Stone Cold Spanking—Alecia Stone, that is.

Hi Alecia. Thanks for sitting down with me. It’s a pleasure to chat with you. I usually open with a “how did a nice girl like you end up with a job like this” question. So how did you?

I stumbled across discipline and domination online.

Stumbled or searched?

I did not set out to find it, but I am glad that I did.

Hope it was my site you stumbled across. What intrigued you?

I loved how powerful and in control the women looked in videos and how submissive and apologetic the men appeared as they were across their laps. I related to those women and felt as if I was finding a part of myself that I hadn’t known about but was always there. Shortly after, I began meeting people in the scene and began spanking in my private life.

How do you make the leap from surfing to actually meeting spanko’s?

I joined fetish sites like Fetlife. There was another website where you could meet people that were dominant or submissive (it is no longer around, and I can’t remember the name right now). I created profiles on both sites. I would receive messages from members, then I just started getting to know people. I decided after a period of time speaking to them, who I was interested in meeting.

And then you attended a spanking party. Was it large like Shadow Lane’s or a smaller social gathering?

It was a fairly large gathering. There were many people that traveled from different states to be there.


It was amazing. I had so much fun.  I got to spank more people than I could imagine. A few days leading up to this experience, I found myself thinking that it would be very fulfilling for me to begin disciplining professionally.   So there’s the long answer to your first question.


How long have you been giving spankings professionally?

Just over two years now.

Did you give a lot before turning pro? I mean, were you always fascinated with spanking?

Before I turned pro, I had several play partners and eventually began implementing spanking in personal relationships. It was not until I was an adult that I became interested in spanking and submission.

Do you remember the first spanking you ever gave?

I distinctly remember it. It was a spanking that I was giving to a play partner. I used my hand and a paddle that had been made as a gift for me. My first spanking was very exciting, since we had recently met each other it was a spanking that was more playful. I specifically remember what he sounded like as he was being spanked.

Back up, you received a paddle- made for you- before you ever gave spankings….who knew you’d be into this? Kreskin?


Haha! I was a part of a sorority some time ago, we made paddles for each other as more of a symbolic gesture. I am not sure how many people ended up trying theirs out for spanking, but maybe if I knew I would be surprised.

Was dishing out that first spanking as enjoyable as you thought it would be?

The first time I discovered spanking, I had started imagining what it would be like to actually give one. I imagined how empowering it would be to take control and what making the first connection between my hand and the bottom of the person that I was spanking would be like. When I did give my first, I felt more empowered and strong than I had imagined I would feel.

When did this epiphany in spanking happen?

About 5 years ago.

Were you spanked growing up?

I was not given traditional OTK spankings on the bottom, but I was spanked severely by hand, belts and things around the house (slippers, for instance) by my strict mother.

Some girls play house, school or doctor growing up. Did you, and did you incorporate spanking into any of these games?

No, I did not.

What’s the allure of spanking?

For me the allure of spanking is the fact that I get to assume full control of someone in the time that I am spanking them. I am the one that decides what implements are used, how hard the strokes should be and what that person can handle.

What do you get out of the session?

Spankings are always a lot of fun for me, because I like being able to assume a powerful role, one that society does not typically allow us to. I like being able to make the decisions during the session, seeing the persons behind get redder and like the different interactions that I have with each person through out the session. It is also fun to hear the different responses/sounds each person makes as they are being spanked.

Any type of sessions you enjoy more than others?

Though I enjoy giving a lot of different kinds of spanking, I particularly enjoy when I am get to punish someone for something they have done wrong. It is great to see the sense of release that they get after the spanking. It means a lot to me that I can do that for someone.

Hm, I do lots of things wrong…..for both parities, what makes a spanking—good?

The person that is receiving the spanking must be able to relinquish some control. It is never fun to have a client that tries to top from the bottom. It is good when the person spanking is able to read the body language of the person that they are spanking and is able to safely and sanely determine the type and severity of the spanking that they will give. Further, it is always good to have some time to get to know each client in person before the session begins to discuss interests, rules and establish some type of relationship before the spanking.

Do you have a spanking style?

I have been told that I have a very strong hand by all my clients. They would say that I am intense, strict, but at the same time supportive.

You sound wonderful. And your lap looks amazing, you don’t have any trouble keeping a naughty bottom over it do you?

Haha, no I do not. Even if someone is moving around a lot I can keep them in a place with a leg lock.

What is your go to implement for a “reaction”?

It depends on the client and their experience level. For some, it may be a leather belt. I have one that is very thick and has a great swing. For those with a lot of experience, I may go for the maple and walnut paddle with holes in it. The thickness and strength of the wood combined with the holes, makes this one of the meanest implements.

Okay, sold, how do we make an appointment with you?

Those that are interested in being spanked by me should visit my site: first, then email me at:

If my readers tell you “Andy sent me” will it help them or be worse for them?

I think they should come to find out.

Okay readers, tell her I sent you, then tell me the result. Do many women come to see you, or is this mostly a boys club kind of thing?

I enjoy spanking people of all genders. However, I will say that it is mostly male clients that I see. Occasionally, there are a few women.

What do your friends and family think about what you do?

Only my closest friends and family know that I am a disciplinarian. Those that know are either understanding and supportive or confused. Because not everyone I know is aware, anonymity is important to me and as such, I respect the privacy of each person I see.

You are in the nations capital. Have you found men in power crave spankings more than the average men?

Though I am located in Charlottesville, I do make trips to DC on occasions or I get to see clients from DC that come to visit me in Charlottesville. I would say that I do see a lot of men that are business executives, or other professionals. I think that the stresses that come along with these professions make men want to seek outlets like this for their stress. Also, it is difficult always having to be in charge. Being spanked by a strong women allows them to give up control.

Any Senators or lobbyists (or presidents) find their way over your lap on a regular basis?

 I don’t happen to ask every clients job, clients do volunteer this information at times. Typically, I hear that a lot of them own their own companies or have an executive position in a business. There are also lawyers and other professionals as well.

Wouldn’t it be great to be on retainer by the White House? Might solve some of our problems to have a strict woman holding our politicians in charge?

I think that would be exciting. I’ve never worked in politics before, but I would imagine that you could find some very interesting people to spank.

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