Amazon Amanda–The Big Hurt!

Let’s start with the obvious, you are a big woman… big?

I am 6 ft, 3 in tall and I weigh about 240 so I’m on the bigger side!

And how big are your parents? Siblings?

My parents aren’t too tall my mom is 5’6 and my father is about 6’2, but just recently I found out that my uncles on my fathers side are 6’10 and 7’1 and to be honest I was kinda upset– I wish I was that tall!!!

So you have no trouble keeping a man over your lap?


Once I get someone over my lap I guarantee you there will be no getting up, until I allow it! I love kicking and squirming!

I imagine you could do damage with just your hand?

My sessions normally start with my hand, to at least warm it up, and like I tell my clients my hand leaves just as bad marks as any of my paddles do!

IMG_4464I bet it does. Is that your favorite weapon or do you have implements you love?

 I’m not too sure about my favorite implement because in all actuality they have their own perks! Although I do love the solid “thump” sound of my wooden paddles, bath brush, etc!

When was the first time, and it doesn’t have to be professionally, you spanked someone?

The first time I spanked someone, I met the person at a bar and somehow the conversation started getting kinky and we started talking about spanking and how into it he was! And I guess it got me curious….. One thing lead to another and we wound up at his house and he explained it to me a little more not because I don’t know how to spank just because I was so intrigued to learn there are people who really need this! And as years went by I noticed disciplinarian posts and a couple years ago I started posting ads!

Is there anyone big enough to take you over their knee?

As far as me being a bottom, not my thing. I’m a disciplinarian!

Where are you and how do we contact you?

I am located in the San Francisco area and am available 7 days a week 9am-11pm I also travel for clients that can’t make it to California and are needing to see me! As far as contacting me I ask that you start by emailing me at Working on a website now!

Why do you think grown men and women need spankings?

I think what I do really helps people with situations in there life that need correcting! I know that after a session I’ve helped relieve stress in my clients life and that makes me happy! Not only does it help them but me also! No matter how a day is going after I take someone over my lap I feel better!!!!

Do many women come to see you?

Unfortunately I don’t see as many women as I would like to, but eventually they’ll come around!
What’s the best part of the spanking for you?

IMG_0904I think the best part of the first meeting is when they see me for the first time at the door!

You must see a lot of fear in the eyes of your naughty clients before they bend over your knee?

IMG_4390None of my clients really realize until that point how big, beautiful and strong I am!!!!

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24 Responses to Amazon Amanda–The Big Hurt!

  1. David says:

    Sounds like a very competent young lady!

  2. baxter says:

    Oh how I would love a session with her to give me the long hard thorough spanking I want and need.


  3. Dan says:

    Having taken several lengthy trips over that ample lap, I can attest that nothing can quite describe the exhilarating experience of the climb up over it.

    • Will says:

      What happen to Amanda she is no longer on the internet????

      • Dan says:

        Apparently. I haven’t seen her in over a year, and her ads are no longer up. I’ve written several times, but hear nothing back from her. I’m glad to have had the experience of being soundly spanked by her on several memorable occasions, and wish her well.

  4. David says:

    I admire Miss Amanda Black because I don’t know of anyone like her; there are others that are her size but don’t have a clue what spankings are all about, and of course there are also plenty of women out there who understand spankings, but just too small. I’ve been searching for someone like her all my adult life, but have yet to find her…too bad I live on the East coast.

    • Gord says:

      I wonder..with her size @ 6ft -3 in and 240 lbs . if she ‘ d do Lift & Carry too…before or after a spanking session . I ‘d love both parts .

  5. Gord says:

    I l-o-v-e her size and would accept any punishment she were to hand out.

  6. David says:

    …or during!

  7. Ken says:

    She looks great, what a shame she no longer offers her services. Here in the UK there doesnt seem to be anyone similar since Saskia (same height) retired. As David says – all Dommes are too small and just doesnt work for me.

    If anyone makes touch with her please let us know!

  8. VC says:

    Amazon Queen Bleu from MN looks very similar

  9. Paul Allen says:

    I find Miss Amanda so strikingly gorgeous. I am so enamored with her size! The fact that she’s bigger than me (and I’m not small) turns me on to no end. I wouldn’t even bother seeing a tiny gal… wouldn’t work for me. I’m going to see her on 1/3/17! I told her to really let me have it…no safe word, no stopping until SHE decides when I’ve had enough. I’ve never been brought to tears as an adult so we’ll see where this goes. I’ll report back later.

  10. Dan says:

    Be careful what you wish for. She will deliver.

  11. Paul Allen says:

    I know Dan…I’ve seen er a few times before.

  12. Paul Allen says:

    Well, what can I say about today’s visit with the lovely and firm handed Miss Amanda? After being on the road for about 2 hours, my GPS guided me through an exclusive affluent neighborhood in the city of San Anselmo. I pulled up to a gorgeous fenced off home where I was invited in by Miss Amanda herself. She was towering in her heels looking as beautiful as ever. After stepping inside, she did not waste any time in accommodating me regarding my wishes that I had iterated to her. As I made my way onto her ample lap, I realized there was no turning back. She started out spanking me with her hand which started to really sting after 10 minutes. She then took to the “bad boy” paddle which hurt like hell! She applied powerful stroke after powerful stroke. By the end of the session this sexy lady had me crying like a 10 year old who had brought home all F’s on his report card. I never thought that I’d be taken to that place ever in my adult life, but Miss Amanda took me there. I tried my best to escape the pain but she held me firmly and unmovable in place. I thought I had wanted that, but I realized painfully late that I had made a huge mistake! This is no fantasy forum type account of events here. This was real as it gets! I will see Miss Amanda again, but not for what I asked her for today. When she gets you over those knees of hers, you’re there for a good and long spanking. Miss Amanda will tailor an experience just for you. See her as soon as you can.

    • Dan says:

      Very impressive. Thanks for the thorough report. A cautionary tale, to be sure. Well done!


      • Ken says:

        Hi I thought Amanda had disappeared? If she’s back what’s her contact details?
        Paul your visit sounds interesting!

    • Maury says:

      Hi there. I’m also hoping for contact details as I have been trying to see her for almost a year. Any help would be appreciated. She doesn’t seem to be responding to her yahoo mail account.

  13. Paul Allen says:

    Hey Ken… I don’t want to blast her info on this page, so if you don’t mind, shoot me your email address. I will check with her to make sure I have her permission to give her number out and I’ll shoot that info to you.

  14. ken says:

    Thanks Paul – appreciated. You never know I may be over that way one day, or maybe Amanda will tour!

  15. Ken says:

    Hi Paul, just wondering anything back from Amanda yet?

    • Paul Allen says:

      Hey Ken,

      I’ve heard nothing back from her. I’m afraid I most likely will never hear from her again. Not sure what happened, but I absolutely LOVED seeing her. She was like a drug that got me high. I can’t remember feeling that good to see anyone in recent memory.

  16. Fabio says:


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