can say to you, is if you were declined it is bc you were not a polite gentleman during the application process. And the ME ME ME comment is laughable. The only time Miss Jennifer speaks about herself is on her Web page as to put perspective clients at ease and introduce herself..as in person and in conversation she is rather private. So I don’t know what you are talking about. And ‘boi toy’
        … maybe u should join Mr Grady in alcohol anonymous, bc u sir are also delusional. If you haven’t met someone, and don’t know what you are speaking of, do us all a favor and shut the hell up.

      • BAFFLED says:

        someonesandy, sorry to hear you are on a no reply list, check your behavior, I’m sure you will find the reason why.

      • someonesandy says:

        haha, my behavior is beyond reproach.

    • BAFFLED says:

      Well, Mr . Allen, I too have seen Miss Jennifer many times, and have no clue as to what you are talking about. She has never been but very professional , and the only fault she may have is caring too much about her clients and their well-being. Besides her busy spanking schedule, she is constantly answering emails from both perspective clients and her regular clients, making sure they are well taken care of. It sounds to me you may be drunk more often than you think, and need to take a break from the sause. I suggest Alcoholics Anonymous to be your next venture. Good Luck sir.

  5. joefreckles says:

    I met Michelle from Michigan last November. My first encounter with a professional dominant. We got to spend time talking to get acquainted. She gave me a thorough OTK handspanking/paddling. I have kept in contact with her and would be glad to see her again.

  6. otktotto says:

    a lovely lap but a merciless spoon in a right hand

  7. OwwItHz says:

    Whenever I’m in Los Angeles, I can usually get my spanking itch scratched at The Dominion. Ladies come and go there so it’s difficult to recommend anyone specifically, but LeeAnn, Brandy, Mary Jane, and Snow are among the good spankers who have worked there for quite a while. I read their bios, look for recommendations, and e-mail questions.

    My favorite in NYC is Bobbi/mommydiscipline. She would be a good interview for you. She’s on par with Ms. Marwood, though somewhat more available. Miss Chris is wonderful as well. I was planning a visit with Mrs. Weltsova, based partially on your interview here, but gave up after trying to fill out her extremely detailed questionaire. So many over the years, so many more I’d like to see before they fade away into the spanko sunset

  8. A.J. says:

    Best OTK I ever had was with Lady Elizabeth in Connecticut a few years ago. Really into the leather and latex thing. I contacted her and told her that was not my thing, just wanted a OTK session as girlfriend/boyfriend or Boss/employee. She said not problem and easily accommodated me with a traditional domestic look – and a really short skirt (GREAT legs!)

    Pre-session conference was terrific Took about an hour of great talk about her, spanking, likes, dislikes, places to live, the industry, cleanliness, etc. Lots of fun getting to know her and her sense of humor. Learned a lot and knew I could trust her.

    Session was an hour in 2-parts. Over her knee while nude (me, not her) and hand-spanked. Took a break after out 15-minutes. During break she showed me the rest of her “dungeon” and implements and she offered to use a couple of them on me (a paddle and a strap). I trusted her so let her do it right there and then. Good enough that I let her use them as an education in paddle/strap effectiveness in the final part of the OTK session. (What I learned – they can HURT! But in the right hands…!)

    As a finale I asked to go OTK one more time, but this time – don’t hold back! Give me a final 100 smacks with her hand only, but as hard and fast as she could deliver. She did!! Got off hr lap and said, “Whoooo!” And smiled, knowing I had been well-spanked by a beautiful woman.

    Red and sore, but not too bad. A great hug goodbye and then my 4-hour drive home with a tingling butt and a smile on my face. No marks, no welts. Lying in bed that night I could still feel it, and thought of what a terrific person I got to meet. And I felt good for a couple days.

    Last: She’s really smart! Has a doctorate that is part of her real life.

    • Chris says:

      I am in CT and I am very curious about sessioning with her now that I read your review. I wasn’t sure since she appears, as you say, to be more of the latex and leather thing.

  9. Mike says:

    I have come to know Miss Terese over the last year and she is Simply the Best. She is very beautiful , sincere and genuine. Leaving that aside for the moment MT is a formidable spanker and knows just how far to take you . MT is only the second disciplinarian I have seen and I have no reason to see anyone but her. I see her on a regular basis never feel rushed , I trust her completely and have come to regard her as a friend . Doesn’t stop her from spanking the heck out of me when I see her .
    Miss Terese is without question the Best .

  10. Chris says:

    My favorite spanking sessions have been with Mistress Morgana Maye. She has a wonderful play space in SF that has a room dedicated to domestic discipline and really gets the head space. She is very intuitive. I highly recommend her, though she is certainly not the least expensive option.

  11. JT says:

    I’ve seen Gin from the San Francisco Bay Area many times and she would be on the top of my list of spankers. Her place is a domestic setting, no dungeons, restraints, or anything like that. She is very pleasant and usually sits down with you for a bit and talks before the session. This is good if you’re like me the first time and nervous and unsure about what you’re doing. She is, in fact, very easy to talk to and I have been able to tell her things I’ve never told anyone else. After a bit she usually has you disrobe down to a certain point to and move to the spot where the session begins. I have had sessions that began over the knee with a warm up where she used her hand before moving on to implements. I have had other sessions that began with the cane got harder from there. A how the session goes really depends on what I just finished telling her when we were talking.
    Gin can spank very hard. She has this one strap she uses which I promise will leave a lasting memory. The hardest I’ve been spanked is by her.. She never raises her voice or yells or anything because she is in total command of the session. All she needs to do is just change her tone just slightly and you will get the message. I don’t have the highest of pain tolerances, I’m pretty much a wimp, but she always manages to push my limits while never doing any real damage. I have gone away with a few marks for sure, but they all heal in a few days time. She is true pro and if you’re lucky enough to see her, I think you will come away very sore, and very happy.

  12. Lopez says:

    Re Miss Jennifer, let me warn you that she looks NOTHING like her pictures. Without getting into details, I’ll just say that hey pics are likely 10 years old, and we all gain weight as we age. I suppose beauty is also in the eye of the beholder, but when you meet her, it becomes crystal clear that her testimonials regarding how “drop dead gorgeous” she is are all fake.

    Aside from her deceptive website, she is a great spanker and genuinely nice person. Strong Texas accent to boot.

    • Tiger says:

      I am curious if we are speaking of the same Miss Jennifer that travels world wide. I have seen her for a number of years and saw her again in the last couple days. She still looks as young and beautiful as the first time I saw her. And I neither think she is over weight nor that she needs to lose any weight. She is still petite. As her pictures show. The picture on her home page and at least the first 20 in art gallery were taken in the last couple months.

      Ever since we met, she has always carried herself with class. She lives her life with the same high morals and values she pushes us to attain.

      • Lopez says:

        @tiger, I am referring to Miss Jennifer at Jenniferspanks (dot) (com). She is Asian, about 5′ tall, and likely 200 lbs. (only providing this info to confirm that we are talking about the same person). Great spanker, very sweet, but pictures are either dated or fakes.

  13. H375 says:

    @ Lopez….are you blind?! Or just a disgruntled person? Miss Jennifer is very professional and her pictures are NOT fake as I would know personally. She is literally maybe 100 lbs soaking wet so I don’t know where you are getting 200 from. She is super caring about all of her clients and will go out of her way to help them. What do you have against asians?

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