Because you asked so nicely

more red garter girls. You know, women who wear the red garment to let you know they enjoy turningĀ  bottoms the same shade.

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2 Responses to Because you asked so nicely

  1. baxter says:

    Never heard of that, but what an interesting thing. To offend a woman, have her pull up her dress and show me the garter, to be told to bare my bottom and assume a position, and get a good spanking – what a great thing that would be.


  2. Eddie says:

    Wow!! Very interesting and hot! Now are there any attractive Ladies like these viewing/reading this site? Maybe could be some in the VA/NC area (can narrow down to Roanoke or Danville,VA area to Greensboro or Winston-Salem,NC area)? Could give me what that red garter stands for when I’m naughty!! Eddie

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