Ophelia…..A New York chance to feel ya….

I’ve heard many great things about you. We’ve chatted for awhile. And finally we are sitting down for the interview. Ready? Want to talk spanking?

Many people say my eyes light up when I speak about spanking….internally, my body lights up.


Before we get started let’s let America know that you will be in NY soon. How do we contact you?

Thank you. I will be in NYC from the 17th June and I’ll be staying for 2 weeks in a lovely apartment of a hotel on the upper East side, a very discreet, quiet apartment where the noise of my spanking bottoms goes unheard.
I can be contacted for enquiries and bookings via my email opheliadehavilland@yahoo.co.uk

Your upbringing sounds like one out of a Victorian novel. Tell us more about your lineage?

My childhood was incredibly strict, my father had been in the military as his father before him and so on, my mother was a housewife with her main interest in horses, fine specimens of beasts whom my brothers and I rode often.
It was an almost old fashioned upbringing where the children had their own playroom and we were expected to be seen and rarely heard, it was a wonderful childhood as we lived in the countryside and my brothers and I spent lots of time building dens, climbing trees, collecting newts from ponds etc although putting them in a bucket and leaving by the back door would throw my mother into a panic as she wasn’t enamored with our reptile collecting.


Sounds idyllic. But you also say you were mostly raised by a nanny who spanked you regularly. Was it just a chore to her, or did she enjoy it?

Our nanny was fabulous andI loved her dearly. Yes, it was her who spanked for any minor indiscretions and I am convinced she enjoyed it….it certainly was never looked at as a chore….she spanked out of love, it made me a better child.

Did she have a routine?

She always spanked me whilst she was sitting up in her bed (on top of the covers), I would present myself at her bedroom door and she would beckon me over her lap. The spankings always took place after bedtime on a Sunday evening. I’d come in wearing my pyjama’s and I’d have to lay myself over her lap.  She’d pull down my pj bottoms and give me a number….in my head I’d have to count to the number she’d said….I could only thank her and remove myself from her lap when I thought I had the right number….she would spank fast and slow, I think to make me forget the number.

Tricky. And if you got the number wrong?

On removal from her lap, I’d pull up my bottoms and thank her for my spanking and walk to the bedroom door, I would walk with my eyes closed praying I didn’t hear 4 words…..“wrong number….back over” !
I’d have to then go back over her lap for a repeat performance.  I’m convinced that I had the right number on so many occasions but nanny said I miscounted. I couldn’t argue. She was always right…always-and nanny knew best.

Do you have siblings? Were they subjected to the same punishments?

I have 2 older brothers and with my hand on my heart I do not recollect if they were spanked.

Were you spanked in front of others?

My nanny never spanked in front of anyone else, it was a private matter within the comfort of her own personal space…her bedroom.

You first got a taste of the other side of the cane when you punished your visiting male cousin. Can you tell us more about that?


My cousin spent most holidays with us as his parents lived overseas, he was a wimp of a boy and I bullied him on many occasions, he was like putty in my hands that I could mold into whatever I wanted. I made him do many things for me….my chores were to look after my own horse and to make sure her and her stable were always in a first class condition….I only wanted to ride her and wanted her to look her best at pony club, I made my cousin do all of the work for me, threatening him with my riding crop, progressing to gentle taps of the crop on his bottom getting harder and harder over time….he’d moan and moan that he too had work to do but I was having none of it, he was going to polish my boots, groom my horse, clean the stable, oil the leathers and anything else I thought of.

How did that make you feel?

I felt totally in control…I wanted control of him and would do anything to get it….I guess having 2 older brothers who used to wrestle me playfully I felt they were always in control although I’d never submit….ever !

And you enjoyed spanking him?

.I thought it was fun to have someone younger and smaller than me to manipulate into what I wanted done for me, I think I’ve always sought control….did I care if I hurt him whilst whipping him….no, he was my whipping boy….I was more scared of my father if he found out what I was up to…I feared him as he was handy with his belt, I threatened my cousin that if he ever tell my father what was happening that I, as the only girl and the apple of daddies eye that he would never be believed and if he caused trouble between my father and I it would be him that would be sent back to his parents in disgrace.

Have you spanked any other family members or friends?


I have not spanked friends as a punishment but did spank 2 people on safari in South Africa just 2 weeks ago at the party of my birthday…I did not spank lightly as although fun wanted them both to feel my strength.

You also say many of your girlfriends have similar backgrounds to you. We are talking spanking right?

Although my girlfriends have similar backgrounds to me-none spank. Although I think they would like to spank their husbands, most have children and I think we now live in an era when it’s unacceptable to spank children.

But husbands are perfectly acceptable? Haha. You must have some tittilating conversations during tea time?

Yes, there are plenty of people wanting to learn and listen to what I’ve to say at supper.

Any spanking amongst girlfriends?

There has never been spankings of any girlfriends….not even at boarding school although the slipper was used by my house mother.

Didn’t you whip a girlfriends fiancee the night before the wedding?

How do you know so much about me? Yes, I have thrashed a friend’s husband on the eve of their wedding as I have mentioned on my website.

My wedding gifts were toasters and blenders.  Can you tell us more about that incident?


I cannot go into too much detail as I don’t have her permission to go into it and would rather keep the intricate details to myself and the people involved. I can say it was a punishment spanking on the bare bottom with my hand, strap, heavy paddle and 6 of the best of the cane….he’d never been caned in his life, a dreadful goody two shoes at school that never got into trouble so therefore never felt the masters cane until I came along.

You love over the knee hand spanking. I think that’s a favorite with us bottoms too. Tell me about your spanking style?


My spanking style is very traditional, I like to have the gentleman stand to the right hand side of me, I tell him why he’s going to be spanked and what to expect, I sit in my chair and undo his belt and trousers letting them fall to the floor, take his arm and put him across my lap, he can be a dead weight if he wishes….I always spank over the underpants first….I like a long warm up of about 15 minutes, I then take down his underpants and start spanking on the bare bottom for at least another half an hour, I like to spank at times quite low, I like a man to feel when sitting that he has been well and truly given a jolly good hiding.

Now that we know you a bit better, let people know about your trip again?

Happily. I will be in NYC from the 17th June. Come see me. I’ll be there for 2 weeks in a lovely apartment of a hotel on the upper East side.
I can be contacted for inquiries and bookings via my email opheliadehavilland@yahoo.co.uk

And why exactly should we see you?

Besides many of you needing a sound bare bottomed spanking…spanking my gentlemen is something I love, I have to do it….it grounds me, If I have no bottoms to spank I turn into a moody little madam….just like I was when a little girl, stamping feet if I didn’t get my own way.


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4 Responses to Ophelia…..A New York chance to feel ya….

  1. Jim says:

    A fun interview of a lovely lady. Just something about English ladies who spank 🙂

  2. Mike says:

    Lovely lady – I have been spanked, strapped and caned by Ophelia on 3 occasions. Very memorable and lots of lovely stripes. Her spankings are truly unforgettable.

  3. Shelly says:

    Would like to book a session with you when in NYC.

  4. Ophelia says:

    For any booking enquires please contact me via my website http://www.opheliadehavilland.com

    Thank you

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