Idle Chatter with Portia? She purrs while warming up….

It’s a brand spanking New Year, resolutions?


No, I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.  I work on improving this or that all the time, not just at the start of a new year.

Looking back to last year how has your spanking business been?

It took an interesting up turn once I opened my spanking studio/dungeon, that’s for sure!

So do you have lap time available this year?


I always have lap time for a hiney in need of a blistering!  LOL

Is most of your business repeat or do you see new naughty bottoms more?

I have reached a point where I see a mix of both now.  While I love seeing those I am familiar with, I also like meeting new people.  It’s always good to keep the pipeline full of new bottoms!

What should the curious spankee know that will finally get him/her to see a professional?

There are many things to be considered by your top that can affect a spanking session.  I’m not of the opinion that every spankee needs to see a professional per se.  That would depend on the what the spankee seeks and his or her circumstances.  What he or she does need is someone who is well versed enough to understand the progression of a spanking session, the importance of aftercare, and someone who can adapt the spank to the spankee.

We decide to see you. Explain your spanking style?  I know it depends on the person being spanked, but if you had your way are you a lecture, warm up kind of spanker or do you go to town?  

Actually I don’t have one particular way I prefer.  That would get boring.  I like to shake it up.  I enjoy the role play with lectures and scolding, but I also enjoy the spankee who just likes friendly chit chat while I redden his or her bum as well.  I always do a nice bare hand warm up, usually OTK, unless specifically requested otherwise.  I like to get that circulation moving and obtain a nice pink glow before I get down to the serious spanking at hand.  >: )

I’m sure everyone reacts differently while being spanked. How do you know you are giving the best possible spanking?

portia lll

In 98% of those I see, I go with what I’m sensing.  There’s always that rare 2% you just can’t quite gage that way.  Call it what you will, it’s just something I sense regardless of whether the person is vocal, squirmy or stoic.  It’s kind of a dance between the bottom and myself I suppose.  In any event, I try to push the limits of the spankee and take them right to their threshold and dangle them there a bit, pull back and do it again and again until I am ready for that final push right over the edge.  Since tolerance changes from session to session depending on so many varying factors, this method works for me in that the spankee is pushed to whatever their limit is on that particular day, rather than getting some cookie cutter style spanking each time.

Do you usually draw tears?

If a person wants to be spanked to tears, then yes I will get tears.  If they said nothing about it, perhaps that is not how they react to a spanking.  Every spankee is unique.  The session is always based on the spankee at hand (no pun intended) and not performed like some routine spanking.

Can you handle squirming and kicking? Does it happen a lot?


Sure, it’s all part of being a top!  There are ways to hold a squirmer still and the first time a kicker gets his or her foot in my swing zone, it will probably be the last time.  Squirming happens frequently, but I guess I’m used to just pulling them back where I want them and moving right along.

How do you handle someone who tries to get off your lap? Or put a hand back?

I haven’t really had anyone try to blatantly get off my lap, but some tend to try to move forward away from my hand or paddle.  I just gently pull them back and sometimes ask them where they think they are going.  LOL.  As far as reaching back, I remind them not to do that or move their hand out of my way.  If they do it when I am in full swing they probably won’t do it again.  It hurts when I hit fingers!

Can you do anything special for clients who say “Andy sent me?”

Can I?  Yes, I can do anything I want.  Have I?  No, no one has ever said those three little words to me yet.  Perhaps that will change when this is published!  Who knows?!

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3 Responses to Idle Chatter with Portia? She purrs while warming up….

  1. baxter says:

    I enjoy your interviews with professional spankers. I would like to visit one, but I have a strong feeling that my wife would object and then I would probably end up over her knee and spanked.


  2. someonesandy says:

    Sounds like a win/win.

  3. Frank says:

    This Lady has her head on straight. It would be great to be over her lap. Hope to be there one day.

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