Move over Starbucks, Miss Jenn Seattle’s Finest

Ah, found a new spanking lady on the Puget Sound. Miss Jenn, hi, pleasure to meet you. Let’s get some background, how long have you had an interest in spanking?

spanko-1Lets! I grew up in a generation that didn’t really get spankings. My sister who is a lot older than myself did receive some spankings, but by the time I was born, change was in the air and it was really frowned upon to give children spankings. Plus my dad always said I was so good, he wouldn’t be able to find anything to give me a spanking for! And I never had a boyfriend who was into spanking, so it never came up.

But somehow it did?

It wasn’t until I received an email from a spanking enthusiast, who has since become one of my regulars as well as someone I think of as good friend, telling me he’d found my ad regarding foot worship and would I consider giving him a spanking in addition to worshiping my feet?  

You were doing foot worship?


So you used to do foot worship? Do you still?

IMG_6086I do! I am a naturally dominant and strong woman who likes to be admired and worshipped, including my exquisite toes! However I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “What you focus on grows, what you think about expands and what you dwell on determines your destiny.” Since discovering how much pleasure I get from spanking, I’ve put most of my attention and time into anything spanking related. At this point 90% of my clients are coming to me for spankings and are either true, long time spanko’s or newbie spanko’s. 

Go on…

We followed this email up with a phone call where he described this domestic OTK spanking he was looking for, and then met for our first session.

post IMG_6334And?

From the first stroke to the last, I knew that this was something that I was “meant to do”. You know when something just feels right? We had so much fun, & I loved everything about it. The feeling of power of having a grown man in the scissor position taking a spanking by your hand. Using all the various implements that are all so different, various textures, sounds, and feel to them.

So if your friend didn’t mention spanking to you it may never have been on your radar?

It’s impossible to know for sure. Some foot connoisseur might have suggested a spanking  along with foot worship. But it’s not likely that someone primarily interested in feet would have brought my attention to the art of spanking the way that Tom did. So the fact that Tom noticed my ad and contacted me may have been serendipitous. 

post blackcropObviously, your friend enjoyed himself?

Let’s call him “Tom”.  He did.  He told me about other “famous spanking ladies” that he so admired and respected.  Describing them as “Lovely young ladies from good families, who were strong, powerful and intelligent. Women who dressed like you might to go to to a nice restaurant in skirt & blouse or a beautiful dress. Women who worked in domestic settings, not dungeons. And women who liked to have fun while also being strict. Women who like spanking, and enjoy being in a position of power– like the men (or in some cases women) that they spank. Women who don’t think these men to be worthless losers, but rather gentlemen that need to be disciplined.” And I thought to myself, he is describing ME!

Being your first spanking what did he think of it?

He said that at first my efforts were quite tentative but that I soon warmed up and was eager to experiment and also eager to learn how to do it right. He also mentioned that I improve quite quickly. Anyway, he keeps coming back for more spankings so I must be doing something right!

I'm pretty good at dishing it out now! Come find out.

I’m pretty good at dishing it out now! Come find out.

Were you giving spankings before you went pro?

Other than jokingly swatting a friend on the rear or giving someone a “joke” spanking for their birthday, not really.

When did you receive your first paddle?

In my sorority it was tradition that when a Lil Sis first found out who her Big Sis was, there were lots of cool sorority type gifts including my very first paddle! Of course it’s more of a decorative piece that you hang on the wall, but recently I’ve been  thinking of the irony of this gift & the fact that the paddle was one of the few things I kept from my University days.

No hazing in your sorority using the paddle?

My sorority was one of the sororities that had a “No Hazing” policy due to so many of the deaths, suicides, and depression/anxiety involved with hazing. So my initiation was full of fun surprises, lovely gifts, and just overall being spoiled! We really felt welcomed into the sisterhood, and everyone went out of their way to make us feel special and treasured.

What services do you offer?
I’m a Spanking Lady, so I would hope that you are coming to me for a good old fashioned spanking! But for a faithful client, I would indulge some other fetishes such as foot worship.

Do you role play?

Strict teacher, aunt, neighbor...let's have fun.

Strict teacher, aunt, neighbor…let’s have fun.

