Samantha Johnson…..Wowza!

Every once in awhile you get to talk with a “favorite” spanker, that’s the case today with Samantha Johnson.

demo1Hi Sam, how is your New Year’s going so far?
My New Year is going well so far. I’ve been very busy with lots of lovely spankings so my bottom is keeping me warm during the cold weather which is nice 🙂

How long have you been into spanking?
My first spanking was for a CP film when I was 21 which seems a long time ago now!

Do you remember when it first excited you? Like did you see a spanking in a movie, magazine, on the telly?

My earliest memory of spanking was reading about it in an Enid Blyton book. Dame Slap’s School for naughty children featured in a book called The Magic Faraway Tree. I remember feeling excited when I read it but I didn’t know why, I was only about 9 or 10.

Do you remember the first time you were spanked?
I’ll never forget it as it’s recorded on video! My first film was also my first ever spanking! I don’t remember the title, it was something like Spanked By An Officer. I was so nervous that I hardly said a word during the whole film, and when I did speak I had a Glaswegian accent so I don’t think anyone understood what I was saying anyway, ha!

How about the first spanking you gave?

I remember the first caning I gave as it was to a cushion! I used to practise on a cushion at home so that when I finally did cane a bottom I was deadly accurate 🙂

Lucky cushion. Is the saying true, “It’s better to give than receive?”
Where CP is concerned I normally prefer to receive although it does depend on my mood!


Are you mostly a bottom or a top?
I’m mostly a bottom but I’m also an experienced and accurate top and sometimes am really in the mood to be dominant.

The thing about you that really stands out in your work is how much you enjoy spanking. Is it still as fun as the first time?
It’s way more fun than my first time! A bit like sex really, it gets better with experience!

You do a lot of video’s and attend a lot of spanking parties. Tell us a little about each and which you enjoy more?
I enjoy both but they’re 2 very different things. I have to say I do miss the old days of filming full length dvds. It’s all short clips for the internet nowadays, which are fun in their own way but you can’t get into role the same way you could when you spent a whole day making a film. The parties are brilliant fun and very sociable, as well as being spanked it’s great to catch up with the other girls and guys on the scene.

You are friends with many of the women we have chatted with: Amy Hunter, Miss Brown, Jadie Reece, Leia Ann-Woods… there a club? Do you hang out with each other socially?

We do hang out with each other socially and have had many a merry evening at various London clubs and even got a champagne stocked limo to take us up to Nottingham for an epic night out once! The Kane after parties were legendary and we got banned from many a pub for our naughty antics! Sadly the Kane parties are no longer, I do miss them very much.

I picture impromptu spankings happening in your personal life all the time….do they?

Haha yes they do, say no more ;

What do your childhood friends think of your kink?
I have no idea as I don’t really see any of my childhood friends now. I do stay in touch with some friends from Glasgow from my teenage years but they always knew I was a bit different anyway!

You’ve been spanked and have spanked both men and women….any major differences in the two?

Women usually spank harder!

Which do you prefer?
It depends on the person not on whether they’re male or female.

Is the new law in England going to negatively impact your business?
Please don’t get me started on this. All I will say is that whoever passed that law needs a good caning!

There is no question we want to be spanked (or spank) a true spanking celebrity. (And you are one) How do we get in touch with you?

Just spank my bottom to get to my site!

Just spank my bottom to get to my site!

My website has my contact details on it. It also has my brand new blog so you can keep up to date with all the naughty things I get up to, and a link where you can download my favourite spanking clips. Email is normally the best way to contact me in the first instance as I can’t always answer my phone, my email address is

Speaking of celebrities, any one famous make it over your lap (or you over theirs) and Royalty counts too…..?

Yes but I’m far too discreet to ever tell!

Do you enjoy role play?
I adore role play, it’s pure escapism and lots of fun.

Can you give a sound hand spanking?
Of course, I’ve had lots of practice!

What is your favorite implement?
That’s a difficult one. My favourite is over the knee hand spanking but I don’t suppose that counts as an implement. Probably the riding crop if skilfully used.

You are also going to offer 2 on 1 spankings with Samantha Jones…..sounds fun. Popular service?

It’s very popular, we’ve already sessioned together many times. Samantha and I have such great banter and sessions with the 2 of us are brilliant fun, one of our clients described us as the Laurel and Hardy of the spanking world and I think that’s about right!

How long have you two known each other?
I think it’s about 3 years now, we met at a spanking party and she asked me to become her personal trainer, which I did.

Which one of you spanks harder?
Definitely Samantha!

Haha, you’re both Samantha’s. Do you have a spankiing “style”?

What do you get out of the spanking experience? Both as a top and a bottom?
I get a massive adrenaline rush caused by the endorphins released, the same way I get a rush when I exercise. I also find being over someone’s knee for a hand spanking incredibly relaxing, when you’re being spanked the outside world and any problems or worries you have just cease to exist. It should be available on the NHS!


Why do we crave getting our bare bottom’s smacked anyway?
I guess this varies from person to person. I’ve never analysed why I like it, I just know I do and I’m very lucky that I get to indulge in such a pleasurable pastime every day!

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7 Responses to Samantha Johnson…..Wowza!

  1. David says:

    She is a delight!

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  3. baxter says:

    that was a enjoyable interview. She definitely has a spankable bottom.


  4. Sam you are sensational how can we meet

  5. Mike price says:

    Hi Sam it’s mike loved meeting you at the red birthday party hope to come and see you soon you are one of the best give Sam Jones my best wishes

  6. Tim says:

    I have known of Sam from Kane magazine cute young lady ,best from Tim .

  7. Bridgette says:

    Please Sam – dont ever stop doing this. You have iconic look when you have those white knickers and that tartan mini skirt on. Something I regularly copy when I go online

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