Kaz B(ehave)!

Kaz B is the running mate with our last interviewee, Paige Bailey. How fun would it be to run into these two? Hi Kaz, pleasure to chat with you. Ready?


 Abso-bloody-lutely darling – rock on!

 Okay, let’s rock on. We just spoke with your partner in crime Paige Bailey. Tell us something about her that she didn’t tell us?


Oooh you are the sneaky lot! Trying to get me to dish the dirty eh? Well lets just say  – between us girls – she has some VERY hidden talents when it comes to girly time  if you know what I mean.


Were you into spanking before you met her?


I have definitely gotten more into spanking since working with Mistress Bailey. Role play and sub mind games has always been my favorite thing…but there is something about two Mistresses handing out a lovely serving of discipline that just sets your day up on a high!


Do you only do sessions together?


 No we do one to ones as well.  Duo’s just feel like an extra special treat and we really enjoy ourselves. We are like a special forces tag team.


I imagine it’s very popular, can you describe what a session is like with the two of you?

kaz paige j

 Every session is completely different. We do everything from (my personal favourite) a Head Mistress (Mistress Bailey) and Bratty Prefect (myself)  to electric play and strap_on. Sometimes a session can be more psychological or sensual and other times our little delinquent Subs come to us just in need of a stern physical punishment. And we are of course always happy to deliver!


What is your background? How did a nice girl like you end up in a business like this? (not that we are complaining!)


Dominatrix porn star Princess Kaz,(Karen Bridle), at work on a submissive in Birmingham, UK, 20-April-2011. PHOTO by John Robertson for BARCROFT MEDIA.

I started off at The BBC, believe it or not, but have always had a creative mind.  I’m not much of a conformist so a traditional day job doesn’t really work for me.  I like to be a free agent and make my own decisions.  Initially, I started off presenting on Sport TV and a lot of callers wanted me to dominate them so it grew from there.  Then this year Mistress Bailey and I met and it re-ignited my interest in the dark arts of femdom.


We are glad you two hooked up. You still do video’s of all sorts, right?


Yes although I don’t shoot any boy-girl now except for femdom. I prefer to create my own productions to be honest.


You are tiny, aren’t you? Do you have a problem keeping a naughty boy over your knee?

Yes, I am quite petite but it’s never a problem…unless they are particularly hefty in which case I order them to bend over the bed to await their punishment.


Do you remember the first spanking you ever gave?

 I don’t recall but it was probably to an early boyfriend or to one of the Sport TV girls!

The SportTV girls, really?

Yes, we were quite kinky on Sport and would play around and spank one another and do naughty bondage games which were always fun.

 A little behind the scenes gossip. Be more fun to watch Sport TV now. Who spanks harder you or Paige?


Definitely Mistress Bailey! Although I do love to give a nice hard paddling! I love to completely mind-fuck my Subs too, so they don’t know where they stand or what is going to happen next. One minute I am sweet and teasing…the next.. a demonic she devil! And sometimes an unexpected strike can make them flinch harder than something they are expecting.


What do you get out of the spanking experience?


I love the feeling of power. Of having a man submit to me completely and utterly. I get lost in the moment (although always in control) an envision I am a grandiose Super-Villain. It just makes it even more fun!


What is the best part of giving a spanking? Baring the bottom, the first spank, tears?


I love seeing their reactions! If they lie their silent I can find it a little dull….even though that can indicate good training! Mistress Bailey and I had one that liked play acting…he would act like he’d been kidnapped and would pretend to cry and moan….I have to admit that was very entertaining!


You’ve never been spanked have you?


Just the once. I’m not good with being told what to do! Also I was bullied as it kid so if someone gets physical with me (even if playfully) I feel a surge of adrenaline and my body preps to knock them out haha! So I think it’s best if I stay on the dominant end of spanking 🙂

The once?

I didn’t know what I was getting into – it was with a criminal gang and it didn’t go to plan. The less said the better!


Nice dodge. Can you give a sound hand spanking?


Of course. I can be merciless and relentless if necessary. But being a Scorpio I’ve always like to keep people guessing and remain a little mysterious. They may think the punishment is over as I tell them what will happen next and then I may just have a harsh surprise in store!


Which implement do you adore?


I love the paddle. It’s the sound it makes as it smacks down deliciously hard! I have just brought a new tawse as well. I love the impact and the lovely pink blush it leaves on the flesh. The riding crop is good for a short, sharp stinging impact too.


Suppose you and Paige were drinking a little bit too much and wanted to play….whom gets spanked?


If we were drinking too much I think our tongues would end up busier than our hands. 😉  I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of Mistress Bailey’s spanks though so we would end up like Mr and Mrs Smith (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) with an arsenal of weaponry in a an epic battle!


That sounds fun. Let’s make that movie. Have you ever spanked a female? Is there much difference in the two sexes?


Yes. The difference? Men are far more wimpy and pathetic. they moan more, cry more and feel more sorry for themselves. But it is much more fun to tease and punish them! I would much prefer to give pleasure to a girl than punish her! I can’t say the same for men tee hee!


How do we get a hold of you? You and Paige should have websites you know…..


Oh we do dah-ling. Where have you been? Heehee! You can see my blogs and services at the following places:


www.princesskaz.com and tiny.cc/kazb


Oh and we use twitter to so follow us for updates, kinky shenanigans and pictures bitch!

www.twitter.com/kazbxx www.twitter.com/PrincessKaz_Dom and www.twitter.com/mistress_bailey


What do your friends and family think of your profession?

They think it is quite peculiar and don’t understand it all, but they can’t help bursting into fits of laughter when I’ve told the odd story… for example a policeman that dressed up in rubber to clean my loo, or a politician that wanted to be spanked whilst dressed as a school girl and be forced to eat dog food. I showed one friend a Slaves bottom after Mistress Bailey and I fulfilled his fantasy of having stinging nettles stuffed down his pants. My friend just said -what an ugly bum he has anyway! 1: the stinging nettles can’t make it any uglier – 2: Why get an arse like that out! I don’t think she really got it but her reaction cracked me up!


Any of them ever make it over your knee? Or would that just be weird?


That would definitely be too weird!


What if one of your girlfriends said her boyfriend or husband would benefit from a spanking. Would you lend a hand?


Absolutely if he was game! As long as it’s all consensual I’m happy to help a friend administer some discipline and keep their hubbies in check!


 How about a blogger who asks too many questions?

 Oooh I think we ‘d definitely tie his hands together, pop in a nice ballgag, then start with a tickling to have him writhing around and thrashing his legs! We might sit on him and use him as furniture…..but we’d problem end up tanning his hide until he was a good little soldier for us!

I didn’t ask too many questions did I?


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