Miss Brook…..Simple Answers to Simple Questions

You are stunning.  How long have you been into spanking?

brook 2
I’ve always enjoyed spanking!

How did you get your start professionally?

I first shot spanking professionally for Peter at the Institute of Discipline.

That’s where I first saw you on Peter’s excellent sites…. How did that come about?

He contacted me through a Model site I used to be on when I was a model.

Which came first your love of spanking or a spanking model assignment?

My love of spanking!

We are lucky he found you. How real are those video spankings?

They’re as real as you can get, I don’t mess around, lol.

Have you been spanked too?

No never I’m not into pain, lol.

The old saying goes: It’s better to give than receive. Is that true?

Very true!

Do you have a spanking style? What can we expect when we come to see you?

2013 782
Always right handed quick and sharp!

You like role play…favorite scenario?

I love role play, no favorite as such, I easily get into character.

And how do we make an appointment with you?

Through my website http://www.missbrook.com

You offer things I’ve never heard of…..want to give the list?

I have a full list of my services on my website missbrook.com

ElleBNov13_Rich (136)

How do you learn all of those things?

They all come naturally. lol

Anything you won’t try?

I don’t do any hard sports and don’t offer anything sexual.
But you do  offer DD (Double Dom) sessions?

Yes i offer DD with a select number of dommes inc parties, see my website for further info.

You are doing a great job of steering traffic to your site. What is a double session like?

Great i love DD lots of fun!

With everything else you offer how tame or lame is just a spanking to you?

I respect everyone’s fetish, so as long as they enjoy the session that’s good enough for me.

What do you get out of a session?

The enjoyment that my sub is enjoying the session.

Do you have a part of the spanking? Like baring the bottom, the first spank, the struggle, drawing tears?

The squirm.


Can you give a sound hand spanking?


But if you must use an implement, which is your favorite…and why?

Wooden spatula, nice and hard and love the sound it makes.

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4 Responses to Miss Brook…..Simple Answers to Simple Questions

  1. baxter says:

    great interview

  2. bambithepup says:

    Reblogged this on bambithepup and commented:
    Here is the lady herself – I give you Miss Brook!

  3. Jimmy Coffee says:

    Horrible duckface!More celeb fakes pleeeease!!!

  4. Wow wow Jimmy that’s not on! You don’t even know her. If you can’t say anything good don’t bother OK?

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