Twinkle and Ann- A marriage made in Spanking Heaven

Not long ago I prefaced this interview in a post: My New Favorite Couple. Hope you read it, there will be a test. It’s about this married spanking couple, Twinkle and Ann. I got to “sit down” with them and here are the glowing results. (Ann talks in spanking red)

Pleasure to chat with you. You sitting okay, Twink? You two have a relationship we’d all love. So tell me, how did you two find each other?


We actually met when we were about 5/6 years old (my wife is a year older than me). She lived down the street from me and we became friends via ice skating lessons and just hanging out because of family/siblings being neighbors.

That’s incredible. Do you remember the first time you spanked him?

Yes, we were 6 and playing a game in his parents basement.

We used to play this spanking game when we were little I can’t remember the details – except we would run and slide on my parent’s basement floor and if we touched each other, she would spank me over her lap. I don’t know exactly what the goal of the game was….

Wish we were in the basement.....

Wish we were in the basement…..

Whatever the goal was it sounds way better than Twister! And that was  the start of a beautiful relationship?

Then I moved away for about 20 years…..

Oops guess not. How did you two reconnect?

Ann moved out east. Then quite by accident, 19 years later, I saw her name in my company’s internal address book.

I came back and ended up working for the same company he did prior to getting my teaching degree.

On a whim, just to see if it was the same Ann, I called her. Well, turned out it was her! We met for lunch. After lunch, we both went to Barnes & Noble to buy the same newly released book by the late Robert Jordan. We were both shocked and laughed since we did not discuss it beforehand. Fate I guess, and then she invited me out with her friends the next night and then we went out on a date the following night and the rest is history.

Were you childhood sweethearts?

A spanking from Ann would make this a Happy Meal.

A spanking from Ann would make this a Happy Meal.

Yes. We had the connection from the beginning. But we missed out on so many years growing up before we reunited.

You spanked your husband when you were kids, first-how cool is that? Second, were you really into spanking at that age?

I guess it was meant to be. I just like spanking my hubbies butt.

I’m sure you spanked some other childhood friends while playing games then too?

Besides my husband when we were little, I tried to spank a boyfriend but he was not into it. I spanked one of my girlfriends when we were in elementary school as a game.

Let’s dig into history a little. When did the spanking start?

We both talked about it on our first date together after we reunited.

Actually it was brought up the next day after meeting for lunch. I was out with her and a couple of her friends. That’s when we recalled the spanking game we played in our youth.

We both openly talked/flirted about spanking that night.

Later that night, she leaned over the pool table in the bar to execute her shot and I said “nice butt”. She walked passed me and said “You too – for spanking.” I couldn’t believe it.

And the spanking started right away?


The first few days we started dating and into marriage.

Sounds like you two were always on the same page about spanking?

We were on the same page, I guess, from the moment we met as kids.

Turns out I like to spank and he likes getting spanked, we do it mostly for fun so its not so much of him getting a disciplinary spanking.

What do you get out of the spanking experience?

That’s simple. It turns me on. I just like to spank butt (my hubbies)

How long have you been married?

Almost 6 years.

Can you really punish someone with spanking who likes to be spanked?


Not really. But one time I really gave it to him good after a party we were at and he said he didn’t like it too much and actually said he was sorry, which was sweet. I’ve threatened him with no spanking for a time which he did not like (me neither, since I like to spank).

But usually you don’t spank him for discipline?

Rarely, but he is due for one because of this interview for your site, which I didn’t know about, he’s going to get one heck of a whacking. When I spank for real, I spank and spank and spank!

Tell me about the worst spanking you gave Twinkle?

Twinkle? His aka name for his stories – I see. Well, Like I stated from a previous question, he was acting like a jackass at a party we were at and I pounded his butt for a good 20 minutes or so with a wooden bath brush with no ‘warm up’. He did not enjoy it.