I do role play and really love it when one of my boys comes to me and says they’ve been having this fantasy about being in school and their teacher catches them doing something inappropriate and wondering if we can act it out together. Absolutely! 

Where are you located and how do we get in touch with you?

I’m in Seattle, WA. You can contact me through my blog or via email at
Be prepared though that I’m very choosy about who I spank! I have limited time & want this to be the best possible fit for both you and me. For example if you are looking for someone who works out of a dungeon or that will beat you bloody, that is NOT me. I have no problem with other people who do this, but we each have our own preferences. I’d be happy to provide you with a reference for someone who does.

When people book you they should tell you Andy sent them, right? Will that do anything for them?

Let me know Andy sent ya!

Let me know Andy sent ya!

Absolutely! How could I not like someone whom you sent my way? If they let me know that Andy sent them, I could either give them a discount, some additional time, or a time slot that is normally reserved for one of my VIP boys (since I only have a limited amount of sessions per week, I try to carve out some time each week  that I reserve so that my VIP regulars can hopefully get in to see me during the same week instead of having to wait a week or two if I’m very busy. I figure my VIP boys are VERY good to me, this is the least I can do for them). They can chose any one of those perks if they let me know that you sent them my way…but I may make them prove to me that they truly are a “Someone’s Gonna Get It” avid reader.

That’s very sweet of you. Why do you think we need to be spanked so much?

Hmmmm good question. Probably the same reason that I need chocolate so much. We crave things that are good & special, like chocolate & spankings. Also, we all crave attention and when you are over a disciplinarian’s lap you are getting her undivided attention. Something very rare in this day & age, where most people are glued to their cell phones & completely oblivious to the people around them.

Do you think of spanking as kind of therapy?

Let's work out those issues over my knee.

Let’s work out those issues over my knee.

Absolutely, it can be (but of course this is not the case for everyone). For some this can be a time to confess sins (or even just think of them) while being spanked, to feel that the spanking is punishment for these sins. For others who want to work on improving or changing behaviors (starting an exercise program, quitting smoking, quitting gambling) this can be a therapy spanking  session revolving around making positive changes in ones life. For some, spanking is fun and uplifting, a kind of “play” time! So if you are struggling with depression, sometimes introducing fun into your life, is good to take the blues away, even if it’s just for a little while. Also for those who like to incorporate role play into their spankings, it can be a good way to act out different scenarios, which is also a form of therapy. It is no wonder, that I am so drawn to spanking then as I have always been drawn to the “helping” professions, working and volunteering most of my life in the field of Social Work, such as when I was a volunteer on the Crisis Line.

Do you have a favorite part of the spanking?

My favorite part of spanking is delivering just the perfect spank. Usually you get a bunch of these “perfect strikes” during a session, and boy are they fun! The sound is just exquisite, like one of your favorite notes in a musical song. The feel of the strike hitting the target spot on with just the right amount of strength. And sometimes if you’re lucky, get a reaction from your spankee, knowing it wasn’t just you who thought it was perfect.

Which implements are your favs?

A few of my toys...

A few of my toys…

Oh gosh, this is a tough question because it changes a lot. Ask me today and it will probably be different from tomorrow. In general I like more “stingy” implements than “thuddy”, but gosh each implement is so unique in its own right. I like paddles particularly the smaller ones. Another must have Is the hairbrush. So small and feminine and yet yields so much strength & authority. I like riding crops. But today I’d have to say my favorite is this large wooden spoon I have that seems innocent enough and is probably in most people’s kitchens. But it’s got “POW” factor!

Have you spanked many women?

I have not, but am totally open to that and think I’d get great enjoyment out of it 😊

What do your friends and family think of your “job”?

Most of my friends & family don’t know about my job. The people I did tell, were shocked! Some people wondered how a good girl who went to private school, then went on to University, ended up spanking grown men! But despite not really understanding this whole “spanking phenomenon” they’ve all been very supportive of my choice to do this and can tell I really like what I do!

If you could spank any celebrity who would it be, and why?

Spank us?

Spank us?

