Ann Spanks Twinkle….again!

Just recevied this letter and a few photo’s from Twinkle. Besides this spanking he had another session with Ann and her friends. Yes, I’m trying to get interviews and photo’s of all the women he is lucky enough to be spanked by. But it’s kind of tricky, right? Anyway he told me he would take some more shots of his lovely wife….a photoshoot….and it turned into this:

Hi Andy,
Okay I thought I have been spanked hard before….even with Ann’s friend(s) and all. I was so wrong! Ann agreed to take some pics, but afterwards she decided to spank.  She laid it on so thick it was ridiculous!!! And I loved all of it. She spanked with her hand for about 30 minutes (with a couple breaks) I’m not kidding, notice the gloves in attached pics. She started playfully and I was thinking this is great but it gradually built to a real spanking…and it started to really hurt. Then, the REAL spanking started, and I mean REAL. It was the single most hard spanking I have ever received not only from Ann but from anyone including her bestie as you call her. She seriously just decided to whale on my butt with the hairbrush!!! I was put in a leg lock position over her left thigh, and I mean she really, really, really, really, whaled away…for at least 5 or so minutes…….I did not know she could spank that hard!!! I mean this was the REAL deal….yes I was spanked by her and her friends but this was totally crazy!!! I love her so much for her to do this! But not during….I was like, what the hell!!!! Afterwards, she said “Well, you asked for it.” I could not take multiple spankings from her friends and her if she spanked liked she did tonight. Btw, this just happened about 4 hours ago. Had to share the pictures asap….So this was the third, in my opinion,  REAL spanking from her. I just wanted to take some pics and it turned into THE hardest spanking I have ever been given……worse than when her and her friends gave from the story and not even close from when I was a jackass after the party I mentioned, and I thought that was hard!
Enjoy the pics!
Sure looks like she can spank....and enjoy it!

Sure looks like she can spank….and enjoy it!

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8 Responses to Ann Spanks Twinkle….again!

  1. Kyrel says:

    Auch! Would have been interesting to see a pic of the results of that spanking…

  2. Mike says:

    Wow! She is some spanker. The strength to spank that long and not have her arm fall off, amazing!! Also hats off to Twinkle to be able to endure a spanking like that. Wow!!

  3. Reto says:

    I would to be next over her knee

  4. A.J. says:

    She looks terrific! A beautiful woman. As much as I would love to be otk with her, I probably wouldn’t when the time came. ?I don’t know if I should feel compassion for twinkle or envy.

  5. Karsten says:

    She looks so strict and ready to deliver a hard bare bottom spanking. Nothing is more hot than a strict woman in black leather pants holding a wooden bathbrush. My wife is a stern spanker and she wears leather pants every time she takes me over her knees for a spanking. This turns me on so much that I often leak pre cum before having to lay over my wifes leather clad knees.
    I am often sobbing by the time my wife lets me off her knees and sends me to the corner, but I love to lay over her leather clad knees and be treated like a naughty little boy.

  6. NortyBEAR says:

    Ann looks so hot in leather, or faux leather pants, holding that brush 🙂

  7. Tony Conrad says:

    I think they are a lovely couple. I think it should be fun not punishment. I don’t think it should go outside the marriage though with other people. that’s where it goes wrong I think.

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