Seperating Church and….spanking? Not quite…..

The other site is from He loves the pleated skirt and the strict church going ladies that wear them and spank in them.

Here are a few samples. I like the theme…….

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3 Responses to Seperating Church and….spanking? Not quite…..

  1. Robert says:

    Having received a few spankings in church growing up, the pictures certainly brought back memories!

  2. baxter says:

    growing up, our church never had a spanking parlor. Our current church does not have a spanking parlor either. Why have I been deprived? I guess I will be watching out for the women who wear pleated dresses and thinking about this post. hmmm.

  3. Eddie says:

    Nice and OK! But if a attractive lady is going to put me over Her knee to redden my bare bottom I prefer Her to wear a short skirt,short shorts,etc.,no stockings!!

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