A Paige Out of London’s Spanking History….

It’s a pleasure meeting you. Let’s start off with kind of services  you offer?
I offer various services to clients, but the most popular is spanking. It can be as mild or as harsh as you want. I’ve found  most people are into a bit of light or judicial style pain.
Hm, and I thought you were more the whips and chains mistress than the strict aunt kind ?
Well I think I am to young for the strict Aunt style mistress, but I certainly enjoy spanking naughty bottoms. You might be confused because I do enjoy dressing in pvc or leather and also enjoy using restraints when I perform punishments. So maybe I could be considered a spanker who likes  whips and chains? I am a mistress who doesn’t try and  pigeon hole myself.

So you do  get requests for spanking?
I get requests for all sorts of things. I find most people have some sort of kink, tame or extreme, but a nice prolonged over the knee spanking is a very common request. Especially since there are so many degrees: it can be sensual if you give lots of bottom rubs, or harsh.
Do you enjoy dishing out a few swats to a bare bottom?
Yes, of course, it is great fun dishing out some spanking on the bare bum either by hand or another implement and see the glowing after effects.

Do you remember the first spanking you ever gave?
Yes, I was 23 was modeling and wanted to try a new direction so an opportunity came up to appear in a spanking film for a site called Strict Women, which is a spanking site for submissive men and dominant women. I had 3 scenes and it was the first time I had spanked someone. 
How odd did the request to spank someone seem when you were on a modeling assignment?
Personally, I did not find it too odd, as the first film I did was for a spanking site, and I was looking forward to being empowered and taking control of the gentleman I was spanking. 
I see. It wasn’t just a photo-shoot that suddenly went kinky. Did you fall in love with spanking that day?
Maybe not fall in love with it but certainly it was something that I wanted to do again!

So you started off as a model?
Yes I used to do a bit of glamour modeling and then got into the more fetish side before and then stopped model when I started doing sessions with clients, as i wanted to concentrate on that and build it, also modelling world started to change and felt it was time to move on and being a mistress was more fun.

How many video’s did you do?
5 for various sites and fetishes.

Are those spanking real or showbiz?
With fetish films usually the participants are into spanking to some sort of degree so are happy to take it hard but will get a good warm up before the harder stokes or implements are used. It is certainly not showbiz and has to look very real as people watching it want to see someone be told of and then severely disciplined.

Are you still doing movies?
No not at the moment as I am busy with sessions but maybe producing some films with my friend Mistress Kaz so watch this space.

When did you know you wanted and could do this for a living?
I think when I was younger I wanted to do something where I felt empowered and as a young strict woman there is a market for it, after I had done a couple of fetish films I think I went about trying to getting into being a mistress.

How did you go about it?
I placed an ad on a site called adult work and although I got more than a few time wasters I found my inbox and phone was busy.
And we can still find you on that site:
It was an ad for spanking?
Yes, check it out. I’m sure your readers will enjoy poking about the site.  I quickly had to set boundaries with clients and weed out the time wasters. Many guys thought it was an ad for a young girl  just looking for fun… which certainly was not on the offer. But quickly I built a good set of regulars.

Have you been, or are you still, spanked?
No never have and never will switch, I am a top and do not submit.
Can you give a sound spanking with your bare hand?
Slap, yelp!

But if you decide to use an implement, which is your favorite?
I enjoy using the flogger as it is versatile you can use it hard or soft and it makes and lovely sound as it slaps or caresses the bottom.

What is the best part about giving a spanking?
Properly being in control of someone older than myself. And since  all my clients are male I feel superior to them. And, of course, it’s fun inflicting pain, and lay on the spanking harder and faster when they misbehave. (and they always misbehave)!

Why do you think we crave spanking so?


Perhaps it is because live in a world where we are either the boss or are required to have a lot of responsibility and pressure? We need to have some sort of release, and for some people spanking is their poison of choice, a place they can get into sub space and hand over control for an hour or two and just be the naughty boy, not the Boss of the company. 

Where are you located? and how can we book a session with you?
Well always taking on new clients I currently offer sessions in Swindon and Watford and soon looking at starting sessions in central London. You can reach us through twitter:

Who is Kaz B…. and how did you two meet?
Paige and Kaz B

Paige and Kaz B

We met at the XBIZ in London.
What’s XBIZ?
XBiZ is a meet for people of the adult industry, so models photographers, producers, website designers can meet and build contacts.
I was planning my business and had gone looking for contacts and ran into Mistress Kaz.  I had known about her from years as she was modeling same time as me,  we got to chatting and shortly after we set up first session, which was successful.

Tell us what it’s like to have a session with the two of you?
Well all our clients leave with a smile on their face and a sore bottom!
You enjoy the two on one sessions?
Yes. A session with two girls is a different experience. With two girls you never escape our eye or attention. We can both verbally humiliate, tease, and giggle at you and your predicament. And you get spanked by two lovely women who soooo love to spank.
Who spanks harder you or Kaz?
I think I spank harder as I have had more experience. However, let me tell you something Mistress Kaz is no slouch. She can give me a run for my money most days.

What do your childhood friends and your family think about your job?
In my personal life I am very private so don’t discuss my work.

Fair enough. But if I were your bratty cousin and needed a spanking…would you lend a hand?
Come and find out, Andy!

Come and find out, Andy!

Well if you had annoyed me I may get my mate, Kaz B, round and have you stand in the corner before we took turns spanking your bottom and disciplining you.
Sounds delightful!
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  1. Craig says:

    I need and want a spanking

  2. Randy says:

    I deserve a spanking

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