Queen Elizabeth? Uh, Lady works Just Fine…..

You aren’t the typical spanker we feature. You are more a leather and latex kind of girl aren’t you?


.I never outgrew “playing dress up”!  I enjoy wearing things that make me feel sexy and powerful, but it doesn’t always have to be something shiny.  A dressy suit or a short skirt can make quite a potent impression too.


I found out about you after A.J. posted a glowing testimonial about your spanking ability. You enjoy spanking?

Spanking is one of my favorite kinky activities.  I love how tactile and intimate it feels.  I can do it anywhere, without any special equipment, and sometimes the simplest things are the most effective, particularly when it comes to discipline.

It’s probably a bit tame for what you are asked to do most of the time. Is the interest just low for this kind of session?

My range of BDSM interests is all over the map, but certain activities such as bondage and spanking are the things people most commonly request.  Sometimes people start with spanking because it feels like a very safe activity, and they branch out to other forms of BDSM over time.  Other people I play with are exclusively spanking enthusiasts.  To me the chemistry makes all the difference, and I have a lot of fun with spanking!

You are stunning, and extremely bright too. You have a doctorate right? What in?

My background is in Anthropology, with an emphasis on gender and language, and my dissertation research was on BDSM.  I also do consulting work for couples and individuals having communication issues.


I know what you are thinking. In my best Bogart, “Just trying to figure out how a nice girl like you got into a business like this?” 
Funny!  I was traveling to Vancouver years ago, with some paddles and whips in my bag.  The customs agents perused my implements and sent me on my way.  As I walked off I heard one of them say, “What a shame.”  The other replied, “I know, she seemed like such a nice girl!”

I am a nice girl!  I just like making sure naughty subs behave.  I started ProDomme work somewhat unintentionally.  I was playing at local BDSM clubs with kinky friends and men kept approaching me and asking if they could compensate me for training.  Over a few years, it grew from casual scenes in a rented studio space to a longer term investment in my own dungeon and equipment.

I guess you love it?

This is definitely a labor of love, and I think it shows in both my facility and in my enthusiasm for play.  I love helping novices explore and understand their fantasies, I love working with experienced players who know what they are all about, and I especially love teaching couples.

How long have you been doing it?

I first discovered BDSM through visiting a night club in Atlanta when I was 21, and I’m 38 now, so it’s been a while!

What do you offer and how do we get a hold of you?

I offer sessions in spanking, caning, corrective discipline, bondage, medical scenes, all sorts of BDSM, starting at hourly increments.  I do office consultations for individuals and couples wanting to learn about the lifestyle or work through issues in their relationships.

I can be reached through my website (www.LadyElizabeth.net) or via email (theladyelizabeth@hotmail.com).

How do you learn to do all of those things?

I’ve read a small army of books, attended countless workshops and classes, and been lucky to receive some specialized one-on-one training with experienced professionals in relevant fields (i.e. I learned my medical play techniques from a kinky physician).

Let’s get back to spanking, sounds like you give a pretty good one?

A fan just sent me these fun toys.

A fan just sent me these fun toys.

People tell me I do!  I have had several regular clients over the years who are serious spanking enthusiasts, and they have helped me hone my technique.  I enjoy hand spankings and OTK, and I have a slew of hairbrushes, paddles, canes, straps, etc.


How tall are you?

5’5” if you ask me.  5”4 when they actually measure me.  I always wanted to be taller!

Do you have a style?

Firm yet caring.  I grew up in South Carolina so I’m still a bit of a Southern Belle.  Manners are of the utmost importance to me.  You’ll never catch me screaming and yelling at someone, because if you need to raise your voice you’ve already lost control.  However, I have no problem making a grown man or woman cry if they deserve it!

Have you ever been spanked?

As a kid, rarely.  I was pretty well behaved other than talking too much.  As an adult, I’ve tried it with intimate partners a few times in the past.  I enjoyed how it felt, but I hated not being in charge.  I’m not much of a switch, it turns out.  I stick with the dominant role.

Will you role-play?

I love role play!  I have lots of experience with boss/secretary, teacher/student, or nanny/pupil type scenes, but I also enjoy really obscure and creative challenges too.  I’ve role played a double agent spy, a pirate, a supervillain, a mad scientist…just to name a few.


Favorite implement? Or do you enjoy using your hand?

Sierra Exif JPEG

I think the answer is all of the above.  I enjoy my hand because I get such good energy feedback from it, and I can tickle and torment in really fun ways.  I also love implements that fit my hands well so I can last longer and dish out more punishment.

What do you get out of session?

I recently wrote a blog explaining how I think and feel about sessions:


It’s both relaxing and exhilarating for me.  I build amazing relationships with the people I see regularly.

Do your friends and family know what you do, and what do they think about it?

They do.  My folks would certainly prefer I pursue a career in academics, but I have to follow my heart.  They respect that I’m making my own path and have found such incredible people through BDSM.  My friends are almost all kinky in some fashion or another.


Okay, let’s go back to high school, in your yearbook it should read “girl most likely to….?”

Ha!  I was voted “Most Talented” but somehow I doubt this is what they had in mind!

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