Catching Up with Chelsea….

It’s great to catch up with Chelsea and her Goodspanking websites….she is truly a star and pioneer in the spanking industry and it’s just a pleasure to sit (comfortably) down with her.

Yes, Andy let's catch up!

Yes, Andy let’s catch up!

Have you ever stopped and tried to count the number of spankings you’ve given?

Well, I never stopped, but I tried to think of how many it might be. Sometimes, when we’re wrapping up the spanking scene, I actually count so I can keep track of how much time has passed. If I only have a minute left of the scene, I keep track of it that way sometimes. lol.

Do you still get the same thrill from it as you did the first time?

Yes, in a way. I used to get nervous and that doesn’t happen anymore.

Chelsea Spanking MeDo you remember the first spanking you ever gave?

Yes, clearly. It was for the first Camera Art video I ever made. I can’t even recall the name of the video, or the model. But, I was quite startled at how naturally it came to me. So was she. So was the camera man. We were all, like, wow! That was real!

What have you learned from all those spankings?

momma-156-001That while the most popular videos are the ones with the hardest spankings, it’s not always about how hard the spanking is, but how hard the spanking is to the woman who is taking it. I believe a really good spanker adjusts accordingly. No need to brutalize these lovely ladies. A good spanking always gets it done, and a good one is different for each person. It’s actually harder to spank more lightly than it is to just let it go and give it as hard as I can.

Do you have any sure fire techniques or implements that are sure to get a reaction?

COaKUfhUAAQcJ0rAlmost anything wooden gets a sure fire reaction.

Love you as a top, but I would guess you still take an occasional spanking or two?

018I take a spanking here and there, when I feel like it. Some days (and they are few) I feel like it’s just easier to take the spanking than give yet another one. And, of course, my husband Larry is the spanker in our personal household.

Do we just have a screw loose loving spanking so much?


No, we have it right to understand what we love and to understand it and ourselves enough to enjoy it in a sane, consensual, adult manner. That’s called being well adjusted. As my late father once said, upon finally understanding exactly what I was producing, “You’re doing a good service. Some people really need that and you give it to them in a way that is positive.”

I like that. Your sites are great. And have been since you started them. Tell us more about them and what you’ve been doing with them lately and what you have planned for the future?

GoodSpanking+Classics deal copy-1Thank you. I’m so glad you enjoy our sites! GoodSpanking is the big changing site right now. We’ve gone all HD and all MP4, plus we’re shooting twice as often. So, updates are going up twice a week instead of just once. Site members are getting twice the content and twice the variety of models and we haven’t raised the price. So, we think that’s pretty special. There will be new ladies. There will have to be and that’s always a good thing.

So you aren’t slowing down after all this time?

chelseaChristyySlowing down? No we are updating twice as much as we have been at GoodSpanking, so look forward to more weekly content and more variety of models, etc. Slowing down, that’s funny Andy, we are not scaling back at all. Quite the contrary.

What’s it like on the set of one of your shoots? 

CC6lfNgVIAAV3UzOrganized, but friendly and easy going.

 Any great bloopers?

Bloopers happen in every single shoot. We haven’t had time to put them on clips, but I’d like to someday for my blog.

Have you ever had a model stop you early on because the spanking was too much? 

Yes, twice. On the first occasion I decided I’d take the last spanking from her. On the second we quit half way through, she got paid for half a shoot and we rescheduled for her come back for a second half a couple of weeks later. Things happen, you just have to go with the flow.

How can you make your spanking scenes seem fresh after all this time?

CEcCYYhUkAI4juIHuh, will you please stop saying “after all this time.” Seriously, we’re still fresh and still on the edge of creativity. Every girl, everyday is different. Even if you’ve worked with a model several times before, things come out differently. Also, once I’ve wrapped my mind around a plot, or series of plots, then I begin to look forward to playing out this, or that. Funny, or serious. Models personalities make a big impact on how I plan a shoot. Outfits sometimes lead me to a plot. Something I saw in the supermarket. Plots are everywhere!

Give me the State of Union on the spanking industry?

I think the spanking video industry is slower to grab on to new technology than the rest of the adult industry. We’re still just moving from WMV to MP4 and shooting in HD! Some of the older customers aren’t so very happy about that, I think. Some of them aren’t so happy that hard goods (DVDs) sales aren’t given the fastest updates anymore, because the sales don’t backup the need for so much output. But, technology marches on and we must follow. Right? The social media platforms are changing things too. Customer feedback is more frequent and more immediate.

Any new spanking stars we should be looking out for?

If you know any, send them my way. Like I said, I’m going to need twice as many ladies as I’ve needed for a long time.

How do you find these women?

Mostly referrals from other models. Occasionally through a social media site someone who is actually a fan wants to shoot with me. Very, very occasionally I go through an agent. But, they almost always want me to promise I won’t mark the girls and not marking a girl who has never been spanked is really difficult. So, I don’t like to work with the agents so much. It’s so much easier to work with someone who understands the whole concept behind spanking. Spanking a woman who is completely in the dark about why and how spanking is liked is not very much fun. Trying to coach them while we’re shooting isn’t very fun either.

IMG_0384Well hopefully a few ladies that read this blog will contact you. Tell Chelsea Andy sent ya! Your video’s are all female spanks female. In real life do you spank men?

Yes, I spank men. Not often, but I do. Mostly for sessions.

Is there a big difference?

Huge difference. Men are mostly stoic, so it’s more difficult to tell if you’re “getting through”. Also, I’m not a tall woman. I’m really rather small framed. I’ve got a good right shoulder, no doubt, but OTK with a large man is not so easy for me. Women are immediately responsive. I guess that’s the biggest difference.

You still offer private sessions?

I do. I don’t travel, so if you happen to be in the L.A. area you can always email me and see if we can arrange a session.

Did you attend the ShadowLane party?

No, we didn’t attend the Shadow Lane party this year. We’ve been so busy that the date came upon us before we knew it. We tried to book a room last week and not only the Shadow Lane block was booked up, but the entire hotel was booked. Next year perhaps.

You met your husband at a Shadowlane party, right?

Chelsea_Meets_Larry-1Yes, I did. It was a private spanking birthday party for Jennifer Brooks. We were introduced and 10 minutes later photographed. I saw the photo a few years later and it looked like we were best friends already.

How long have you been married?

We have been married for 16 years and been together for 22 years.

So answer this, the family that spanks together…..

Honeymoon-1Makes a lot of noise for their neighbors. 😉

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  1. Thomas says:

    For me Mrs. Pfeiffer IST the most beautiful and charming spanker I also love if wear dresses and the skirts she wore.A lady’s attire.would go bb over herlap one day .kind regards from Munich,Germany

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