And you told me that you are going to spank your husband because of this interview? Did you not want to talk with us?
(if the spanking already happened tell me about it)

ann lap
I did in fact spank him over Valentines day! And yes because of this interview, but it was a fun spanking – but he will be getting a very real spanking later this week! I’ll  bring in some help also.

Bring in some help?….I understand your girlfriends have spanked (and still spank) your husband?

He told you that?

That’s a long story.

Ann on left, bestie on right

Ann on left, bestie on right

Well, yes. He got spanked a few times from my best friend (she moved back with me after I got the job relocation prior to reuniting with my husband). He also got spanked by a couple of other friends as well after a request….

Did they request to spank him, did he make the request or did you?  How did they initially react ?


He suggested it. [see the email story in the previous post I mentioned] My friends thought it was hilarious and agreed to spank him.

You suggested it, Twinkle?

I basically sent emails out asking for a spanking and lo and behold it became a reality one day. I got spanked by three of her friends.

Either it was a stroke of genius or a serious mistake? I’ll have to work on my emails….You were ok with this, Ann?

I finally caved in and we all gave him a pretty hard spanking. It was awkward at first but once we got into it, it was fun – I don’t think he expected me or my friends to follow through.

Was this odd?  I mean, did you tell your friends you spank him and they were curious? Did they watch first then want to take a swing too?

They all know I spank him. We tell each other everything. A couple of my friends were hesitant. But my very close friend can be enthusiastic about spanking him. I actually make threats to my husband about her spanking him. I don’t think he likes it so much.


What was your husbands first reaction when you said your friend was going to spank him?

After he sent his request, we surprised him and I think he was a little shocked. My best friend and I spanked him on a whim one night and he didn’t think that was fun I think – but I am pretty sure he enjoys it. We spanked him pretty hard.


Do they love spanking him? It’s probably more fun for them than playing tennis, right?

My best friend does and so do I! 

They must be close friends? How many other women spank your husband?


Yes. He has been spanked by me and 3 other friends. My Mom put him over her lap as a joke one afternoon after we all golfed together. It was playful and my parents don’t really know what we do. I got a kick out of it. Though my Mom is aware I’m sure. My older sister knows I spank him and it would be a hoot to see her spank him – most likely that will happen – hear that hubbie?!

Now you are pulling my leg, did you really end up over your mother in laws lap?

 Yes she did. It was just funny.

Mother in Law enjoys herself.

Mother in Law enjoys herself.

Yes. See picture attached. Literally taken after we played golf.

Do you think your mom has ever spanked anyone?

She never spanked me or my sister nor did my Dad. 

Do you think she’d ever spank you for real?

Its possible.

I hope so. But not sure…one day maybe! I’ll share if it happens!

How does she know about your spanking relationship?

She doesn’t really. He just made this bet after golfing and she gave him a few playful spanks. I’m sure she knows, but we haven’t openly discussed it. My older sister on the other hand, knows.

Sounds like everyone around you knows? Would you let your sisters take a whack at him?

Not everyone, but like I said, my older sister knows and I am pretty sure she will spank him – in fact, I intend for that to happen.

Just between us, Twinkle, do any of them spank harder than your wife?

Yes!! My wife won’t like this answer, but yes. Her best friend can really deliver the heat. And even though I like being spanked…I actually don’t like it if that makes any sense.

Makes perfect sense to most of us….go on….

Don’t get me wrong, my wife always spanks hard too, even if its for gearing up for—you know what! (If the spanking is just foreplay). I only received two very REAL spankings from my wife. It was awesome afterwards but during— not fun at all.

Which woman’s lap do you fear most?

My wife’s best friend’s lap (but now maybe my wife’s after she reads this)

Does your wife witness these spankings?

After the email incident, yes, she was there with her three friends and participated as well. And the other spanking(s) I received from her best friend were followed by spankings from my wife.

Ann do you spank anyone else? Any of your friends husbands or boyfriends? Or anyone else in your husband’s family or your family (brothers or sisters)?


