2015 Update….Elena!

It’s a brand spanking new year….resolutions?


 Start doing this full time and have more time to myself

Maybe getting a website should be one of them?

I think it might be more money that is is worth but maybe I’ll try it.

(Until then reach Elena at: mistresselenarochelle@gmail.com)

Looking back to last year how has your spanking business been?

Volatile. Also a lot of people have found me after looking for someone for a long time.

I hope my blog had something to do with that. So does that mean you still have lap time available this year?

If I am understanding you correctly I am sure I will be busy spanking people and find time to spank new “friends”.

What should the curious spankee know that will finally get him/her to see a professional?


 You will be thoroughly spanked, as you deserve to be, by a professional.  If you go to someone else they are just going to give you a few swats and call it a day. Or maybe they will be too afraid to do it or think you are odd for asking. Also you might not get a role play with them.

We decide to see you. Explain your spanking style?I know it depends on the person being spanked, but if you had your way are you a lecture, warm up kind of spanker or do you go to town?

I am a lecture-warm up kind of spanker.  I always want to know why they need a spanking.

I’m sure everyone reacts differently while being spanked. How do you know you are giving the best possible spanking?

Hard core spanko’s usually ask for more after I am finished.

New spanko’s usually can’t wait to get off my lap but then a day later they think they need another one.

Do you usually draw tears?

I usually have someone that will cry every week.  Tears drawn from spankings are not from the pain but from the emotion of feeling that someone cares enough to give them a good spanking.

Can you handle squirming and kicking? Does it happen a lot?

I do love when they do it.  Yes I can handle it. I’ll pin them with my arm but If they are too squirmy I tie them down. 🙂

How do you handle someone who tries to get off your lap? Or put a hand back?


I spank them harder.

Can you do anything special for clients who say “Andy sent me?”

I would give them a $20 discount.

How’s that readers?!!!

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21 Responses to 2015 Update….Elena!

  1. Mike says:

    She sounds fantastic but where is she located?

    • Elena Rochelle says:

      Hello all. I am not sure why I am not getting your emails. I have an assistant that responds for me now since I’m so busy making red bums. Please try me again and make sure you say that you found me on this blog. mistresselenarochelle@gmail.com

      • Grady Allen says:

        Gosh! I don’t know that I like the idea of an assistant reading my emails. It’s difficult enough baring my soul (and my bottom) to my disciplinarian. I’m not sure I want a third party involved in my spanking.

  2. Robert says:

    Another nice article, however I have reached out to Elena after the previous article and was never even given the courtesy of a response.

    • Grady Allen says:

      You and me both Robert. I emailed her way back in October after seeing her featured on Andy’s blog. With a name that starts with Mistress I just figured that she was more interested in Domme stuff instead of the domestic discipline I was looking for. Her loss, not mine. There are plenty of other domestic disciplinarians out there to give me the long, hard spanking I need.

      • Elena Rochelle says:

        I don’t know what happened and why you didn’t get a response. Sometimes when I try to respond it gets returned. I have an assistant because I have many emails to get through and she really helps me. I take all my clients privacy seriously. So there is no way that having an assistant is going to be an issue. To be honest another reason for me having an assistant is that it cuts down on so much of the wankers that were trying to get cyber sex from our correspondence. Yes I do have that happen to me way too frequently. Please try to email me again and I will try very hard to respond. Say that you found me on this website. My office is in Syracuse, New York.

  3. Eric says:

    She does sound good and I too am wondering where she is located? Also interested in a response to Robert’s question.

  4. someonesandy says:

    I believe she’s in New York. Will confirm. As for not replying, I’ll ask her to respond.

  5. JT says:

    She’s in syracuse ny and she’s terrific.

  6. SG says:

    Mistress Elena delivers just as she says. I just had a session with her. Make no mistake, when she swings her paddle you know she means business. I found her easy to deal with and had none of the issues as described above. Let’s face it, we spanking enthusiasts are lucky there are professionals like this out there! There seems to be so many of us that their job must be a bit difficult at times.

