Plot Twist—Renee Rose Author off M/F Spanking

You are an author who writes spanking fiction, right?


reneeroseromance copy

How long you’ve been a spanking enthusiast? 

All my life. Even my earliest memories include spanking fantasies with my dolls, etc. I was definitely hard-wired this way.

I think we all are. How many books have you written? 

I think I have about 30 titles now, all spanking romance.

many(here’s her Amazon link:

Very prolific. You must have been very young when you penned a spanking story?

It was only three years ago.  Up to that point, I really had hidden my spanking desires. I made up stories in my head all the time, but I never wrote them down–not until I discovered there was an entire “spanking fiction” genre. Then I knew I’d found my true calling. 🙂

I’m sure you are in the middle of writing a book now? What’s it about?

I’m in the middle of two–one is another paranormal shifter romance and the other is an age play (daddy dom) set in the 1950’s.

That’s diverse. Do all your books contain spanking? 

Every single one. 😉

Are any based on real life or do you dream them all up? 

Little pieces from either my real life or my friend’s lives end up in my books, but otherwise they are largely a product of my imagination.


I guess they are all based on your spanking fantasies? 

Yes– it’s hard for me to imagine a story without spanking.

Do you do research? Go to spanking parties, watch video’s, talk to professional spankers? 

I’m a huge fan of spankingtube and I like to read the domestic discipline blogs.  A lot of the other spanking authors are spankos like me, so we share our stories with each other.

By the way, I’d love to be a part of your book club if you have one.Was the Fifty Shades phenomenon good for business or bad? It’s funny what takes off and what doesn’t. I’ve read some your books and I think they are much better.

You know, I think it was good for business.  I had a huge year in 2013, and then a lull in 2014. Now it’s picked up again– maybe because of the movie release?  It’s hard to say.  The bad for business part is of course, the way BDSM was portrayed (i.e., the hero is damaged and needs fixing).  But I think most readers who are into spanking know that we aren’t this way because there’s something wrong with us. At least I hope they understand that.  

You have a webpage with some excerpts from your novels….want to give us your contact info now?

Yes, my blog is and I share snippets from my books as well as from other spanking romance authors.

Do you have a favorite among your books? 


I think I’m always sweet on my latest book, which in this case is The Alpha’s Hunger.

Which other authors do you admire (in this field)? I loved Anne Rice’s (A. N. Roquelaure) novels….  The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy was the first spanking fiction I ever read. 

There is a huge group of spanking romance authors and I love them all. I particularly admire Ashe Barker, Annabel Joseph, Aubrey Cara and Maren Smith.

You write Romance, Western, Paranormal, Medieval and Contemporary fiction….That’s so amazing. Which period or style do you prefer? 

I love historical because corporal punishment was the norm and it’s easier to make my plots plausible.  For that reason, I find contemporary the most difficult–because I don’t want the top to come off as a jerk, but I adore non-consensual or dubious-consent in spankings.

Non consensual….that’s what makes it a real spanking! Is your fan base mostly women? 

I think so– at least 80%, maybe more.

I didn’t know so many women had spanking fantasies. Thought it was more a male thing. It’s refreshing. Have you found someone to spank you?

I didn’t really ask my husband to spank me until after I started writing spanking romance. He knew it turned me on, but I hadn’t really expressed how big a part of my sexual desire was tied up with dominance and submission.

How many men have spanked you?

Just my husband, although we did have a threesome once where I was spanked by a woman.

How did it feel when she spanked you, different?

I think I was embarrassed– I couldn’t really let go because I sort of had the sense that she was joking around, rather than letting it be “real” for me.  I’d like to try again in a more supportive scenario.

So your headspace was different being over a female lap? 

Yes, I think I still like to have the male energy there– like it’s hot to be because he’s watching and still ultimately in charge. That’s why I don’t think a plain F/f scenario would turn me on.

Would you ever let another man spank you, besides in your head? 

My husband has forbidden it!  If he hadn’t, I probably would consider it.

Even if it was from a semi famous spanking blogger? : )  Were you spanked growing up? 


Do you remember the first time you were spanked? 

Definitely– New Year’s Eve, maybe ten years before I wrote my first spanking romance. We rented a hotel room and my husband devoted the entire night to my ass (including anal sex).  It was amazing. I don’t know why I didn’t ask him to repeat it. I guess I just had a hard time owning my fetish.

Does your husband enjoy spanking you now? 

Yes– he’s the sort of guy who gets off on getting a woman off, so now that he knows that’s my magic “on” button, he’s happy to deliver.  I was actually shocked at how quickly he came online with meeting my fantasies.  He’s watched a lot of porn and he’s a natural alpha male, so right away he had the dom thing to a “t” (or maybe I should say “D”).

How often are you spanked? 

Every time we have sex, which with two kids and a busy life, is never enough!

I find that spanking in my mind, on my computer screen, and in print more stimulating than the real thing. Are you the same way? 

Hmm, yes I think so. In your mind (or in writing) you can drag it out, examine each and every subtle nuance of it. In real life, it all goes by rather quickly.

What does spanking do for you? Physically, mentally and emotionally? 

That’s such a tough question. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to tease out what the attraction is exactly.  I love submission, the idea of service, objectification, being used, etc.

Do you ever write about women spanking men? If you need subject matter….I’d be honored to be draped over your knee in fiction (or real life). Hint hint…. 

LOL– I haven’t written one yet, but I have definitely considered it. I do have one plotted in my head– it’s with a female vampire and a male cop.

How about women spanking women in your novels?

I think I’m more interested in that within a threesome scenario.

Have you ever spanked anyone? And being a writer I expect great recall and details!

I have never spanked anyone. Sometimes I think I’d be really good at it (since I know what turns me on as a bottom) but my natural personality is not dominant, so I’d have to really be “in character” and not break character to pull it off.

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11 Responses to Plot Twist—Renee Rose Author off M/F Spanking

  1. Renee Rose says:

    thank you so much for the interview– this was really fun!

  2. rozharrison says:

    Fantastic interview! These were great questions and I enjoyed reading your answers Renee, Thank you both for sharing 🙂


  3. Cara Bristol says:

    Great interview. You’ve never been shy about sharing.

  4. Minelle says:

    Loved this Renee! I fondly remember finding you and buying your first book! That was exciting for me!
    I too love non con and the excitement of that in a story. However I also enjoy the “SEEMING” incongruity of a modern relationship with spanking and DD. I just believe you have to fly into the story. Many of us love the modern as well!

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