No, but I did try to spank one of my boy friends years ago but he wasn’t interested.  There are a few smart asses I would like to take the wood to, but I only spank my hubbie.

What is your preferred implement?



Wooden bath brush and hair brush and wooden paddles. We have several.

Your husband is a lucky man. How often do you spank him?


Yes, he is. Thank you. He knows it to and I am a lucky wife, he is simply wonderful. I spank him about 3-6 times a month but one week I had the urge for spanking so I spanked him every night. Mostly hand spankings but I incorporated the hairbrush and paddle. It was for fun. I spank him almost every day with a  few love pats besides.


And for what reasons?


Mostly for fun. We both like it and role play a little also. I seriously doubt I could spank him hard enough for it to be real discipline – he loves it. Although, as I stated previously, he has had some pretty severe spankings. My hubbie has a butt made for spanking.

Tell me about a typical spanking….


All the spankings are different. Mostly I just tell him you are going to get spanked tonight or today. I have a fetish for wearing leather pants and it drives him crazy. It makes me feel sexy and powerful and to see his face expression when I have them on casually or for a spanking session drives me and him crazy. I really like to spank him hard over my lap and see him squirm – I know he loves it and so do I. We play mostly. We role play a little bit, Teacher/Student, one time I was a spanking robot! That was fun. We will have to do that again but mostly I just spank him as me. On the disciplinary side of things, one time like I said in a prior question, I really let him have it though I don’t think he enjoyed it too much. I would like to really like to go town on his butt one of these days – you are in for it Hubbie! I am going to pound that butt! Get ready!!

Does he still respond positively to spanking?


He responds positively in every way. He is an awesome husband and will be a great dad someday. 


I’ve continued to be in touch with Twinkle. He is about to receive another “group” spanking. Hopefully he will document it for us….if you all are interested? Leave comments….or contact them yourself

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8 Responses to Twinkle and Ann- A marriage made in Spanking Heaven

  1. baxter says:

    Twinkle is a lucky guy to be spanked by a group. I would like both my wife and sister in law to group spank me.


  2. john says:

    Very interested. I would love to find a blog about them.

  3. David says:

    One lucky fellow and girl!

  4. Mike says:

    I think this arrangement is fantastic. One every spanko would love especially me. My wife spanks me often like Ann does but no friends or relatives. I hope he does post his next group spanking because I certainly enjoyed his last post. Unbelievable!!!

  5. A.J. says:

    I’d go over either Ann’s or “bestie’s” laps! What beautiful – and fun – women. Every guy should have female friends like these.

    That was really a set of spankings to remember in that other email. I think every guy reading this blog has had the fantasy of being spanked by a woman while another woman watches. I had it and was lucky to have my wish fulfilled a couple years ago. After the first OTK, I was ‘given’ to the 2nd woman so she could try her hand. A sore and red bare bottom, but a lot of laughs and smiles too (LATER).

  6. Karsten says:

    I get the same tretment from my wife and she knows how to spank me. She also wears tight black leather pants when she spanks me over her knees and it also drives me crazy seeing her dressed in black leather.
    It is for me real spankings that hurt as my wife blisters my bare bottom with the wooden bathbrush and her short otk cane

  7. bare_bottom_boy says:

    What an amazing insight to your lives. Have to admit the leather pants got me going crazy too. My spanker feels the same about leather pants and skirts. I love going over her, usually I’m bare from the waist down after some pre corner time and the sight of her patting her lap gets me excited and nervous at the same time. Also, I’ve found my skin clings to her and holds me in place. Have to admit I’m going to approach her with the Robot idea too.

  8. Tony Conrad says:

    My wife spanks me but she doesn’t like it for herself. We would never ever let another woman spank me as that is a form of adultery in my eyes, the sexual element in spanking being so strong. One can still have purity even though one is in to spanking.

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