  7. JKL says:

    what other kind of domination and fetish does she offer?

  8. craig robinson says:

    I see mistress Rochelle twice a week and she has helped me out a lot. she is very good at what she does. Very firm, understanding, and has no problem giving me the spanking that I deserved. She has also helped me to get in touch with my inner child. I would recommend her to anybody that is looking for a good spanking or something else all you have to do is ask her and she will be glad to help you.

  9. brewbrew says:

    I visited Mistress Elena and had a wonderful experience with her. We had traded several e-mails. When I met her, we talked a little more and decided that a good corporal session is what I needed. There were no warm-up or safe words….just a lot of swats with a variety of paddles including the ones seen in this article. I am a spanko and she is right that many spankos want more, but my bottom said that I had enough. Her judgement is very accurate. It was one of the best paddlings that I have ever received. The pictures of her on her site and here are all recent and very typical. I would recommend her if you are anywhere near Syracuse. If you are not, you need to find a reason to go there. She is 100% genuine. I have never thought of being sadistic and caring in the same sentence, but if anyone can pull that off she can. You won’t be disappointed.

  10. Matt says:

    Well ladies and gentleman I met Mistress Elena about a month ago and it still feels like yesterday. Not only is she more exquisite than the photo’s on her website she is also very talented. Her eyes are absolutely amazingly beautiful. I speak as a “true” spanko. Before the actual session she sent me a text and let me tell you up until the moment i walked in the door til the end, my heart was beating out of my chest!! We did a roleplay scene that was absoutely amazing. If you are a true spanko as I am and you decide to visit her which I ” very much” ask you to do so, then trust me you will not be disappointed. There are a couple things she does that only a true spanko will get. I will not divulge them. I will let you tell me here in a post if you figure them out lol lol. Sorry Aunt Elena I didn’t mean to tease. =) She totally understands the mind of a spanko. If that is what you are I suggest you meet this beautiful lady. Plus she is a true lady and very easy to converse with. Mistress Elena I hope to see you again soo! Do you know who I am???? =)

    • Dave says:

      Well I had 2 sessions and I must say they get more spectacular each time. The first session I was very nervous but she made me feel comfortable that is until my bare bottom was being covered by a speeding paddle. I was told to count them and I did forget to say ma’am or yes and was redirected. It was awesome.
      The second session is for true spankos. I hold the record, you can try to beat it but good luck. She has several new tools for this task. One of them is a 5 minute sand timer. It’s a very long time when used 3 times.
      If you are deciding to have a session I recommend you call her.
      My next session will be with her and kay.
      Can’t wait.

  11. Maria and Michael says:

    Mistress Elena spanked me on Wednesday. What an awesome experience. It is two days later and my bum is very sore and bruised. I loved every minute of the spanking. She exceeded all my expectations and made my long time fantasy come true. Can’t wait to go across her knee again.

  12. David says:

    I had another “lesson” last week. It was the best one yet. She gets more addicting each visit. Her updated appearance is breath taking…her paddling took my breath away…twice. I wish I started this year’s ago instead of just wishing about it. She has helped me through some very difficult times.
    Can’t wait until my next lesson.

  13. Brian says:

    Mistress Elena is Amazing! I had my first visit and let me tell you, she is 100% A true talented wonderful woman. It was a great time. If you want a real experience with a Mistress, Mistress Elena Rochelle is the Woman for you.

  14. David says:

    She did it again….I was toying with the idea of having an affair…. with a younger women…all of us do I think…. Elena talked to me about the guilt and how it won’t make myself happy…after the talking she set both cheeks on fire. Literally took my breath away. I wanted to scream and cry…
    This was a huge release of pent up frustration.
    I feel better now although my ass cheeks have not yet recovered. The session was much cheaper than a divorce.. I may need some further therapy to stay focused.

  15. John casey says:

    You are a beautiful woman.

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