Time for some Welts…..Ms. Weltsova General Update

1. It’s a brand spanking new year…resolutions?
I will be traveling a bit, farther than the North East and DC:
I will be joining a few good friends for Femdom and CP events in England. Recently, I have discovered the Northwest Caning Parties and have wanted to attend, for some time, the London Night of the Cane in November. My favorite caner is in London, so it will be amazing to see his work ‘live’ as well.
And as you all know, thanks to Andy, I will be leaving for Paris next week. Then I am headed to Las Vegas! (mid March) It will be fun to correct  gamblers on either side of their gambler’s luck. I’d love to you all there too!

2. Looking back to last year how has your spanking business been?

I have been fairly busy and cannot complain. I love both domestic and classic reformatory styles, so I am pretty happy either way though, of course, it is always such a high when one has a new caning bottom’s appointment.
This is the moment to thank the thoughtful flagellants from last year who spoiled me by gifting me some amazing custom made whips, straps and canes.
3. So do you have lap time available this year?

My NY schedule allows me to take two to a maximum of three appointments weekly. I like to tailor my sessions to mine and the bottom’s liking. I know life makes us all vanilla busy anyhow, so I think it is important to have time between sessions and bottoms.

Vanya Belt1rsz

4. Is most of your business repeat or do you see new naughty bottoms more?

Both, I’d say fifty-fifty. I have repeat delinquents who never learn and must be corrected every month or so: those who come for their regular ‘confession’; and, the few submissives who are in more serious training, for example.
Then there is the ever growing number of (mainstream/cyber influenced) sporadic inquirers: curious and hopping around; all types of bottoms really.
I am sorry I cannot really see on regular basis the people whom I have spanked in DC, especially the men who wished for life coaching/ mentoring – these need regular attendance more often than others. Thankfully there are many talented spankers everywhere in the US.

5. What should the curious spankee know that will finally get him/her to see a professional?

I’d think they could have already tried the spanking sensations while in a lifestyle relationship with a girlfriend let’s say. I see many tops and switches who have done exactly this before they started looking for a professional mistress or spanker.
Then again, I have seen terrible permanent marks left from passionate yet inadequate lifestyle hands, so maybe it is good to start one’s introduction with a lady who knows exactly what she is doing: tolerance, modulation, length, and sensation.
Another easy thing to do, in case one does not want to confess curious kinky matters to the beloved, is to watch free videos online and read spanking articles and educate oneself about the various implements that thud, sting and such.
Then it would be nice if the person could spend some time understanding how one introduces himself to a professional dominant and what is required to see one: financially, time wise, and mentally/physically.

6. We decide to see you. Explain your spanking style?I know it depends on the person being spanked, but if you had your way are you a lecture, warm up kind of spanker or do you go to town?

I think it was on the London Tanner’s Fetlife page, a couple of years ago, that I read something like this: “I do not do warmups any more. If you want a warmup before I cane you contact my friend…..” (paraphrasing).
I do care to learn what the bottom’s preferences are while engaged in my professional capacity. Lifestyle, I am a caner and this particular species does like impact play more than any other. If I warm up when I cane non professionally it is with a classic strap or martinet. Warmup while ‘disfiguring’ the canvass (as making it too red for the welts to come out in clear penciled contours) makes for a longer and, thus, immensely satisfying play.

7. I’m sure everyone reacts differently while being spanked. How do you know you are giving the best possible spanking?

People tell me. Or they do not but write to notify me that was the case. It is nice to get positive feedback.

8. Do you usually draw tears?


Per bottom’s request but the person must have a very high threshold. Even then, it does not happen easily. A very few times the bottoms have asked for mercy, usually in judicial setting. I have a particular stand on the tears topic – it is a lifestyle-like affair. If there are no serious emotions involved between the spanker and the bottom, and the people are sufficiently detached, one cannot feel vulnerable enough.

9. Can you handle squirming and kicking? Does it happen a lot?
I know it is strange, but I do not remember squirming or kicking male bottoms. I  alter the tempo and intensity if I see the person is over his limit without my intending it.

10. How do you handle someone who tries to get off your lap? Or put a hand back?

Defiance is fun. They might be sent to the corner to think it over or be cuffed without any explanation, or slapped in some radical fashion…

11. Can you do anything special for clients who say “Andy sent me?”
Yes, Andy! It will be my pleasure to command them to write “Andy sent me.” one hundred times with their best handwriting.

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2 Responses to Time for some Welts…..Ms. Weltsova General Update

  1. baxter says:

    She mentioned spanking folks in DC. I know 535 men and women who need spanking – our congress, but that would take an army of disciplinarians.

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