Ophelia – The Perfect Gift for Father’s Day. Pt. 2

We are getting close to your visit to our side of the pond. You will be in New York City soon. So anyone needing a spanking should get in touch with you right?

Absolutely, I will be in NYC from the 17th June.  I’m staying for 2 weeks in a lovely apartment on the upper East side. In a very discreet, and quiet where the noise of my spanking bottoms goes unheard. Tell me Andy sent you, please.
Contact me via my email:



 You don’t make it to California, right? My bottom is safe?

I’m afraid you are for this moment safe as I can’t make it to the West coast, I will only be in NYC this time.

A lot of people loved your first interview. Let’s dig a bit deeper. Which implements and positions do you employ? (Besides your lap and hand)


Otk is and will always be my favorite, it allows me to scissor my gentlemen between my incredibly strong thighs (gained from bareback riding which I was made to do as to “feel the horse”.)


As far as implements, I love to use the slipper, an old fashioned fur lined/edged one. I also love to use the belt, I use one that I owned when I was 13….it’s very supple after 36 years ! I do love the riding crop, spatula and wooden spoon but my hand will always be my favorite, I love to feel skin on skin, to feel the bottom getting hotter and redder….my hand can make the palest of bottoms the most delightful colour.

You are a tall woman. Six feet?

Spot on. And as a very tall woman I like to scissor my gentlemen between my legs, he feels so helpless, he can’t move, wriggle or get off my lap…total helplessness.

IMG_2620I’m sure you have no problem keeping a naughty bottom over your lap?

I never ever have any problem in keeping a man regardless of how big or tall he is over my lap….a wriggler is always given a swift sharp slap on the back of his legs….a sure way to bring him back in line !

Do you have a favorite part of the spanking? The squirming? Begging to stop? Lowering the pants?

FullSizeRenderI do love to lower the pants of my gentleman, slowly whilst he protests, if he tries to pull up or to stop me then his hand and arm is held firmly in place behind his back.

You come to the states often to dole out punishment. Are we Americans naughtier than our “English” parents?

Americans seem to be so respectful of me when I’m there….almost in awe of being punished by a 6ft English lady…I’ve had no disrespectful comments or behaviour…..I love to sit beforehand having a cup of tea (English tea of course) chatting about things….I’m very friendly but it would be a fool who takes my friendliness as a sign of weakness.

Do you spank women also?

I can spank women if needed.

Father’s Day is June 21st. Thoughts?

I’m sure a lot of Father’s could benefit from a sound spanking.

Is there a difference, physically and emotionally, between the two sexes? Is there any preference on your end, or is a naked bottom a naked bottom?

Bottoms come in all shapes and sizes as do bodies, I never see a bottom as just a bottom, they are like a blank canvas awaiting the colour administered by one hell of an artist……to spank that canvas until I’m totally satisfied is just wonderful….the noise of my hand connecting with the skin is like music to my ears…..working up to the most amazing crescendo.


What is the best thing about being a professional spanker?

It would be very easy to say the best part is the physical spanking, of course it’ is just wonderful…I don’t just love spanking, I have a need to spank bottoms. But honestly, the best thing about being a professional Spanker is undoubtedly the diversity in the people I meet, listening to individuals experiences etc, I get to travel to wonderful places and love to learn the history of corporal punishment in other countries.

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2 Responses to Ophelia – The Perfect Gift for Father’s Day. Pt. 2

  1. baxter says:

    Great interview. When I see a woman near my height or taller, I always think that she can womanhandle me without any problems and the spanking would be deliciously painful.


  2. Mike says:

    Like Andy I would like to be spanked by Ophelia too, but I can’t get to NY. Just in my dreams.

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