I want my Muma….

spank 5

How long have you been dishing out spankings?

I started spanking just over a year ago now as a professional disciplinarian but have always had fun and loved spanking before in relationships.

Do you remember the first time you draped a naughty bottom over your lap?

Yes the first time was very playful and probably about 10 years ago now, I just had fun with it and realised I like the control and power that my hand held lol.

Who was the lucky man you received that first spanking?

An ex partner.

Did you initiate it or did they ask for it?

I just slapped once then it went from there– all playful though!

When did you think it was something you could do professionally?

I had thought about it for awhile and now with the family all grown up I decided I would put an advert out there and see where it took me.  As I have always enjoyed the fun element of  spanking I thought it would be an ideal job which could fit around the family.

What are the advantages of going pro….?

The advantages, there are a few.  I think for most it is a secret in which they do not want family and friends to know about so by going to see a professional there is more discretion, trust and confidentiality. Also I’m sure I have more implements at hand (and have learned how to use them safely) than your average neighbor. And if you enjoy role play it’s probably easier to confide in a professional- its like a little secret between the two of you. Last of all, and this one’s for you Andy, maybe because you have been a naughty boy and need to go over my knee?

Maybe I do…what should I (and others) expect if we come to see you?

SAM_0329 (2)There’s no need to worry I don’t bite,  I’m really friendly, and I always discuss  with the client, before they go over my knee, their wants and needs. Plus, there’s always a cup of tea and sometimes cake after the session.

Sounds social?

It can be as relaxed as the client needs it to be or I can be  strict all the way through the booking–but still with a nice cup of tea and chat after. I always give the client a safe word to use, this doesn’t mean the session is over mind you, it just gives a 5 minute time out when things get too intense.

How much prep work is done in advance? How much do you want to know about us and our spanking fantasy?


I always ask the client what their limits are beforehand.  If we are doing role play I explore what they want , and I love to know which implements they like  and the ones they don’t want me to use . It usually takes 4 or 5 emails to get a picture of what the client wants, I can also chat over the phone at arranged times .

Do you love to role play? What are your favorite scenario’s?

Yes I like role play , mummy and naughty son or aunty and naughty nephew are ones I enjoy, the teacher can also be fun too , every client has a different scenario in mind and sometimes it’s hard to run a session by script but I try my best.

Why do you think grown ups seek spanking?

Most I think it need spankings for stress release, either from always making decisions in life and wanting to give up control. Others it’s a trip back to childhood where they somehow felt safe and loved even over someones knee. I have 1 gentleman who says it somehow cleanses his soul after a good spanking. For others it the whole thrill factor .

What do you get out of the spanking experience?

I get to meet some fantastic people and really enjoy what i do

Rank your favorite implements in order of preference?

sam_0204-6My favorite has to be my wooden spoon it always gets a good reaction when used on the bare bottom, my second I think has to be the tawse, then my little riding crop with a little hand on it. just recently I love to use the cane it gives me a big power rush .

Can you give a sound hand spanking?


Ohh yes the harder the better. I have been told I have a real hard spanking hand.

How tall are you?

5.9 with no shoes on.

Where are you located and how do we set up a session with you?

I work from a house in Cornwall and also at a wonderful studio/dungeon with a domestic setting downstairs in taunton studio onyx.  you can find me at https://mistressmuma.wordpress.com/   and on itc and fetlife.

Have you ever been spanked?

Yes, I have been as an adult.

Are you still spanked?

Yes I am.

By whom?

That would be telling…..

Do your friends and family know what you do, and what do they think about it?

My best friends know  and they’re fine with it.  One of my best friends was so excited at the idea she has set up on her own offering domestic discipline service. My partner also knows.

And your partner is okay with it?

We have discussed set rules that we both agreed to and are comfortable in our relationship with.

Would you ever take any of them “down a notch” if they needed it?

No I would never spank friends or family.

You do two on one sessions right?


I can offer someone else to be there to witness your spanking for the embarrassment factor if that’s what you like? Also a double spanking can be arranged with a head master and myself with all sorts of role play. or another lady to play aunty.

Those sessions must be fun for all?

Indeed. The last one we did at the studio was month ago. We prefer it to be more relaxed and fun. The dynamics worked well with myself and the other mistress { mistress paris from the domestic divas} and we got some great feed back from the gentleman we saw that day. And myself and sir make a pretty good team when working together, which can be a great dynamic of master and mistress. Many like the headmaster and teacher role play when we work together.

Do you also host parties?

No I dont host any  party’s but would love one day to offer spanking holidays or weekends away. I think it could be great fun and the real naughty boys sent to bed with a spanking 🙂

Who are the Domestic Diva’s?

The domestic divas are lovely ladies from southend on sea , I personally know mistress Paris and have been good friends for many years, we worked together not so long ago which was great fun there were a few sore bottoms that day lol.


You have a ton of experience, what have you learned most about spanking?

hmmm  interesting  question i think the biggest thing I have learned is  to spot time wasters, and to set my limits and not to budge.  I once had a gentleman who in the email asked for a little more than discipline, nothing sexual just not my area of work, I made it clear in the emails exchanged that I don’t offer what he was looking for, but he still wanted to book, which was fine  i don’t have a problem with someone asking as long as they don’t have a problem with me saying no. He came for the booking and the whole session he kept trying to control the session and asking every 5 minutes if i would do this or that when he had clearly already been told “no”.  So next time if i have a client who tries to dominate the whole session I will end it there.

Is it still as fun as it was the first time?

The first time I was so nervous but now I really enjoy what I do. I love nothing better then having a bare bottom over my knee ready to spank and turn red. And  I have been so honored and lucky to have had some wonderful gentlemen as my clients.  I can honestly say  I’ve only ever had one who made me feel uneasy but i always have someone at the house or studio with me in the back ground for security reasons .

And the future…?

I look forward to many more bottoms over my knee, of course.  And build the business  over the years with more regular clients, as it’s great when you know what your clients are needing and wanting from me. Everybody’s punishment is so different it works well when you have returning clients as you know exactly what they like and how hard you can push them, this is difficult on the first visit for yourself and the new client .

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11 Responses to I want my Muma….

  1. David says:

    What a delightful sounding Lady!

  2. heropvoeding says:

    I can see myself lying across her lap …

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  4. I wish I was with you right now bare bottom over your knee just waiting for the spanking to begin I must try to turn this fantasy in to reality . wonder how far Taunton is from Gloucestershire

  5. Ted says:

    Brilliant interview. I want to be over this lady’s knee, soon.

  6. heropvoeding says:

    the idea of a spanking weekend sounds very attractive. I think I would enjoy both a sleepless night because of a promised spanking the next morning, and a good nights sleep on my tummy with a glowing bottom 😉

  7. suzann says:

    Truly delightful lady! I wished I lived near.

  8. Philip says:

    Dear Mistress Muma,
    I think you are just the right kind of Lady that I am looking for to teach me a much needed lesson in Domestic Discipline. It would be good to go over your knee and have you give my naughty Bare Bottom one of your hard hand Spankings. I think a set of Cane Strokes would not go a miss either.
    I would certainly like to arrange a visit for the necessary when convenient.

    Kind Regards

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