Hmmm another one, that I’d give you a different answer depending on what day you ask me on. Angelina Jolie, Prince William, Elton John, choices, choices…But if it were today, I’d want to spank the Bella Twins from the WWE. I wonder if I could fit them both over my knee? I think I could do it! The Bella Twins are super fit, very talented, gorgeous ladies who are extremely smart about building up their “brand” and business empire, but one of the two is always up to some kind of trouble…and could really use a good spanking!

So I know that you are the one who does the spanking, but if for some reason you “had” to be spanked, and you could chose anyone in the world, who would you want to spank you?

Nice to meet you Jenn....

Nice to meet you Jenn….

I would want to be spanked by Ms. Harriet Marwood in NYC. I have heard so much about Ms Marwood that she seems almost like a legend instead of a real person. I would love to know what it would be like to be lying across her lap, being spanked by her! Ms. Marwood, if you happen to read this interview, I’d be quite honored if you sent me an email 😉

I’m sure Ms. Marwood will be flattered. She is giving out birthday spankings all month long. Have you ever been spanked?

Not like the kind of spankings that I or any disciplinarian would give. But I like to know how each implement feels, so I’ll ask a friend to try it out on me or worst case I’ll spank myself. 

If any of your friends needed to purge guilt, would you spank them?

Only if they wanted me to. It’s kind of like the difference between if someone asks me what I did to get fit because they want advice versus me just going up to a friend and telling them I think they should do xyz to get fit. In one instance they come to me and ask for it. In the other, just telling someone what they should do, may not be welcome. And what works for one person may not work for another.

How about their boyfriends or husbands?

post raw-1Sure, if they asked me to & their boyfriend was open to the idea. One of my friends actually spanks her boyfriend, so I don’t think she’ll need my help in that department 😉 Btw, I did not know this little fact until I confessed to her about my secret life as a disciplinarian, she then whispered back that she spanks her boyfriend all the time when he’s bad.

What is the biggest paddle you’ve ever used?

rawOk I haven’t actually used this on anyone during a spanking session (although I have threatened a few naughty boys with it) but I do use it for paddleboarding 😉

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6 Responses to Move over Starbucks, Miss Jenn Seattle’s Finest

  1. Mike says:

    You ever get to South Florida and if you do can you let me know sincerely and respectfully . Mike

  2. Ernie says:


    I wanted to write and let you know I recently met Miiss Jenn in Seattle and shared the most delightful Miss Jenn Experience. You can read my review on her blog ( I use the pseudonym ‘Edward’) to protect my anominity).

    This came about as the result of my reading the 2 interviews you did with Miss Jenn. We shared several ( well many) phone calls until I was able to get to Seattle ( I live on the east coast). Unfortunately Jenn does not travel to this coast. But I digress. Our day together was the absolute best ‘Spanking’ date I have ever had, in over 30 years spanking experiences.
    I told Miss Jenn half jokingly I should write you and say ‘Thank you’ for leading me to her. Without your blog/site I doubt I would have ever found her. Also, Like you, I now know what a sensational No Nonsense Disciplinarian Miss Jenn is and wanted to share this with your followers. For those who follow your blog are a true spankos, and circumstance allowing, they should definitely avail themselves to the delightful opportunity to meet Miss Jenn. There bottoms will definitely be spanked good and properly ( which is to say good and red) but their entire being will be way more warm than their bottom. Miss Jenn is not only a firm and exceptional disciplinarian, but a very warm caring woman who is an absolute Joy to spend some time with. I was so impressed following my Miss Jenn experience and two very soundly administered spankings in that one day ( fortunately spread over 5 hours) together. That when Jenn emailed me and told me her travel plans had changed giving me the opportunity to see Miss Jenn again a short 2 days later. I had to say yes! Sadly I could not do another all day Miss Jenn Experience, we opted for another 90 minute session ( a good portion over her beautiful lap) and would have willingly seen her again if I had not had to leave the next morning.

    So Andy, thank you for the introduction to Miss Jenn and should you want more insight about my Miss Jenn Experience and 3 spanking adventure I would be happy to share it with you. I would ask that you use my pseudonym ‘Edward’ for privacy sake. You can also, if you wish, verify this with Jenn (BTW Henn really likes you). I am sure she would tell you pretty much the same story, just from the other side of her wicked hairbrush and green spoon.

  3. Michael says:

    Could you spanking me please

  4. Mike Meegan says:

    Nice interview

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