A Stern update…Lila Stern

It’s a brand spanking new year….resolutions?


I don’t really “DO” resolutions. I just try to spend everyday being healthy and happy … And having kinky fun!

Looking back to last year how has your spanking business been?

Not bad at all… Caused a fair amount of damage.

Haha, I’m sure you did.  Do you have lap time available this year?

Well I don’t see why not… Depends who’s asking😈 .

Hopefully a few of my readers!!!!! Is most of your business repeat or do you see new naughty bottoms more?

lila stern1

I would say it’s a 60/40. Lots of newbies and lots of return regulars. Love new bottoms but also love pushing boundaries with old favorite bottoms as well.

What should the curious spankee know that will finally get him/her to see a professional?

Well you know .. I think there’s a fear in the unknown. I would say It’s important to research a mistress or Domme and make she is someone who you feel like you may connect with. Many people overlook this and it is very important .

We decide to see you. Explain your spanking style?I know it depends on the person being spanked, but if you had your way are you a lecture, warm up kind of spanker or do you go to town?

The Boot Paddle.

The Boot Paddle.

I like to give a warm up… I also love trying new implements . My current favorite is the boot paddle. It’s the best and hurts the most… Funny thing is. My subs love it! They all want to get their own.

I’m sure everyone reacts differently while being spanked. How do you know you are giving the best possible spanking?

I’ve never had any complaints…

Do you usually draw tears?

There’s not usually a “usually” . I give a safe word. More screams then tears. Men try hard to hold it together.

Can you handle squirming and kicking? Does it happen a lot?

I find that squirming and kicking is more of a dramatic effect that the spankee enjoys, more so then an actual reaction to the spanking. In this case I go harder. When I started pro domming one of my first regulars was a tiny gentleman who loved very hard spankings. He used to kick and scream and cry and didn’t want you to stop until far after he was bleeding. He used to show up with his own first aid kit. I’ll never forget that.

How do you handle someone who tries to get off your lap? Or put a hand back?


They don’t. EVER

Uh, yes ma’am. Can you do anything special for clients who say “Andy sent me?”

Spank them extra hard?!

Hmmm, sounds like you spank pretty hard now. Catch up with Lila at: http://www.ladylilasbonecastle.com/

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